Quicker Experience
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-████ is contained in a Low-Value Object Locker at Site-55.

Description: SCP-████ is the designation for a topical skincare product, branded by its packaging as "Level+". SCP-████ is similar in appearance and consistency to a normal moisturizing hand cream.

The anomalous properties of SCP-████ become apparent with routine applications over time. Those using the product demonstrate a subtly improved capacity for learning. This applies to absorption and retention of academic material, as well as practical skills.

Tests were conducted which measured subjects' initial ability and subsequent progress in different fields, such as: reading comprehension, mental arithmetic, and playing guitar. In all cases, subjects using SCP-████ demonstrated an accelerated rate of proficiency.

"Is this stuff for real?" Junior Researcher McKinney burst into the room with a printout in hand.

Junior Researcher Lee glanced up from his computer monitor, a little annoyed at the sudden interruption. He looked at the sheet his colleague was waving around and confirmed "Yes. I'm in the middle of updating the file right now, actually."

"That's amazing! Where did it come from?"

"That's what I'm working on. You know how we've been cataloguing all that stuff from the, uh…" Lee forgot the particular Item # himself in the moment, and fumbled to describe it: "The weird alternate dimension where everything is like from some kinda RPG video game; you know what I mean."

"Yeah yeah. So some D-Class was able to bring this back from an exploration test, huh? It must have been difficult."

"According to the subject's account, an NPC basically just gave it away to them. Like, as a reward for a very trivial quest or something."

"But this stuff is incredibly useful! Why would it be so easy to get?"

"That's what I'm in the middle of figuring out! Apparently the test subjects only have a limited time before they have to be pulled back out, so they tend to skip most of the dialogue screens."

"Probably missing out on lots of content that way," McKinney sighed and shook his head.

"When they get around to letting test subjects roleplay as a wizard gnome with a deep backstory and character motivations that they invent for themselves, shall they give you a call?"

"That's-! I'm not even-! I wouldn't be a wiz-!" McKinney spluttered, finally collecting himself enough to deliver an emphatic "No."

"Anyway, I'm re-reading the speech text now, so I can get these Addendums submitted."

"It's 'Addenda'," the pedantic McKinney corrected Lee. "So what does it say; is there an explanation?"

"I was almost at the end before you interrupted me."

McKinney leaned in and read over Lee's shoulder.

20 Bear Ass(s) removed from Inventory.


Thank you, DICKHEA! Now I have the materials I need.


I'd Like to give you something, as a token of my gratitude.

5 Level+(s) added to Inventory.


These will grant a bonus to all your SKILL increases for a time. That should be useful for an adventurer like yourself.


After all, they're only gathering dust here on my shelves…


I've done everything I can to sell them, but nobody else in the village is willing to even give them a try.


I guess there's really no helping it… Cool guys don't look at EXP Lotions.


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