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The sun prepares its farewell to the darkening sky.

A young mother wanders. She has borne her first children under a shining sun. She walks to get all the things they will ever need. She is oblivious to the clouds thickening.

Flash floods are not unknown in this area. The sky pours its soul into the earth until the earth cries out and can swallow no more.

The mother tries to escape. She knows it is no use. But she runs anyway. She is desperate. She knows there is more than merely her own life at risk. Her children. She hears their cry not with her ears but with her heart.

Her feet run through dirt and then mud and then water and then nothing at all. If the earth itself cannot withstand this assault, what chance does she have?

Her body is pummeled by the endless rain and mud until she cannot move, cannot breathe, cannot live. Her final thought is of her children.

I love you.


The earth swallows her, then.

Forever is long, as she comes to learn.

She awakens to the sound of thunder, her body once again exposed to the very elements that entombed her. She moves her arm. She is not the same. This isn't right.

The mother is trapped between heaven and hell, between life and death. She feels the rain, once a pleasant companion, eat away at her very essence. She walks again, unsteady. She must return to her children. Her bones dissolve in the cruel downpour and she continues to walk. Her legs vanish and she continues to struggle. Finally she cries out once as the last drop washes her away.

One more dark and stormy night. Then another. Then another.

I will return to you.

Even if it takes me an eternity.

Fortunately for her, even eternity has an end.

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