Project Shin-Seikatsu, 1986
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Purpose: The recent economic miracle has had a troubling impact on the state of recruitment in the lower divisions of the IJAMEA. Though we praise Japanese businessmen for making their names known throughout the world, we have seen the impacts of increased job growth correlate with a lessening interest in our work. We strive to increase the prestige of the Japanese people in the paranormal domain and protect the interests of our nation. We intend to halt and reverse this disturbing trend to ensure we have a preventative measure for the future.

Our records show that throughout the 1970’s, the membership growth percentage has been growing linearly at about 16% per year. However, starting in 1981, a decrease in new membership has seen this growth percentage delve into the negatives. Most startlingly in 1983, our growth rate reached a high negative percentile as we lost 1,456 members that year.

We have seen this impact not just through the loss of significant funding from our proponents, but also in the goals and tenets of our mission. Handling anomalous items and combating agencies that wish to harm the sovereignty of Japan (ie. The SCP Foundation) are becoming increasingly difficult as division leaders are forced work with fewer members.

Even among our new members, casualties have become more frequent and common as recruiters are forced to enlist individuals with substandard training. The previous year witnessed an astonishing 231 known deaths in battle. Though they may be traveling in Takama-ga-hara now, we still battle here in Ashihara no Nakatsukuni.

We have been chosen as divinely anointed protectors of Japan, thus this project will not fail so long as we live and fight. The goals of our project are as followed:

  • Utilize all available resources in the acquisition of new members.
  • Inquire into possible methods of acquiring members through the use of anomalous technology or kuromahou.
  • Revitalize the efforts of the IJAMEA in regards to combatting rival organizations.

Assets: Through discussion with numerous liaisons of neutral groups, we have found that the best option for the IJAMEA, at the current moment, is to use anomalous technology instead of kuromahou. Specifically, a large majority of our generals have shown interest in cross-dimensional machinery.

Some division leaders have also brought up the idea of “cloning” which sounds equally as interesting, despite the costs involved. The usefulness of this is yet to be seen, however, we are attempting various different modes to achieve victory. The following list of items and their vendors are an abbreviated list of methods we will be employing:

  • Around 15 Cloning Vats to be used for testing (to be acquired from the Sinjelin Corporation)
  • Sigils, Wards, and Mental Aberrations for the use of forced persuasion (to be acquired from the City of Alagadda)
  • Parallel World Visitation Portals to be used for the discovery of alternate methods of recruitment (to be bought from Prometheus Labs)
  • Resurrection Spell Amplifiers to be used on our those who have passed this world (to be acquired from Hayashi’s Genjutsu Shop of Wonder)

…the rest of the exchanges can be found in Document 新生活-5A4-86

Results: This project has been a major victory for Japan. In the beginning, many of the methods we used were deemed failures. The cloning vats were defunct and the sigils broken, but on the 15th of October 1988, our foray into tengoku began.

The devices, that were bought from Prometheus Lab, worked as intended and Sho-Senso Division 43 crossed world barriers. The Gods only know how such devilish trickery works, but we must use it for the survival of the IJAMEA is at stake.

In this new land, our recruiters spread the message far and wide, informing as many Japanese citizens as possible. Though the division faced some scrutiny, they returned with nearly 30 new men. A meager amount, but this was the beginning.

Every week, we send a new division through the portals, gathering more men than ever. IJAMEA generals have halted recruiting in this world for the moment. They postulated that the need to waste our own Japanese life was not needed as we could use what the Gods have given us. The growth rate percentages now stand at 24%, the highest percentile since 1944. The project has seen great success and the IJAMEA plans to use this method for the coming future.

A devastating loss in the Battle of Hakogurashi against the flesh cults of Atatakai has forced the IJAMEA to drastically expand our recruitment of new members. Thousands of good men die every week, what else can be done for the safety of Japan? The monsters are continually growing on the beaches of the Yamaguchi Prefecture and the danger to our homeland is ever-increasing. General Toshiaki has sent orders for more portals. The safety of the nation and the Japanese nation overrides all other monetary concerns.

The IJAMEA sent men to the group known as “Prometheus Labs,” however, evil yokai must have possessed their minds. This is the first order they denied since 1996, something must be done now. Ever since 1944, the foreigners have looked down on our great nation, but we always stood on the sidelines because of the lack of resources. Now is the time we fight.

IJAMEA generals have sent a force of 54,600 soldiers to ransack and pillage those who go against our order. For those who turn away us, turn away the entirety of Japan.

As we arrived we gunned down the feeble scum who have halted our progress. We pillaged their small laboratory, minuscule in comparison to the palaces of Japan. The generals have decided to increase recruitment, even more so, to safeguard us from the enemies that exist all around us.

The most formidable opponent of Japan, the SCP Foundation, has fallen after nearly three decades of fighting. Our crusade against the paranormal caught their attention in 2019 as we annihilated all those who had the munitions to attack us. The Chaos Insurgency, Global Occult Coalition, Horizon Initiative, what can these anti-Japanese organizations do against the overwhelming power that the Gods have given us?

After sending divisions across the world, most of these heretical groups have been crushed under the mighty blade of Amaterasu. The Foundation was difficult to defeat and 75,900,000 soldiers ascended by the end. At the end, those cowards even used their anomalies to fight. This increased both the death toll and the will of our soldiers.

Now the IJAMEA controls the anomalies the Foundation left behind. What else should be done with them besides increasing the prestige and control of Japan?

General Kazuma brought up an impressive idea during the last gathering. Why not set up bases at the other worlds? The more worlds we control, the more we can ensure the security of the nation and our new world.

The Omnipresent and Divinely Guided Imperial Japanese Universal Matters Conglomerate congratulates itself on the subjugation of its 1000th SCP Foundation. This group has been declared a 死-level threat in all universes and is to be destroyed on the spot whenever a new universe is given to us from the Gods.

Recently, in the past one thousand years, a new group has been attacking our great regime. They are a nothing more than a group of Foundations who have grouped together. They call themselves “Defenders of the Multiverse” but we know their lies. Anyone who goes away from the call of the New Japanese Order must be destroyed. This is what we have learned through our years of fighting.

They are difficult to fight against and we may need to switch to more drastic measures. We have begun destroying new worlds as soon as they are opened.

Trillions of soldiers and billions of starships seem to have not made a great impact in cracking through their defenses. They have lined up walls of the universe lined up such a way that halts our progress. Our scientists have tried to collapse entire worlds into the wall but to no avail.

What fools they are…To think that this would stop the us, we will stop at nothing to protect ourselves and our universal nation. We will trudge through all realities, till we can guarantee our safety.

We pray to the Grand Deity General Kazuma of Universe Prime who has helped us get this far. With his and the Gods help we will surpass even the bounds of bugendai.

By Order From the Multiversal SCP Foundation


The following information is related to the minor disturbance in Quadrant 43

This document may only be seen by SCP Foundations who are in contact with the Multiversal Foundation

Abbreviated Analysis of the ODGIJUMC (IJAMEA derivative)

Name of Universal Disturbance: “The Omnipresent and Divinely Guided Imperial Japanese Universal Matters Conglomerate (ODGIJUMC)”

Area Name: Quadrant 43, Sector 152-AW (Q43S152-AW)

Lead for this Area: SCP Foundation (Universal Designation: 45z-AQE-2431)

Description: The ODGIJUMC is a group that was previously known as the IJAMEA or “The Imperial Japanese Anomalous Matters Examination Agency,” which has developed or obtained cross-universal anomalous technology. The original universe that the ODGIJUMC hails from is Universal Designation: Qw-235-JU-09. Their territory is still negligible but it is recommended that they be dealt with eventually.

Recommended Actions: A universal blockade to be set up around their territory and phase-shift distorters to be sent into corrupted universes to purge them. It is also recommended that minor incidents like these be not brought to the Exoversal-Council’s attention.

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