Quikngruvn Halifax

Quik v3.0 (Codename "Willow") shortly after public release (or: look at the grandbaby!)

Name: Quikngruvn Halifax

Security Clearance Level: 3

Position: Archivist

Duties: Proofread, edit, maintain, and update archived documents and media related to SCPs; data security, backup, and disaster recovery

Location: Site-19, other sites as needed

Education: B.S. Information Science, B.S. Mathematics, 19██, University of [REDACTED]; M.S. Information Science, 19██, University of [REDACTED]

Biography: Mr. Halifax was recruited straight out of graduate school by the Foundation at a job fair in [REDACTED] and was offered a position as a staff archivist. In addition to adding, expanding, revising, and updating numerous primary and secondary SCP-related documents, he has also helped develop and implement data redundancy and disaster-recovery protocols across multiple sites.

Personal: Mr. Halifax lives by the credo, "A place for everything, and everything in its place." He is anal-retentive about organization almost to the point of compulsion, keeping himself and his office freakishly tidy, uncluttered, and well-organized.

Mr. Halifax tends to spend long hours in his office working on documentation, with his office sound system blaring most any type of music at high volume. Visitors are advised to ring the doorbell to his office, as knocking will most likely not be noticed.

Excerpt from Interview █████████

Dr. ███████: Now, Mr. Halifax, about your name…

Mr. Halifax: Mmm-hmmm.

Dr. ███████: How, exactly, did—

Mr. Halifax: Hippies.

Dr. ███████: I’m sorry?

Mr. Halifax: My parents were hippies.

Dr. ███████: Ah. So what, um, what does your name mean?

Mr. Halifax: It means that my parents were stoned out of their gourd when I was born. And when I was conceived. And the whole time before, during, and after!


This was not photoshopped.

Primary Archivist of:
SCP-829, Bloodthirsty Nail Polish
SCP-743, A Chocolate Fountain
SCP-153, Drain Worms
SCP-602, The Sculptor of SoHo, inspired by The Loft, with significant contributions from Voct
SCP-292, Egg Timer of Déjà Vu
SCP-027, The Vermin God
SCP-364, Ionian Drop Point
SCP-931, A Rice Bowl
SCP-1024, The Basic Set
SCP-2899, A Collection of Debris in the North Pacific Gyre

SCP-420-J, The Best ████ in the World, man! [goofy grin]
SCP-1013-J, Tree Rats [duck and cover]

Project Lead for Update and Revision of:
SCP-241, Good Home Cooking (original author unknown)
SCP-070, Iron Wings (formerly "Razor Winged Angel"; original author: LBD)
SCP-094, Miniature Event Horizon (original author unknown, first revision by Dave Rapp)
SCP-129, Progressive Fungal Infection (original author unknown)

Lead Editor for Documentation of:
Supplemental Testing Log for SCP-241
Extended SCP-420-J Experiment Log [oh ████, not again]

Speculative Works:
The Loft, written for Dr. Gears' birthday
A Chance Encounter, written for the Post-SCPocalypse Short Story Contest
Recurrence, written for the SCPs in War Short Story Contest
Incident Report 334-2178, written for my inner Peabody, apparently

Process Documentation:
Random But Useful information that doesn't have a home elsewhere. Current contents: Style Sheet, Editing Tips, Classes, IQ
Highest Rated Non-SCPs, the highest rated pages that aren't SCPs
Lowest Rated SCPs, for those SCPs with low-single-digit ratings that could use some attention
Highest Rated SCPs, including posting date, 'cos it's an interesting mix of old and new
Sandbox, mainly for playing with the ListPages module

"Minor clean-up": Articles marked with "Minor clean-up" have been edited for spelling, grammar, syntax, sentence structure, formatting, clarity, flow, clinical feel, and standardized measurements. For these edits, I try to keep the content and tone just as I found them, and just polish the original author’s work a bit. Significant changes in content and/or tone should be marked as a revision.

Addendum: I don't use "Minor clean-up" anymore, instead being more specific about what changes I make, but for the however many edits I did mark with "Minor clean-up", the above still applies. —Quikngruvn

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