Project Morpheus
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Project Codename: Morpheus

Project #: PRJMRF-000010

Clearance and File #: NPF-0005742

Head Researcher: Dr. Thomas Bailey

Project Aims: Establishment of a Class I pseudo-Oneiric Apparition capable of multi-universal communication for the manipulation of extra-universal causalities for the propagation and betterment of the Foundation and its mission statement. [1]

Raw Materials:

• A minimum of 20 adult human subjects (D-class) for preliminary experimentation.


• Modification of SCP-990 such that nano-EEG nodes may be used in conjunction.

• Ensure compatibility between SCP-990 and nano-EEG nodes

• Dissemination of nano-EEG nodes in water supplies of selected Sites and Areas.

Field Reports:


Addendum PRJMRF-001: After the IK-class global civilisation collapse scenario in U 3513-Ω-Purple-Z, the term 'Oneiroi Collective" has appeared in up to 100 universes observed by the Multi-U. All witness accounts of the "Oneiroi Collective" occur during witnesses' REM sleep stage, and suggest that they are presently incorporeal and exist in separate plane of reality. [3] Pending background checks regarding any connections to "Oneiroi Gardens" and registration as a Group of Interest.

Addendum PRJMRF-002: During a deployment of SCP-990, connection with Agent 990-Morpheus was lost for five minutes. During which, the following message appeared on SCP-990.

To the ladies and gentlemen at the Foundation

We understand you have been using our products for the greater good. We do not mind the sacrifice of our world and our physical bodies for that sake. After all, we have transcended flesh and become icons of inspiration.

Nevertheless, we wish your organisation may credit us in your efforts for the greater good. The recommended course of action is to indicate the source of this modified technology (Oneiroi Astral Synchroniser v3.0). We will reserve the right to withhold further usage if service continues to be uncredited.

Lawrence Knight
Oneiroi Collective Legals

Agent 990-Morpheus claims to have no encounter with members of the Oneiroi Collective during deployment of SCP-990. Subsequent attempts to use SCP-990 have failed. Project Morpheus is currently under hiatus, and Agent 990-Morpheus is transferred.

Addendum PRJMRF-003: Despite hiatus of Project Morpheus, multiple Foundation operatives have reported sightings of entities similar to Agent 990-Morpheus' avatar in their respective dreams. Pending further investigation. Oneiroi Collective suspected.

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