Project Proposals 2004-013/2014-114/2024-072: "Losing Your Cool"
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Name: Alexander Thensi

Title: The Struggle Is Real

Material Requirements:



The Struggle Is Real is nothing. Literally nothing. Ok, well I guess that's a tad misleading. In some sense it's a performance piece? I'll still be there, and I'll still stand in my booth, but that'll be it.

I'll catch strange side-ways glances from people as they pass by, and maybe occasionally one will walk up and ask "So, what exactly is your installation?". And in response I will launch into a monologue about how I've thrown the book at my projects this year, and each one comes out all wrong. How I haven't been satisfied with anything and I've hit a creative wall. All in an impassioned performance that will most assuredly convey the magnitude of my struggle.


Creativity is an abstract concept, and as such it can elude even the greatest of artists at times. Sometimes, you want to write, or paint, or sculpt, but it's just not coming to you. Generally what we celebrate at our Expos are those who have managed to overcome the creative struggle and create something that shines. As we should! It's a feat that deserves the recognition, as creating something, anything is an achievement.

However, in our quest to show the world the glory of anart, we should take a moment to step back, to recognize those who have fallen in the battle against their own imagination. Hundreds, if not thousands of artists a year find that maybe, just maybe, they've hit that wall. They've dried up. Tapped the last of it.

I hope that this installation will recognize those who won't have booths beside me.

Response: "The Struggle Is Real"


I know you've had a bad run of it, but you caught lightning in a bottle ten years ago. Not every piece is going to be like your first, and I'm willing to bet money that's getting to you. You're not the first guy I've seen this happen to, and you're not going to be the last.

But c'mon man. You also have to have some sort of idea of how many "I'm bringing nothing as my installation to make a statement" proposals we get. Everyone thinks they have some sort of new take on "the lack of anything as art" and they never do. It all just comes across as making an excuse to get into the expo.

I'm not like, mad. I'm not even disappointed. I just want you to get back in stride. Your Freedom In Falling piece from '94 was good because it came out of you naturally. Stop trying to force your stuff.

- The Curator

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