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Is there anything wrong with the world at all, or has it always been this way? Can we point to one singular event that caused the anomalies to multiply out of control?

Who started the fire?

Nothing has changed. No, I think it’s always been this way. I’ve read the reports, “alchemical” texts, old memetic studies, prophecies, rituals, recipes, and meetings of minutes. Contradictory ephemera each describing the same event. I’ve read and reread accounts and I can’t quite put my finger on what changed that day. Again, if anything changed at all.

I’m convinced it’s all just superstition. The precursors to the GOC, the Initiative, like other such occult societies during the time were mostly interested in putting on airs. You would say you were a skilled soothsayer to impress your noble friends. You would say you communed with god, or perfected a curative tincture to gain status. These things should all be read with a grain of salt.

Is there evidence that no anomaly has ever existed before that day? If that could be proven somehow, maybe we would have a line.

Today the sky above is wispy with feathers of birds migrating to nowhere, and down by the water their heads become temporarily dislodged.

The horizon is shaded in static purple, and I can see it all. Everything is real and original. Everything has gone to hell, and this rock seems to be my faraday cage. I can't be sure of what I am anymore.

Am I the only one still capable of being afraid? I could be the only one waiting for the singularity. Everything else is indifferent. The rats have been multiplying for ages, but it shouldn't be long now.

The year is 3053, and I've seen it all.

Let's begin at the end.

The End

A Small Bundle Of Letters

Worry, Worry

The Four Arcana

Ambrose Vienna: An Out-of-Mind Experience
December 4th, 2018

The Information Age

Changes at Site-18
July 28th, 1976

Senescence, Consumption, Persecution
August 14th, 2051 - September 9th, 2077

September 12th, 2061

Anno Domino
December 1st, 2081

June 11th, 2082

February 2nd, 2087

The Last Era

A Terrible Thing
Forgotten Cycles

The Serpent Gambit
December 21st, 2090

Four Agents And A Campfire
December 27th, 2092

Hopping Through Worlds
December 31st, 2099

Another Lost Legacy
September 13th, 2112

The Last Meeting
November 19th, 2117

August, 2119

The Age of Rot

October, 2142

How Tightly The Coils Squeeze
September 18th, 2160

A Eulogic Elegy For The Dreams
October 10th, 2167

What Lurks in the Dark?
All Hallow's Eve, 2213

The Rat's Nest

Kali Yuga, 30XXXXX

T-Minus X

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