Roc Series Deicide Drone, Prototype Model
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Equipment Dossier Excerpt

Jointly-Constructed Airborne Engagement Drone (J-CAED)



The concept for the Jointly-Constructed Airborne Engagement Drone was developed at the request of the Coalition by a venture consisting of members of the paratech manufacturer "Anderson Robotics" and personnel of PTOLEMY Division. J-CAEDs were designed as remote liquidation tool for level 5 and 6 Threat Entities, specifically those of mythological significance, serving as an alternative response to the use of Ultra-Heavy Engagement Chassis, thus preventing the potential loss of Coalition operatives. The choice of a large imitation of a falcon-like bird was chosen as per request of GOC member organizations (such as Pr-Ankh-n-Djehuti [The Library of Djehuti], Keepers of the Hidden Doors1, Society for Olympian Restoration, and others), who pushed this design to provide occult symbolic protection2 to the drones. As of time of writing, the first prototype (codenamed "PERSEUS") is currently being constructed, completed, and will be field tested within a time range of four to five months.


The J-CAED is a heavy engagement drone (designed to vaguely resemble a raptor, or bird of prey), remotely controlled by a "pilot" from the regional central command center. The drone achieves flight via both anti-gravity generators located on the lower half of the body and the movement of wings for propulsion and steering. The exact composition of the J-CAED is classified to all except for High Command and those assigned to Project ROC. Some of the more notable specification are included below, as to give the reader an idea of what the J-CAED is capable of.

  • A majority of design aspects were carried over from similar machinery such as the Mark III U-HEC ("Orange Suit") and the Merlin Series Aerial Drone.
  • Regenerative metal hull (carried over from the Anderson robotics Aplomado Series Facility Defense Unit product). Wings possess feather-like structures, made of the same material, which can be dislodged and fired at targets3.
  • Electric generators, able to create massive electrical sparks (similar to those produced by Tesla coils and electrical storms), located in regular intervals on the surface of the drone4.
  • Thaumatological wards, located on the inside of the drone’s hull, as well as in the hardware, to prevent thaumatological assault.
  • A modified Scranton Reality Anchor, located in the chest, to prevent manipulation of the drone by Type Greens and similar entities.

PSYCHE Records

History of Project ROC (cont.)

The first prototype (Codenamed "PERSEUS") showed prowess in test runs and was field tested against a manifestation of KTE-4503-Ragweed-Faraday (“Non-Terrestrial Cloudbank”), the most readily available threat, which had appeared in the Yukon wilderness.

Involved Assets included:

  • 6 Operatives from Strike Team 2654 – "Weathermen".
  • Operative "Deskcat" (controlling PERSEUS remotely from Central Command).
  • GOCA Amelia5.
  • J-CAED-01 (PERSEUS) (Remotely controlled by Operative "Deskcat").

Threat Entity Database Entry

Threat ID:

KTE-4503-Ragweed-Faraday – "Non-Terrestrial Cloudbank"

Authorized Response Level:

4 (Severe Threat)


A Biological airborne mass (hereafter referred to as Component Alfa), superficially resembling baseline terrestrial cumulonimbus clouds. The surface of component is covered with eyes, tendrils, and mouths, apparently serving no functional purpose. Capable of generating electrical discharges (Component Bravo) that can inhabit electrical devices (causing Alfa Component growth within), as well as act as baseline terrestrial lightning. Electromagnetic means can repulse and destroy both components. Entity manifests in the baseline via a Spatial Tear (Component Charlie), speculated to connect to either a pocket universe or parallel reality. If left unchecked, Alfa and Bravo Components will expand from the Charlie component indefinitely.

Rules of Engagement:

Remain in cover to prevent electric shocks. Do not use or expose electrical devices not covered in electric repellent shielding. Do not directly engage without wearing a Mk. II Electrical Protection Gear. The only effective method of liquidation is the aforementioned Electromagnetic means (such as Electromagnetic Ballista or Mk. VI Handheld Electromagnetic Manipulators). Assessment Teams who encounter the parathreat in the field are to take cover and call for backup. Strike Teams are to locate Component Charlie and close it via Scranton Reality Anchors or similar reality distortion suppressant, then liquidate remaining Components.


The entity was first encountered in 1947 during Operation CHALLENGER6, when a bank of the Alfa Component was observed over an ODESSA/OBSKURA encampment. Coalition scientists theorized that experiments made by involving reality probing attracted the attention of the parathreat to the baseline. However, due to the complete destruction of the facility by the entity, this remains speculative. The KTE has manifested multiple times since, but usually far between other points of manifestation both in time and location.


Appendix IV:

As of 1963, the use of thaumatological methods to suppress the Charlie Component have been replaced with newly invented Scranton Reality Distortion Technology.

Appendix V:

As of the 23rd recorded assault on KTE-4503 by the Coalition, no +1Gen or +2Gen paratechnology may be used when interacting with the parathreat.


Assault Report 4503-23:

3-4-2017, 16:30: KTE-4503 manifestations spotted. GOCA Amelia approaches.

3-4-2017, 16:35: GOCA Amelia reaches KTE-4503. J-CAED-01 launched and engages KTE-4503 with "combustive hull" maneuver. Assault proves effective. KTE-4503 turns all attention on J-CAED-01. J-CAED-01 moves away from GOCA Amelia, which is subsequently free to locate breach.

3-4-2017, 16:45: 25% of manifestation’s mass liquidated by J-CAED-01.

3-4-2017, 16:48: Connection to J-CAED-01 lost. GOCA Amelia activated Faraday Hull Shield to block assault from manifestations. Search continues, but is slowed by assault.

3-4-2017, 16:53: GOCA Amelia assaulted by J-CAED-01, which is deemed compromised by KTE-4503. Anti-parathreat ballista engaged on J-CAED-01.

3-4-2017, 17:19: Breach located via EVEDAR System. Assault on J-CAED-01 continues.

3-4-2017, 17:23: J-CAED-01 succumbs to damage and falls. GOCA Amelia suffered moderate damage, with 3 operatives injured during assault.

3-4-2017, 17:26-17:30: Breach reached. Onboard SRA’s activated. Breach fully closes after 3 miniutes. SRA disengaged and Ballista engaged on remaining KTE-4503 mass.

3-4-2017, 18:45-18:47: KTE-4503's mass fully liquidated. J-CAED-01’s crash site located. Recovery of J-CAED-01 commenced.

3-6-2017, 19:21: J-CAED-01 fully recovered from crash site.


AOD (Armaments Used in Destruction) report from the files of Horrace Wallace, Quartermaster Seargent-Sector 10

Quartermasters Division-AOD-4503-23
Item Designation Title Qty
1 +2Gen-AGB GOC Anti-grav Battleship Amelia 1
Notes: Ship’s hull received 45% damage from the PERSEUS Unit. Sent in for drydock at Airbase Renegade Bravo. Approximate repair time is 5 weeks.
2 +2Gen-SRA Scranton Reality Anchor 4
Notes: Functioned as normal, no additional notes.
3 +2Gen-FHSG Faraday Hull Shield Generator 1
Notes: Partly overloaded. Minor circuity repairs needed.
4 +2Gen-EMagB Electromagnetic Ballista 24
Notes: Approximately an average of 67% of battery spent during engagement. Retired for 4 days to recharge.
5 +1Gen-EVEDAR EVEDAR Location System. 1
Notes: Functioned as normal, no additional notes.
6 +2Gen-J-CAED-01 Jointly-Constructed Airborne Engagement Drone, Prototype 1 (PERSEUS) 1
Notes: Shot down after Internal Hardware was compromised by paratheat. Onsite appraisal deemed the drone irreparable. Wreckage sent to Airbase Renegade Delta for further analysis.

To: GraceSaker@AndersonRobotics, Matthew@AndersonRobotics, Clara@AndersonRobotics, cog.ymelotp|eignetubilah#cog.ymelotp|eignetubilah, cog.ymelotp|eigneecnal#cog.ymelotp|eigneecnal, …
From: cog.ymelotp|eigneretnuh#cog.ymelotp|eigneretnuh
Subject: PERSEUS failure

Prototype got infected by sentient electromagnetic energy and was shot down. We need to go back to the drawing board, fix this problem, and suss out any similar problems in the design so this doesn’t happen again. Meeting at 10:00 Hours.

Hunter, Engineering, Ptolemy Division, United Nation Global Occult Coalition.

To: cog.ymelotp|eigneretnuh#cog.ymelotp|eigneretnuh
From: GraceSaker@AndersonRobotics
Subject: RE: PERSEUS failure

Expect all Anderson personnel except for P. Richards to be accounted for (Peter’s caught the flu).

I would like to bring up our previous recommendation on changing of the body plan of the drone. The raptor design choice and the difficulties surrounding accommodations for it are the likeliest culprits for the failure.

-Grace Saker, Anderson Robotics, Roc Project.

To: GraceSaker@AndersonRobotics,
From: cog.ymelotp|eigneretnuh#cog.ymelotp|eigneretnuh
Subject: RE: RE: PERSEUS failure

Sorry to hear about Peter, hope he gets better. As for the problem you’ve brought up, the council has made it clear they want the drone to fit the occult significant they want. I’ve made requests for a change, but as it stands, we’re stuck with this design, so we’d better not waste time complaining and fix it.

Hunter, Engineering, Ptolemy Division, United Nation Global Occult Coalition.

PSYCHE Records

History of the ROC Project (cont.)

J-CAED-01 was compromised during assault and accompanying Strike Team was forced to neutralize the drone. Wreckage was returned to Airbase Renegade Delta and dismantled.

The second prototype (Codenamed "PROCNE") was constructed with counters to defects seen in its predecessor (such as the insulation of hardware casing to prevent parathreat inhabitation) and other minor improvements to design. Prototype was field tested against KTE-7651-Cyan-Burrhus ("Lady of Gibraltar") alongside Strike Team 4306 – "Big Fat Greek Culling".


AT/ST Patrol Report (Debrief)

Involved Assessment/Strike Team:


Filing Operative:

"Mulliner" 8428A531/4306

Mission (Location/Objective):

TE manifested on the "Rock of Gibraltar" landmark, in the eponymous nation. TE displayed mental dominating abilities on locals, and appeared to be the cause behind recent missing persons within the area. We were sent in alongside the new J-CAED prototype to neutralize the threat, and recover the missing locals, if possible.

Encounter Report/Enemy Description:

Large feminine humanoid, suspected to be Hamlet-Class Ectomorphic Entity7 by the assessment team. Entity’s apparel resembled that of Nasrid Grenadian culture. Capable of taking control of the minds of others and bending them to its will, seemingly by overwriting their personality and memories (I’m sure the average Gibraltarian wouldn’t know Arabic).

Encountered TE and affected locals near "Tower of Homage", remaining ruin of Moorish Castle, while we swept over the area in the whirly. They’d been digging in the ground, looking for something I guess. Most of the locals immediately charged as soon as they knew we were there. PROCNE tried hitting them with some sort of electrical discharge. Didn’t work, so we had to take them down the hard way. All nonlethal and most of the lethal methods at our disposal had no effect. Complete destruction of the body deemed necessary, so we busted out the flamethrowers. PROCNE had engaged the TE head on while we cleared the other.

At this time, some of the children8 had stopped digging and said something in Arabic to the TE. No idea what they said, but the entity immediately stopped engaging PROCNE and disappeared into the hole. PROCNE dropped a small barrage of explosives over the hole and somehow that cleared away the remaining soil (makes sense to me), revealing some stone structure. TE rose from the cracks causes by the explosions, now bonded to a corpse. I’m pretty sure it was beginning to do some form of working, but PROCNE promptly attacked the entity and bit its head off. TE was drained from the corpse while it was doing that. All the remaining children collapsed immediately after that.


PROCNE’s pilot tells me the TE’s being stored inside PROCNE for the moment. The remaining children are in a catatonic state, and are currently being loaded onto the whirly with the corpse.

Personnel Condition:

A few bruises, but nothing serious. PROCNE’s shutdown right now; pilot says all power is currently going towards holding the TE.


Judging by architecture and the presence of a recently disturbed grave, I’d say the structure the TE was trying to dig up is its tomb. There are markings on the floor, which suggest some kind of working. We should probably send some PSYCHE or ICSUT people over here to figure out what its plan was.

As for the TE itself, we could potently learn something or other about the working and whatever system was used when it was living. All the same I think it would be better if we liquidated it. It clearly has a mind control thing going on and I don’t want it loose with access to coalition weaponry.

I’d suggest the folks over at CAULATICA use the cover story of a serial killer or something for this whole mess.

PROCNE did pretty well I think, all things considered. I mean sure we did have the Bone Suits and the Ghostbusters9, but we weren’t prepared for any workings. Without PROCNE, we probably would've had to deal with a much more dangerous threat. If it matters, I'd say we'd have a lot more bodies to bury, and longer report to file. Send our regards to the engineering team.

PSYCHE Records

History of the Roc Project (cont.)

J-CAED-02 succeeded in neutralizing the threat and was sent for Airbase Barcid Echo for a final checkup. After minor repairs, the drone was then transported to Airbase Gaulle Alfa for preparation for transport to Airbase Renegade Alfa for christening…

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