Project Proposal 2021-001: "Exclusive Jurisdiction is Over"
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Project Proposal 2021-01: "Exclusive Jurisdiction is Over"

Name: Jeremy Filia

Title: Exclusive Jurisdiction is Over

Material Requirements:

  • Mr. Normie (1 required, already in my possession)
  • Anart Gallery (1 required, at least 12 exhibits, no debilitating anart)
  • Amnestic (1 required)

Abstract: Exclusive Jurisdiction is Over will be an anti-performance piece whose length is dependent on the audience. It will take place in one of your art galleries, and will exclusively feature Mr. Normie. Mr. Normie will walk around the exhibits, commenting on each art piece as he views them. The commentary will be scathingly honest and straightforward, as I have taught him how to be an expert critic. However, as mentioned before, please disclude any anart that may harm or otherwise hinder Mr. Normie's activities.

I will be interacting with my audience, convincing them in whatever way I can to follow Mr. Normie. I will lie to them, bribe them, threaten them, anything at all to get them to keep following Mr. Normie. Because of Mr. Normie, they will be more receptive to my actions and will almost certainly begin to follow Mr. Normie around. Since I'll be a part of the audience, they will be able to focus on Mr. Normie, despite his natural ability to avoid attention.

I hope to have enticed at least a dozen or two people before the climax of the performance.

Once Mr. Normie has walked around enough and has commented on each piece thoroughly, I will then offer him an amnestic, which he will take. Mr. Normie has an unusual side effect to amnestics, in that it also causes other people to forget him, but not what he has done. Mr. Normie will leave the exhibit, free to go wherever he pleases, and everyone will be left with his criticisms.

And that will conclude my piece.

Intent: You shitbag. Did you really think that this wouldn't happen? That your circlejerk enterprise wouldn't eventually loop back around to actual fucking art?

Because this is what happens when your whole shtick is to "shock and awe!" How many times have I seen people get turned inside out before it became passé? How many drug induced nightmares did I have to see before I got bored of it? ONCE.

Everyone who follows you is a god damn tail chaser, interested in torturing people under the guise of anart rather than anything concrete. I wonder, how many rich people actually go out of their way to see nonanomalous torture parties? Not a single, fucking one.

And now, here you are, digging through the bottom of the dumpster. It took me seven years to finally get you to accept my proposal. And how do I know you'll accept it?

Because you're not Cool anymore. None of you are.

Anart was founded on the principle of killing people, and none of you ever saw how fucking narrowminded that was. Anyone who came up with a proposal worth shit were pushed out, because they never killed people. Oh, what was that? Heartfelt emotional appeal? Nope, not interested! It's not impactful enough! It doesn't shake your soul!

"Mortality makes art more real."

"Suffer for your art."

"Here's a nuclear bomb."

We, as a species, went without killing people in the name of art for over 5 million years. In that time, there was no shortage of fucked up artists. Arsonists, warmongers, sexual deviants, all of them had their fair share of art. What changed?


You did, Critic. The moment you started running the fucking show. The moment you crossed the line and killed someone in the name of art. A shitty, outdated performance piece called "Mr. Excessive Cruelty". Anyone worth shit left, and whoever stayed were sadists with a hard-on for pretentiousness. It was only a matter of time before they too realized it and left.

What's it gonna be, you dipshit?

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