Quicksilvers' Staff File

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When I go to bed, I dream of frenzy and I dream of chaos. In these dreams, I am forced to bear witness and to experience, locked in a rictus of open-eyed staring wide, chittering in their sockets and digesting their surrounding world. In doing so, I am both the prisoner and the warden simultaneously. In sleeping, I lock myself away in the prison of my mind.

So to avoid this, I simply do not sleep.

A journal page found in an empty room in Site-12.


Reminder to all members of Foundation staff that establishing contact with Researcher Silvester is an affair delegated to and facilitated by the Communications Department due to cross-planal interference and mistranslation. If you need to reach Rs. Silvester regarding topics such as:

  • magical thinking;
  • solipsistic phenomena;
  • multiverse theory;
  • dream analysis;
  • semanto-miotic separation from physical forms; and
  • events for staff morale,

we request you please dial 338-902-0000 to be put in touch with a representative of the Communications Department in order to schedule a meeting.

Thank you.

A small printed flyer found sporadically in Site-11.

i really like your tie :D

Found written in crayon on the western wall of Dr. Poerson's office.

Accessing employee file…


Image taken from personal device of employee. Context unknown.

NAME: Michael Scraw1
Nicholas Dupont2 Quinn Silvester3 Clark Silvester4

DATE OF BIRTH: 12 November 19935

EMPLOYEE POSITION: RAISA Junior Archival Staff, Level 3 Investigative Researcher, Level 1 Essophysical Nootropic-tangentialist

EMPLOYEE STATIONING: Site-19, Research Site-12, Site-22, Site-⌘, Site-41, Site-0

STAFF DESCRIPTION: Hello! I'm Quicksilvers, known here as Quicksilvers, known in the real world as ███████ ██████,6 and known on Twitter as… well, there it is.

I'm 20something years old, and I enjoy horror movies, drawing, and literature (especially if it's in the cosmic horror subgenre). The more mind-boggling and surreal, the better, honestly. I make a ton of art as well,7 and making stuff is a hobby that I put a lot of passion into.

My favorite style of article are those that are vague but specific, the kinds where the wording is chosen carefully in order to push implication and the empty spaces are shaped just enough that they leave space for the uncanny and sometimes disturbing conclusion. Someday, I might even make a list! For now, though, I'll just keep drafting. Thank you for coming to my page.

Documents Filed

(From Newest to Oldest)

SCP-7613: Snake < Tail
"Not a single person reacts."

SCP-7478: Scatter
"'And it's exactly the same.'"

SCP-7719: The Harrison-Grey Conspiracy
"'• Extravagant biologies'"

"SCP-7331-1 begins screaming."

SCP-7188: Where it all comes from.
"This file is locked."

SCP-7076: The Graduating Class of ‘76
"We’ve had a great year, haven’t we."

SCP-7126: Dead Ovation
"There is a notable lack of rope inside of SCP-7126."

SCP-6763: CAELOPHOBIA, or, Inter-Departmental Departure
"'Doe told us that we weren't allowed to look up at the sky.'"

SCP-6583: Usurped
"'not three'"

SCP-6754: Sometimes, someone out there will believe a found footage film is real.
"No subjects have currently been recovered."

SCP-6478: Not Dementia - It's Something Else
"The results and side effects of ingesting SCP-6478-1 are inconclusive."

SCP-6284: This is where I lament.
"There is something inside of SCP-6284-1."

SCP-6203: Get Them
"The RABBIT is not prey. The RABBIT is a victim."

SCP-6257: Secure Us, Contain Us, Protect Us
"'I don't want to die."

SCP-6158: Mr. Analog
"'How fun!'"

SCP-5752: Ten Thousand Dreams at Once
"'None of this is real.'"

SCP-5806: Left to Rot
"'Please, don't let him take me.'"

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