Pulled Pork

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The creature was hungry and the human was meat.

The human, pale and thin from the nights without food, stood outside a large shed illuminated from within. They stayed close to the shed for safety, and for light. The night wasn’t safe these days, and it was best to be wary.

The creature, thin and pale from the nights without food, crouched in the darkness a few dozen meters away. It stayed in the darkness for safety, and for camouflage. Something about the human smelled vaguely off, but it hadn’t flown all this way only to abandon this target.

The human quietly talked into their phone, unloading their troubles to some unknown listener.

The creature quietly talked to itself, unloading its troubles to pass some of the long night.

Eat. To rip to ribbons and tatters of flesh, and chew it to a slurry.

“And then I tell him: ‘Most plants are going to die, plants don’t grow without light.’”

Chew, chaw, and have delightfully tender strips of muscle slide into my stomach. I want it.

“This shit-for-brains looks me dead in the eyes and says, ‘Then why don’t plants die at night?’”

When bone shatters, scooping out bloody shapes that fall apart on tongue, melting into slush. The rest of the meal screams.

“Well, maybe it’s because night hadn’t stayed for the past two weeks because the fucking sun stopped working.”

The sweet, salty, musty smell of the inside of a body, pulling it apart and digesting it slowly, savoring the flavor in my stomach.

“And to recap, Karen Lord Braxten McFuckwad made me sneak through miles of demon-infested wastes just so I could tell this grown-ass man that plants need light to grow.”

It will be alive as I am fed.

“God, I hate this job. They’ve started paying us in food, and it’s not nearly enough for me not to be so fucking hungry all the time.”

I will be satisfied when I am fed.

“Damn, that reminds me. You know what I really want? Not the shitty Greazeburger nutrition bars, but a slow-cooked, pulled-pork sandwich with sweet barbecue sauce and french fries as a side. The kind where the meat falls apart on your tongue.”

I need to feed.

The creature could wait no longer, and took off through the darkness towards its dinner on gossamer wings.

“Hold on, I’m muting, I hear something.”

They turned towards the flying hunger seconds before impact, and froze. It sank its thin, bristly teeth into them a moment later, piercing through their shoulder and securing them within the creature’s mouth. But then their skin began to bubble.

Before it could react, the intended prey burst open like a balloon, showering it with acidic viscera. The creature’s compound eyes burned and sizzled as its many sharp appendages flailed about, sinking and tearing through the human now howling with laughter.

The creature roared, and its wings hummed, carrying it and him into the air. A sharp crack, and teeth broke free from its gaping mouth, leaving them embedded in flesh. Blood pulsed and spat in all directions, throbbing pains pulsing within the creature’s skull and jaw.

It tried to fly higher as the human hit the grass, but bony harpoons launched from below pierced its shell, pulling it down. The human celebrated his catch as ropes of miscellaneous muscle erupted upwards, threading through the gaps in the creature’s armored shell, and melting into its skin.

The creature could now feel the human’s quickened heartbeat eclipse its own as it was slowly reeled in.

Its wings hummed faster in a blind panic, suddenly breaking under the competing forces, and it fell into the pudding of human. It screamed, cried, pleaded, slashed, and struggled as the mass slowly absorbed it.

Each desperate breath of the cool night air took more and more effort as the creature was consumed inside and out.

But it was no use. Before long, the cries stopped, the creature stopped, and the hunger stopped. Whatever the “human” really was had fed, and they shaped themselves back into their disguise over the course of several minutes.

They unmuted themselves, and continued speaking into the phone.

“You’re right Martin, they do taste a little like pulled pork.”

“Emmet Greaze out.”

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