Project Proposal 2014-234: "Outdoor Object of Ordinance"
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Title: Outdoor Object of Ordinance

Material Requirements:

  • One (1) 7’ Park Bench

Abstract: The Outdoor Object of Ordinance is a park bench. It is fully functional in the sense of it is able to be sat on comfortably by up to three people who do not know each other and up to five people who have known each other for a long period of time. One individual is able to comfortably assume his/herself in a horizontal or resting position on the surface of the bench. The Outdoor Object of Ordinance may also function as a surface of which objects can be placed; however, objects smaller than or as large as the gaps on the bench may drop to the ground if not handled with care.

As the object’s intent, it should be displayed in a park in which the public are able to spectate and utilise it as they please.

Intent: In my search for inspiration I have come across marvellous, remarkable displays of the most unconventional means of contemporary art done by my idols, the professionals, and quite a few of my colleagues. I marvel at their creation, in my mind thinking how I can succumb to their degree. Such dangerous, controversial, brave surrealistic objects can only be exceeded by a piece more dangerous, more controversial, more surrealistic.

I was sat down one Monday afternoon and in vain, attempted to gush all my thoughts and ideas into a sketchbook. A life-sized replica of Joseph Stalin’s head reciting Soviet secrets to the tune of the first documented song by humanity. A school play of Les Miserables with genuine famine. North Korea but bees. Nothing satisfied me. As I stood up from where I was sitting, it hit me.

Everything in the movement could be broken by something ordinary. I am making an anomaly among anomalies.

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