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Then said Ganglere: Where is the chief or most holy place of the gods? Har answered: That is by the ash Ygdrasil. There the gods meet in council every day. Said Ganglere: What is said about this place? Answered Jafnhar: This ash is the best and greatest of all trees; its branches spread over all the world, and reach up above heaven. Three roots sustain the tree and stand wide apart; one root is with the asas and another with the frost-giants, where Ginungagap formerly was; the third reaches into Niflheim; under it is Hvergelmer, where Nidhug gnaws the root from below. But under the second root, which extends to the frost-giants, is the well of Mimer, wherein knowledge and wisdom are concealed.

The Younger Edda, Snorri Sturluson

YN-Class "Ragnarok"
End of Knowledge Scenario

I'm throwing this out as a message in a bottle. I don't know who will get this, or how or when, but you need to listen to me, and you need to spread the word. Secrets don't matter anymore, clearance doesn't matter anymore. Because to Secure, Contain, and Protect, you damn well need to know what it is you're Containing, and more importantly how to Contain it. And we're losing all that, one bite at a time. And it might just be our fault.

  • SCP-3488 Mimir, The Root Of All Knowledge by SeraDomiCher

We've pieced some things together. Not everyone lost everything, so we think we know what's happening. Or at least an interpretation of what's happening. Yes, we're actually communicating with others, GOIs and otherwise, and being open about our problems. And so are they. And we learned some things. Shocker.

It's not just losing our databases. Hell, it sucks, but we've dealt with massive breaches and even the total destruction of a few Sites. We've always bounced back. But the trees, they're starting to panic. And what was a few cases is becoming an epidemic.

It might be too late for us. We'll do the best we can, but just by being us, we might be doomed from the get go.

Dammit. I need to snap out of it. Life finds a way. And even when you think that all is lost, sometimes things aren't as dark as they seem. Shooting first without asking questions got us into this mess. Maybe we're not seeing the entire picture. Maybe there's someone else we can speak to.

In the meantime, heed her call to action, this precursor of ours. Find every scrap of information you have. Share it. I'm speaking to the Foundation. I'm speaking to our allies and rivals. I'm speaking to the people on the streets. Share what you know. Pass on your knowledge to as many people as you can. Share. And maybe, just maybe, we can learn our way out of this together.

The ash Ygdrasil
Bears distress
Greater than men know.
Stags bite it above,
At the side it rots,
Nidhug gnaws it below.

More serpents lie
’Neath the Ygdrasil ash
Than is thought of
By every foolish ape.
Goin and Moin
(They are sons of Grafvitner),
Grabak and Grafvollud,
Ofner and Svafner
Must for aye, methinks,
Gnaw the roots of that tree.

The Younger Edda, Snorri Sturluson

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