Project Proposal 2004-042: "How to burn a Billionaire"
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Title: How to burn a Billionaire

Material Required:

  • 1 RCA VHS tripod-mount Camcorder (not in possession)
  • 1 RCA Camcorder tripod (not in possession)
  • 1 Video Projector (already in possession)
  • 1 VHS Player (any/not in possession)
  • 1 30ft x 36ft projection screen (any/not in possession)
  • 1 RCA VHS tape (already in possession)
  • 30 gal Wine (expensive, not in possession)
  • 30 lbs Cheese (expensive, not in possession)
  • 1 calliope (any/not in possession)
  • The Chicago Fire Department (already in possession)
  • 1 Flamethrower (already in possession)
  • 2 gallons gasoline (not in possession)
  • Two Billion USD (Critic's money/not in possession)


This performance is to be done in an outdoor area on a non-windy day. Since we can't predict the weather the day of the expo, I aim to present this piece in one of two ways:

  1. Done live outside the expo.
  2. A prerecording shown at the expo.

For the live performance the audience will be at least 50ft away from the installation. One billion USD are piled together at least 50ft from buildings or trees. A calliope is set up near the installation, playing Entrance of the Gladiators by Julius Fučík. I will then dump one gallon of gasoline onto the installation and set it on fire with a flamethrower. The Chicago Fire Department has generously volunteered their time for the performance(s). They will be nearby in case of emergency.

After the installation burns, one billion USD will appear in the bank account of a random Chicago charity.

For the Rainy Day Showing of the performance, the audience will mingle in the ballroom for wine and cheese.


How much money is the established AWCY? willing to burn for charity?

Note: No unused materials will be returned at the end of the performance(s).

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