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Internal Memorandum

Good evening, and welcome to Project PARAGON.

Between four and five-hundred thousand years ago, the skies opened up and a global cataclysm took place. Those alive to witness it saw every flower on the planet bloom simultaneously, followed immediately by a rainstorm that would not end. Depictions of the flood describe how it rained unceasingly for four years, and as the floodwaters rose much of the old world was washed away. When the rains ended, and the waters receded, those who remained were left to cobble together whatever was left. The cultural heritage of those people was lost as the struggle for survival set in.

Stories become myths. Myths become legends. Legends become buried by the sands of time. So it was, until in 1933 when British airman Sir George Dansen saw something in the sky he would have never expected — a city, floating amongst the clouds, visible for the first time in recorded history.

So began the Foundation's involvement in cataloguing the emergent entities, artifacts, and records from an age that was lost beneath the rising sea all those many years ago. In 1938, under the direction of the former O5-7, the Oslo Commission was formed, headed by then Director of Site-19 Dr. Emil Lancaster. Once the true scope of the Commission's task was fully realized, the Commission was disbanded and reorganized as Project PARAGON.

The document you're reading serves to collect various reports submitted by Foundation researchers, agents, task forces and informants about the anomalous entities and artifacts under the jurisdiction of Project PARAGON. As is often the case with projects that follow emergent or ongoing anomalous phenomena, this document is subject to change as more information becomes available. Everything here should be considered a summary of collected knowledge - for more information, please see the relevant research documents.

The work we're doing here is critical — there are powerful forces from the ancient world moving in ours, and without the effort to understand and prepare for them there is little doubt that we would meet the same end as our forebears. We have a duty — not only to protect our future — but to preserve our past.

We will see to it that our work is done.


Dr. Shannon Lancaster
Director, Project PARAGON

Background Information

General Timeline of Events

Antediluvian Peoples


Persons and Groups of Interest

Entities of Primary Concern

The Primeval Demons

The Great Profanities


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