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Welcome to my author page. Not an in-universe document, I'm afraid - this will be plenty self-indulgent enough without making up an author insert. And no hilarious images or funky CSS. In any case, this is apparently one of the longest author pages (by word-count) so any unnecessary additions might make Wikidot explode.

But yeah, drop by again some time - I'll update as I remember more narcissistic things to add! And maybe I'll even fix the formatting to make it more readable.

Here's my sandbox, so you can see what might be coming up next: psul's sandbox

General thoughts

  • I started by writing works that played off in-universe explanations for things that appear on the wiki. That has changed somewhat, and now I tend to write mostly tales, with the occasional mainlist article. My best work now comes from rubbing two unrelated ideas together to see if they throw off any sparks.
  • A lot of my work now is on things for the On Mount Golgotha canon, with the remainder being primarily horror. I made a conscious decision to concentrate on horror for a bit, as I find it quite a challenge.
  • I first came across the site via a reference to the Hanged King's Tragedy (SCP-701) in a comments section somewhere else on the interwebs. That is a pretty good place to start on this site, I would suggest.
  • I downvote author pages that don't have any commentary on the author's works. Any commentary will do, but don't just link to what you've done. Half the point of a collaborative writing site is to give insight to aspiring authors.


So here's what I've done on the site so far:

I have also:

And I wrote some of the text for the On Mount Golgotha Hub - check it out!

Things that aren't my posted work

Other wonderful people have done things with my works. I am generally in awe. If I have missed something you've made, please let me know and I'll try to update this section.

Readings and Art


Drewbear made a recording of the final note from this skip for the Christmas Gift Exchange. Thanks, Drewbear!

The Little Buck-Toothed Boy

Wow, Randomini did a reading of this Tale - see 5 December. Thanks Randomini - that's awesome!

Letters from Benares

  • The incomparable SunnyClockwork has created art for this tale, which I absolutely love. You can find it here, towards the end of the Sarkicism heading (or just search on the page for "Benares"). Kundalini has never seemed so ominous!

An Impenitent Thief

  • AbsentmindedNihilist made a terrific recording of this tale, really capturing the stress of the situation, and an Agent Dee on the verge of breakdown. You can listen to it here: Part One and Part Two.


There are now a huge number of translations of my articles - more than I can keep up with here. By far the best way to find them is at - clicking on any of my articles there will show you a list of translations of them.


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