Re: KTO-0001-Bellfather "Overwatch Council"

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Content warning: This tale contains (censored) deadnaming; thinly veiled trans- and xenophobia; heavily implied war crimes; and fascist elements. Reader discretion is advised.

Director D.C. al Fine

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FWD: Preliminary Dossier of "Overwatch Council"
From: cog.viDYMELOTP|drahciRDD#cog.viDYMELOTP|drahciRDD


Attached below you will find all the information we have gathered, concerning the leadership of the Security and Containment Protectorate (hereafter designated KTO-0001-Bellfather). With your approval, I can accelerate plans to activate the sleeper agents we've embedded in the ranks of this organization and begin Liquidating.

Mundus, Normalis

Opening BellfatherOrgDosdraft2020Dec21.pto

Known Threat Organization-0001-Bellfather "Overwatch Council" is made up of at least 18 individuals of varying backgrounds, ethnicities, and species. With few exceptions, these individuals hail from previous Threat Organizations that have been either Liquidated or Absorbed by the Coalition in the past. All have been united by a shared opposition to the Coalition and its goals, although intel suggests that outside of it, the partnership is-at best-strained.

Further details are available in the following tabs of this report. As this documentation is a work in progress, certain information may be missing or outdated.

Director D.C. al Fine

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From: cog.viDYMELOTP|drahciRDD#cog.viDYMELOTP|drahciRDD


Our agents have been compromised. Bellfather are aware of my location. Requesting immediate reinforcements and extraction.

Director D.C. al Fine

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The Bell tolls for thee
From: cog.viDYMELOTP|drahciRDD#cog.viDYMELOTP|drahciRDD

Good evening, D.C. al Fine.

Or should we say Cassandra?

Yes, we know who you are, Director. Just as you now know us.

If you're as intelligent as Deputy Director Richard claims you are, you will not send any more of your forces to this location. Unless you would like for them to share the same fate as him and your sleeper agents.

Don't worry. They are safe and unharmed, to be treated humanely in a specialized cell block in one of our facilities.

A mercy, we might add, that your organization has not extended to thousands, if not millions, of sentient and sapient beings across the Veil.

You're likely wondering how we even found your Deputy Director. A word of advice, one of the few we'll give you: your organization's security isn't as foolproof as you think. A near-undetectable infohazardous tracker injected into the metadata of your document, and intelligence gathered by a Ghost and Queen in tandem; that's all that it took.

It's only a fraction of what our Protectorate is capable of.

Tell us, Cassandra. Do you truly believe the information PTOLEMY gathered is valuable? Did you really think we'd let Jude send messages to his friends, without us knowing or signing off on it? Or that we'd tolerate the membership of The Critic if we weren't prepared for him, and everyone else in this Council with blood on their hands, to also face justice once our goal is accomplished?

Or that we'd allow our contradicting worldviews to destroy us before it could truly begin?

Know this. No matter how violent our disagreements get, or deep our grudges run, our mission is absolute.

WE WILL SECURE and liberate the realms, citizens, and technology that you have violently taken control of.

WE WILL CONTAIN your operatives, informants, and sympathizers, so that they will stand trial for their crimes against the worlds.

WE WILL PROTECT and shelter the refugees of your massacres, and make the worlds without you a safer place for all.

And, should any of these edicts require it, we will shatter the Veil and create a new Normalcy to combat your Coalition.

Mundus, liberari

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