Project Proposal 2014-027: "I'm a bad dream/That I just had today"
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Name: Leonard “Little” Milton

Title: I'm a bad dream/That I just had today

Material Requirements:

  • 1 Magnadeus-class microcomputer (already in my possession)
  • 1 Binary input-thaumic output converter (already in my possession)
  • 500ml Lavender essential oil
  • 1 Electroencephalogram (EEG) recording system
  • Miscellaneous Electronic components (already in my possession)
  • 1 Cup hot chocolate
  • 1 Human brain (already in my possession)
  • 1 Copy Goodnight Moon


When a human mind takes in information, the brain takes this in as memetic influence. Using a method which I have devised, it is possible to isolate this memetic component through analysis of the brain while it is absorbing the meme. This can then be refined and redirected into a human mind to induce specific events.

As a proof of concept, I have devised this piece.

I will utilize the EEG machine on myself while experiencing sleep-inducing stimulus. The resulting data will then be fed into a program run on the microcomputer, which will process it into a single meme which will put me into a theoretically endless sleep. I will expose myself to this meme.

I will enter REM sleep within 6 hours of beginning this eternal rest. Thus, I will begin a dream, in which I will be able to perform all matter of great works. Painting, music, dance, everything will be in my grasp to execute. I have been working on attaining a lucid dream state to make the most of this possibility.

The thaumic output will broadcast in a three-meter radius what my mind is experiencing at the time, allowing all nearby humans to experience the dream alongside me.

Thus, I will be the exhibit.


The world has gotten boring, for me.

Its not the fault of anything in particular but its just gone dull. Half of everything interesting has been locked up, another half killed, and a third half just isn’t putting out entertainment like it used to.

On a slight tangent, I have always believed the potential for art is limitless within the mind. However, the unfortunate nature of reality adds complications such as “physics” and “society” and “decency” which keep the artist from realizing the true potential of their vision. While I understand how working under restriction can bring great works about, I believe I have exhausted what I can do in this reality. In the infinite freedom of a dream, however?

Thus, this proposal. I find it a win for all parties, honestly. I get to live in the infinite possibility that a dream provides, and the public gets to engage with the most raw and pure creativity that the human brain can output. In addition, I’m making my research freely available for future artistic pursuits. I’m certainly not going to be using it.

I’m confident that I will be taken care of over my time as an exhibit. I don’t exactly plan on waking up so feel free to display me for as long as you want.

You may want to put a warning on the exhibit, though. I’m rather prone to nightmares.

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