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Jenkins started as he always did, with the heart. He took it in his gloved hands and turned to the small safe, already open. Gently he placed it inside and closed the door.

Second, of course was the brain. Padded clamps lifted it out of the sawed off portion of the skull and after a few quick snips Jenkins took it over to the safe and spun the combination dial on the far right up one digit. The safe opened. He placed the brain in the empty compartment and shut it away.

With the skull empty the eyes could be removed easily, preserving connection to the optic nerve. This one had piercing green eyes. Jenkins almost wanted to keep them out for a while, before they dilated fully. But he was not one to tamper with an established routine. 0000334 for the left. 0000335 for the right.

Then the ventral cavity was emptied, alphabetically, except for the troublesome pancreas of course. When that was done and all the organs had been secured in the little safe it was time for the real work with the bone saw to begin. He hated the sound of a bone saw in action and there was always so much to be done with it when the time came.

Before he began, Jenkins looked at the safe, then went over and spun the two dials on the right back to 0000334. A single green eye caught the light and he smiled. You have to be able to appreciate the little things. He gathered it in his medical glove, shut the door and thumbed the dial, revealing the other eye. He put them beside each other and admired them again, though he knew it couldn't last. He had to put them away before the corneas wrinkled.

Later, as he began to put the parts away, Jenkins realized that everything he'd put in the safe last month was gone. Usually he had to dispose of a dozen or so unused organs and whatnot. Well, the Doctor must be having a field day lately. He turned back to the dismembered corpse, an expert by now in using one hand for the bloody thing, one for the combination.

The very last thing were the feet, and Jenkins sighed with relief when they were each stowed in their own compartment, knowing this might be the last time he'd have to do this. He was up for a promotion and anything had to be better than doing this every month.

Two hours later and five thousand miles away, an examination was concluding.

"Well Doctor?"

"It appears you were right to call. You'll need a transplant right away." The doctor went over to a small safe, turned the dials on it until it opened. "Good. Mister Jenkins has fulfilled his quota right on time. We can begin immediately." he said.

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