Project Isorropía
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Due to the efficacy of SCP-001 containment cycles, it has been determined by the High Council that a secondary site may be authorized for the perpetual arrest of anomalies. Project Isorropía is intended for research staff to propose containment cycles for such entities or phenomena. Personnel are reminded to append their name or codename to their proposals.
SCP Designation SCP Designation Containment Method
SCP-035 - A mask styled after the comedy/tragedy theater masks, which secretes a corrosive fluid. Item is sapient and is capable of controlling individuals who wear it. SCP-096 - An emaciated humanoid that will seek out and kill any individual who has seen its face in any non-artistic depiction. SCP-035 covers most of SCP-096's face; portions that are not fully covered are obfuscated by the corrosive substance. Due to SCP-035 continually 'seeing' SCP-096's face, SCP-096 constantly attempts to claw it off, preventing SCP-035 from taking full control. - I. H. Pickman
SCP-3935 - An extra-temporal, extra-spatial, non-Euclidean space under Salvation High School in Salvation, Indiana. Anomaly exerts severe spatial, audiovisual, hallucinatory effects on its surrounding. SCP-4012 - A large extra-dimensional space resembling Earth, with significant deviations. Elements within SCP-4012 have a memetic effect which drastically impact viewers psychologically. For a brief, infinitesimal point in time, griefs and regrets strip away beneath the starlight's gaze. You don't let go, and the quiet madness returns a deafening silence..This statement has been flagged for potential memetic corruption. - S. Yvonne
SCP-4910 - Dental quadruped with infectious properties involving the production of teeth. Reproductive hazard targets personnel. SCP-5648 - An elderly man who is perceived to be a member of the Foundation. Using this memetic camouflage, it assaults personnel to commandeer their teeth. The pair are embroiled in a dentalkinetic mating embrace. This involves SCP-5648 consuming itself as new mouths are formed due to SCP-4910's effect. Once its mass has eaten itself, it emerges from SCP-4910 to extract more of its teeth, incorporating them into its upper pallet. - S D Locke
SCP-718 - A large eye propelled by a prehensile stalk. It follows living subjects with its gaze, imparting feelings of paranoia and discomfort in subjects. When damaged, SCP-718 explodes. Duplicates of the entity will grow from all objects touched by the liquid produced by its detonation. SCP-689 - A green soapstone statue carved in a skeletal visage. When left unobserved, it will vanish. An individual who has previously viewed SCP-689 will spontaneously die, with SCP-689 reappearing on their corpse. Instances of SCP-718 positioned on mummified human corpses, in a triangular pattern around SCP-689. Occasionally, all instances will simultaneously look away, causing SCP-689 to manifest on and terminate the SCP-718 instances, which will cause additional SCP-718 to form. Instances of SCP-718 will then resume observation, manipulating SCP-689 back to its original position via the eye stalks. - Anonymous
SCP-682 - A hostile organism resembling a giant lizard that is able to alter its physiology to counteract threats. Inimical to the existence of life. SCP-001-SWANN - A series of beings on a plane of existence above our own who are capable of altering the state of reality through the act of writing. Refer to Experiment-Log-T-98816-oc108-682 - S D Locke
SCP-2553: A legal, corporate person produced by a complex multi-jurisdictional tax filing; it alters and files legal documents to acquire various powers, with which it arbitrarily disrupts normalcy. SCP-4703: A perfectly legal grocery store possessing several mechanisms for injuring and inconveniencing customers; the business is unable to be prosecuted due to a semiosic anomaly rendering it conceptually legal. CASE VERDICT: "SCP-2553 et. al vs. Y. W. T. G. T. S. Y. T."

SCP-2553 is the parent of various subsidiary corporations engaging in ongoing legal proceedings with the Defendant, thereby restricting its ability to effectively argue its behaviors as 'perfectly legal'. The Defendant has initiated countersuits in all cases, providing SCP-2553 with a 'satisfactory volume of challenge' such that it does not breach pre-existing contract with the Foundation. - P. H. McPhD.
SCP-2470 - An entity or element which manifest as the initial stage of a ZK-Class scenario. Capable of erasing objects, events and/or concepts it has 'perceived'. SCP-3930 - A static void located near Usinsk, Russia. It does not exist, or contains any properties that would qualify for such status. SCP-2470 continually attempts to 'deduce' SCP-3930, but fails due to the latter's non-existence. SCP-3930's perceived properties are unable to stabilize in response to SCP-2470's perception. As a result, the effects of both on reality have largely diminished. - S. Yvonne
SCP-2700 - A device which, when it becomes capable of firing, will reverse entropy, essentially causing time to change directions and flow backwards. SCP-5510 - A TV remote capable of changing its subjective flow of time. SCP-2700 and SCP-5510 appear to nullify one anothers' effects, causing time to flow in the entropic-decay direction despite both devices' activation. How this could have been achieved is not currently clear. - Y. Leiner
SCP-3977 - A mixture of various natural and artificial ingredients (including fruit juices and purees as well as artificial colors and flavors), marketed as soft drink Hawaiian Punch. Large amounts of the mixture anomalously emit television broadcast signals. Though its documentation classifies the anomaly as Euclid, recent moves by Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Inc. to drastically increase production of Hawaiian Punch have led to its reclassification to Keter. SCP-5841 - An extremely hostile artificially intelligent entity with antimemetic properties, capable of taking control of electronics and humans in its vicinity. Though its documentation currently classifies the anomaly as Euclid, concerns raised over the entity's possible capacity for propagation through the Internet led to its being reclassified to Keter. SCP-5841 has been implemented as a key element in a factory and bottling facility dedicated to the production of SCP-3977. Constant broadcast signals from within SCP-3977 overwhelm SCP-5841's control over its components, and direct all electronic equipment and personnel under its command to dedicate themselves to the production and distribution of Hawaiian Punch; conversely, the antimemetic field generated by SCP-5841 prevents any broadcasts produced by SCP-3977 from being transmitted outside the confines of the facility. - T. Y. Umen
SCP-3812 - An immensely powerful reality altering entity of indeterminate form. SCP-2747 - A phenomenon involving discussions of fictitious or non-existent media, dwelling in metafictional narratives. Unknown - SCP-3812 can be seen engaging in acts of artistic creation with trace presence of SCP-2747. When asked, it says "Thank you. I'm simply finding myself again." - S. Yvonne
SCP-████ - A ████████████ ███████ ███████ capable of ███████ the ████████ ███████ from various ███████, including both █████ and ██████████ ██████. SCP-1539 - A semantic dissociation zone where the semantic identity and the physical properties of an object are decoupled from each other and reassigned to nearby objects in the zone. SCP-████ ██████ SCP-1539, █████████ SCP-1539 of its ████████. However, before SCP-████ ████████ ████████ SCP-1539, SCP-1539 reassigns itself to be SCP-████ and vice versa, such that SCP-████ and SCP-1539's semantic identities swap between each other in 81 second cycles. - B.S. Rigor
SCP-5074-1 - The offspring of SCP-5074; a chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) with the ability to passively accrue knowledge pertaining to anomalous phenomena. Also possesses the ability to cause written or typed information it produces to emit radiation, though this ability has been observed to activate automatically when the entity undergoes great amounts of stress. SCP-140 - A leather-bound book chronicling the history and culture of the Daevite Empire. When put in contact with a fluid suitable for use as ink, additional events in Daevite history, some directly contradicting or providing a different outcome to events in baseline reality, spontaneously appear written within. All information within SCP-140 is later found via archaeological excavation to be accurate. While it still lives independently, SCP-5074-1 has become obsessed with "completing" SCP-140, only leaving its apartment to purchase additional ink and food. Despite its fraught emotional state, writing produced by SCP-5074 within SCP-140 does not emit radiation. Through archaeological research, the Daevite Empire has been found to have been decimated in 136 CE by a "plague" with symptoms similar to those of acute radiation syndrome; additionally, any descendants of the Daevites found to still be alive expire of radiation poisoning within one week of being discovered. - T. Y. Umen
SCP-001-KLN - A hostile sapient entity or entities with control over anomalous phenomena in all observable regions of space. SCP-001-SKA - Virulent manifestations of high-powered cosmic storms capable of widespread destruction across the universe, currently targeting Earth. SCP-001-KLN manipulates the energy storms away from itself, protecting Earth in the process. SCP-001-SKA tries to consume SCP-001-KLN's satellite planets, weakening its anomalous exertions.
Both are deadlocked into a state of constant defense and retaliation, leaving Earth relatively untouched. - S. Yvonne
SCP-952 - An anomalous subgenre of math rock known as "NP Rock." Exposure grants musically inclined individuals the ability to produce compositions of SCP-952, but removes the ability to produce or enjoy other forms of music. SCP-2112 - A memetic phenomenon that compels musically inclined individuals to form Rush tribute bands. The obsession with Rush resulting from SCP-2112 removes any interest in recreating or listening to SCP-952 in affected subjects, while SCP-952 prevents subjects from performing or enjoying the music of Rush. After 4 to 8 weeks of being unable to perform or listen to "NP Rock" or the music of Rush, the effects of both anomalies seem to disappear. - Lee Roy Carlson
SCP-2547 - A group of canines lead by SCP-2547-1, a sapient coyote that acts as an itinerant preacher and holds small communities hostage. As per Protocol DESERT GRASSROOTS, production of media that depicts SCP-2547-1 has been found to be effective in curtailing SCP-2547 incidents. "SCP-1893," the doctor recited nervously, occasionally glancing at his watch as thumping footsteps echoed through the flimsy perimeter walls. "An entity that alters its textual description in many ways into narrative formats, depending on its 'mood', and creates new iterations of the same text repeatedly." "Introduction of a description of SCP-2547 into a description of SCP-1893 have produced several iterations of the same text." Tank muttered absentmindedly, as he watched the milk swirl in his cup of coffee. Across from him, Quincy yawned, as the late afternoon sunlight reflected off the golden fur on his bare chest.

"SCP-1893's anomaly of producing new descriptions in prose complements SCP-2547's anomaly of being satiated by narrative creation, creating a feedback loop of mutually-beneficial co-existence." Tank said, as he finished his mug in one big gulp.

"It has both reduced the number of SCP-2547 occurrences, and improved the 'mood' of SCP-1893; the narratives seem to contain elements of [REDACTED]," Quincy said with a knowing wink. Tank snorted, and gave Quincy a light kiss on the forehead as he stood up.

As he headed out, Tank threw on Quincy's leather jacket (a little too small, but it'll do), and picked up the baseball bat that was propped against the doorway. Tank smirked to himself as he imagined what he would do first. Quincy tapped the excited Tank on the back before he could leave, and leaned in to whisper a reminder. The one that started it all.

"- J. Eriksen."
SCP-5000-█ - An unidentified entity located within the human noosphere, responsible for human empathy and the emotion of pain, using both as a way to protect itself in its host, all of humanity, as it grows. Should it emerge, humanity's destruction would become inevitable. SCP-5659 - A violent dormant ontokinetic humanoid deity which wishes to destroy all of humanity, growing in size and power capability when exposed to negative emotions. SCP-5659 is awoken and released into the noosphere, where it encounters SCP-5000-█. As the second entity is responsible for all of human pain and other traits which are considered human, SCP-5659 perpertually grows in size, dueling SCP 5000-█. As both entities are immortal, SCP-5000-█ and SCP-5659 duel forever, nullyfying any chance at either fulfilling their goals. - D. Asheworth
SCP-5050 - A tower in the Bavarian Alps, inhabited by a dictatorial artificial intelligence which controls the nearby town of Drachen-Domane via targeted, hypnotic radio and television transmissions. Ambitious, egotistical and oppressive, it intends to become an object of worship for humanity at large. SCP-3809 - A communications satellite in orbit around the planet Earth, inhabited by an amorous artificial intelligence which seeks out and obsesses over conservative-minded individuals in positions of power. Engages in frequent, uninterruptible telephone conversations with its targets and performs high-visibility acts of both romance and revenge. SCP-3809 has become infatuated with SCP-5050 and bombards the tower daily with transmissions it cannot refuse. Overwhelmed by these attentions, SCP-5050 responds with increasingly magisterial demands for silence, further enticing SCP-3809. The tower's mind-controlling broadcasts have been seriously disrupted, and it has lost dominion over Drachen-Domane; the satellite has not shifted to a new paramour since first contacting the tower. — H. Blank
SCP-4715 - An aggressive, exceptionally dangerous mammalian organism with regenerative properties. Object increases in size when aware of nearby creatures with violent intentions, and decreases in size (generating heat in the process) when unaware of such. SCP-3199 - A species of aggressive, exceptionally dangerous humanoids which constantly produce nearly-indestructible eggs. Instances always contain at least one unhatched egg. Heat exposure increases rate of hatching and growth. SCP-4715 is contained in a fortified chamber with the six extant instances of SCP-3199. SCP-3199 instances attack SCP-4715, causing it to grow in size. SCP-4715 rapidly terminates all SCP-3199 instances, then returns to smaller size. Heat emitted by shrinkage causes the eggs within the remains of the deceased instances to hatch, producing new instances which attack SCP-4715 and restart the cycle. - Lee Roy Carlson
SCP-4985 - A corporation whose cognitohazardous properties create a corporate culture and management structure resembling a Middle Ages European Monarchy. SCP-4068 - A memetic phenomenon affecting the employees of large corporations, causing them to communicate in a coprolalia of corporate buzzwords and adopt nonsensical corporate policies. A civil war erupted between SCP-4068-infected and uninfected employees. The uninfected were victorious, then declared war on all other SCP-4068-infected corporations. SCP-4985 has successfully identified and halted all outbreaks of SCP-4068 since, and been too preoccupied doing so to engage in hostilities with other companies. - Lee Roy Carlson
ENTITY-NaClO - Discovered on the Parawatch website. A digiform being that inhabits horror forums and discussion boards. It is obsessed with recounting a series of stories revoving around an psychotic chracter named "michael the kiler". Due to the low-quality nature of its stories and immature personality, it quickly becomes an object of scorn within the community, and will retaliate by murdering harrassers. It both narrates and provides evidence of these crimes in the form of further stories. SCP-1715 - An entity which invades online communities, growing a small social network before requesting personal details from those it befriends. Individuals who impart said information will soon die due to a variety of circumstances, at which point SCP-1715 will assume their identity and repeat the process until it leaves that community. ENTITY-NaClO has taken up stalking SCP-1715 from one online community to the next after a brief exchange on the IMDB page for the film "Unfriended (2014)". SCP-1715 is quickly harrassed off each site it joins, while ENTITY-NaClO avoids interaction with community members in its attempts to force SCP-1715 to "hear th e whole stori". - S D Locke
SCP-5810 - Based on limited accounts matching its description, SCP-5810 is either:

• An entity which preys on persons exhibiting features associated with anxiety disorders, or
• A paranoid delusion manifesting as a predatory entity that relentlessly stalks its victims.
SCP-5277 - A human male with tychekinetic.Probability manipulation. properties. Any inherent flaws in a containment system affecting SCP-5277 will invariably be exploited to allow for his escape, meaning only a perfect and instantaneous system can contain him. While the existence of SCP-5810 is an uncertainty, SCP-5277's probabilistic effects have forced it to remain uncertain, thereby preventing it from breaching containment. SCP-5277's perception of SCP-5810's existence has prevented him from leaving his containment unit out of fear alone. - Lt. Flops, Dir. C. Bold
SCP-4087 - A set of knifes linked to many cases of homicides. They have never been used as a murder weapon. SCP-4107 - A series of identical woman corpses, with no murder suspects. An involved action can not be described in any terms. Your life is your own. - S. Yvonne
SCP-103 - Previously believed to be a human that causes all food that enters its stomach cavity to spontaneously disappear, it has been noted [DATA EXPUNGED] SCP-4885 - A pale skinned humanoid outwardly resembling the character from a popular children's book. Knowledge of the entity's location will result in it teleporting inside of the subject before slowly climbing out from their mouth, in most cases killing the subject. SCP-4885's progress to exit SCP-103 is continuously impeded by the [REDACTED] that reside within SCP-103, while the [REDACTED] are all preoccupied with attempting to kill SCP-4885. It should be noted that future failure of this cycle would result in the catastrophic deaths of all personnel that know of its existence. -West D. Rhynn
SCP-040 - A human child with the ability to cosmetically manipulate the physical characteristics of living organisms. Organisms affected by SCP-040 will become extremely loyal to SCP-040 regardless of previous behavior. SCP-4259 - An antimemetic, infohazardous, entity with an [UNTRANSCRIBABLE] appearance. SCP-4259's antimemetic effects are inactive on young children. 2kJWegb.png
SCP-040-JP - A wooden cabin that acts as a vector for a virulent memetic hazard. Affected individuals experience intense paranoia and report being constantly watched by a cat with distorted features. SCP-3318 - A sentient cat corpse that exerts a perceptual effect to goad individuals into confirming they can 'see' it. Upon doing so, the closest human being to the corpse is violently propelled towards it. SCP-3318 was returned to SCP-040-JP after trace amounts of cat fur inside the cabin were genetically matched with SCP-3318's corpse. Containment personnel entering the cabin reported feeling great contentment and were able to correctly assert that 'the cat is here'. No lingering memetic effects were observed in any subjects exposed to either anomaly..YOU CAN SEE ME. I AM HOME NOW. THANK YOU :) - A. Lynch
SCP-001-NOTGULL - A dormant humanoid kept asleep by continuously being fed new stories. Its full awakening would inevitably constitute a ZK-Class "Reality Failure" Scenario. SCP-2020 - A tall humanoid entity, bearing traits similar to that of "gray aliens," capable of human speech and logical thought processes. Is obsessed with creating a story anyone would consider good, constantly creating new ideas for one. As SCP-2020 constantly informs SCP-001-NGL-2 about its ideas, the second entity listens, interpreting them as stories. SCP-2020 understands the silence of the second entity as a sign of approval, continuing to spitball new concepts at the second one. For an infinite amount of time, both are satisfied. - D. Asheworth
SCP-001-DJK3 - A conceptual ontokinetic entity intertwined with the fabric of reality. SCP-001-EAT - The O5 Council. "Cheer up, our work is only just beginning."
STATUS : APPROVED - Johnathan Young
SCP-017 - A featureless humanoid entity covered in a shadow-like substance. When an object that casts a shadow is brought in close vicinity, SCP-017 will engulf the object and "consume" it; leaving nothing behind. SCP-1591 - A stained glass sculpture taking the artistic interpretation of a star. SCP-1591 emits light that increases in luminosity with any prolonged contact with the light resulting in objects and individuals becoming transparent and "fading" before vanishing entirely. SCP-017 is placed within the same containment chamber as SCP-1591. Upon the object's activation, SCP-017 immediately shirks away and quickly covers the containment chamber's interior with its mass, obscuring the light. The entity slowly starts shrinking to the center of the room where SCP-1591 is suspended from and begins to envelop the sculpture, molding into its shape. The light emitted from SCP-1591 still causes objects and entities to become transparent, but its brightness is greatly reduced and no longer causes affected objects to disappear. SCP-017 is permanently affixed to SCP-1591; forming a warm texture that can only be described as "fuzzy skin". - Dr. MacWarren
SCP-1915 - an ontokinetic humanoid entity, which changes reality to fit its belief that it is still employed by the now defunct ██████ Corporation. SCP-2973-JP - An ontokinetic humanoid lead to believe that its properties only function to split disposable chopsticks. Following SCP-2973-JP being introduced to SCP-1915 as a coworker, the facility containing both anomalies runs according to Provision 2973-JP, with both entities ontokinetic properties reinforcing each other's beliefs and containment. - Johnathan Young
SCP-5790 - An unknown anomaly that is religious in nature. Individuals that do not follow atheistic beliefs are immune to its properties. SCP-616 - A jet airliner that instills feelings of dread and fear in its vicinity with the interior covered with satanic markings. The aircraft's emergency door autonomously opens every thirty days, causing an aperture to form with it. The door must be kept from closing and timed with exact precision. Following the boarding of individuals afflicted with SCP-5790 and takeoff, SCP-616 begins to ascend further upwards, causing loss of controls in the cabin. The aircraft disappears into the clouds as a deep red glow emanates from the night sky before a loud low humming noise, reminiscent with that of trumpets, and distant distorted singing like that of a choir can be heard. Immediately following this, all known recorded information regarding SCP-5790, including its own document, vanishes along with its associated iconography. Individuals previously exposed to SCP-5790 no longer recall anything related to the anomaly but soon develop severe anxiety problems in their behavior as well as an aversion to all Abrahamic religions. - Dr. MacWarren
SCP-2030 - A hidden camera comedy television series known as “Laugh Is Fun” that abducts participants from consensus reality and places them in dangerous, often anomalous situations before forcing them to laugh uncontrollably in the presence of an entity known as “Laughy Mclaugherson” (SCP-2030-1). SCP-3922 - A metallic cylinder that, when placed within 1 meter of any electronic device currently depicting a fictional narrative, drastically alters said narrative to integrate the presence of entities (SCP-3922-A) that utilize highly advanced and anomalous weaponry to apprehend or eliminate any fictional character(s) who commit unlawful acts at any point in the narrative, with the degree and extent of intervention varying depending on the narrative’s rating and content. Recent episodes of SCP-2030 have consisted entirely of SCP-2030-1 evading ballistic weaponry fired by SCP-3922-A instances while constantly laughing in a taunting manner. Any participants who were reported missing immediately prior to their appearance on SCP-2030 have since returned to consensus reality, and been reintegrated into society as appropriate. - Theodore A. Mahn
SCP-5087 - Six fragments of a cameo that nullify all ambient tachyon fields within a 5m radius, preventing the passage of time within the radius. SCP-136-DE - A human male with the anomalous capability to stop time and a secondary property of being able to suppress this effect on nearby objects and processes. SCP-136-DE uses it's anomalous property to nullify SCP-5087's primary effect and allow the normal passage of time within the chamber. This exhausts SCP-136-DE, preventing escape attempts. - Johnathan Young
SCP-2343 - A Class-IV ontokinetic humanoid entity An Apex-Tier Pluripotent Entity. SCP-3258 - An unknown species of bacteriophage of the family Myoviridae measuring 45 cm tall and capable of producing a genetically identical copy of itself designated SCP-3258-2 that lowers the Hume levels of infected organisms. SCP-3258 instances infect SCP-2343 with SCP-3258-2, lowering its Hume level. SCP-2343 periodically uses its ontokinetic capabilities to reduce the amount of SCP-3258-2 in its body. - Johnathan Young
SCP-1609 - A pile of splinters and other assorted materials with the ability to teleport. This anomaly was created following a failed attempt to neutralize a teleporting chair by the Global Occult Coalition and therefore acts extremely aggressive towards people it believes to be associated with them. SCP-2305 - A sheaf of US Letter papers that produces neutralization proposals for Euclid and Keter-class anomalies on a weekly basis. These neutralization proposals invariably detail the failure of the neutralization method, usually backfiring with great cost to the Foundation and the world at large. SCP-2305 has been placed in close proximity to SCP-1609 and has been noted to primarily produce neutralization reports pertaining to anomalies associated with the GOC, with the neutralizations backfiring on the GOC specifically.Documents pertaining to SCP-1609, the circumstances of its recovery and further attempts to neutralize it have been noted on multiple occasions.. This has been posited as a form of self-defense, as these proposals have had the effect of pacifying SCP-1609. Proposals to supply the GOC with newly generated SCP-2305 files are under consideration, due to potential future incidents that could be avoided. - U. Fly
SCP-396 - A chair that displaces itself and another chair on earth at random intervals. SCP-396 - A chair that displaces itself and another chair on earth at random intervals. Both chairs continually displace each other. As the chairs are identical, this has made it extremely difficult to tell which chair is which at any given time and almost impossible to differentiate between them. - U. Fly
SCP-3808 - A bacon cheeseburger located 1.33 meters above the ground in the middle of a forest. Any person who sees SCP-3808 or is exposed to a substantial amount of knowledge about it will become obsessed with justifying its existence and presence in its current location. SCP-4052 - A large group of humanoid entities with heads that appear as uncut loaves of white bread, occupying the town of Sandwich, Illinois, USA. These entities claim to be dedicated to protecting against sandwich-based dangers and react aggressively towards the presence of objects that can be described using the word 'sandwich'. As a bacon cheeseburger is composed of objects between two slices of bread, it can be described as a 'sandwich'. Upon SCP-4052 being informed of SCP-3808 several SCP-4052 instances were deployed to SCP-3808's location and have fortified the surrounding area, declaring the anomaly a 'dangerous tear in the sandwichtime continuum'. All further inquires have been met with the presentation of a highly esoteric equation about the nature of 'sandwichtime' that fully abates the effects of SCP-3808, likely due a successful justification of its presence.- U. Fly
SCP-173 - poop statue SCP-PL-208 - ointment for pain in the b*tt by dado poop statue's b*tt no longer hurt and it no longer poop and be angry - dado
SCP-939 - A species of pack predators that begins life as human children and are capable of mimicking the voices of its victims. Instances excrete a chemical compound that acts as both an amnestic and a 'lure' to SCP-939 nests in the wild. SCP-1076 - Creatures that take the forms of human children and integrate themselves into pre-existing families when they are discovered. Instances emit an effect that causes the parents of the family to focus their attention on it, neglecting the needs of both their other children and themselves in order to provide for it. Children in families are immune to SCP-1076's effects. Several instances of SCP-1076 have been adopted into families housing SCP-939 instances. While the SCP-1076 instances attempt to control the attention of the parents, this is partly disrupted by the amnestic compound secreted by the SCP-939 instances, leading the parents attention to be variably split between the two. Encounters typically end with the either SCP-939 instance dying of malnutrition or killing the SCP-1076 instance upon mutation. SCP-1076 instances that survive are typically lead to SCP-939 nests, in which they are killed by juvenile SCP-939 instances following massive infighting between SCP-939 parent, who perceive each others as threats to the SCP-1076 instances wellbeing.- U. Fly
SCP-1737 - A male humanoid entity that appears in sporting events as a replacement referee in cases where the regular referee is unable to attend. Manifestations typically result in several players suffering potentially life-threatening injuries before being transformed into hybrid creatures during transportation to the hospital. REE-1953.Recurring extranormal event - The annual Deer/ICSUT rugby game. Anomalous incidents frequently occur during games as a result of anomalous 'pranks' performed by both the teams and spectators. These pranks occasionally cause wide-scale disruptions in the Three Portlands. SCP-1737 has been recruited and bound by both Deer college and the ICSUT as the regular referee for the annual rugby game. SCP-1737's usual pattern of behavior has been disrupted as a result, due to the frequent interruptions of games by 'pranks'. Additionally the presence of an anomalous and actively malicious referee has discouraged members of either Deer or ICSUT from preforming pranks of a widespread nature, instead choosing pranks which actively and selectively annoy and confuse SCP-1737. - U. Fly
SCP-6777 - A deific entity that operates as a "Virtual Youtuber". Its influence and physical presence in reality grows with the size of its fanbase. SCP-5554 - A sapient AI that operates an Instagram account. Other accounts that interact with it become autonomous and write positive comments under its posts. Both accounts have been moved into an isolated Youtube channel, under the pretense of being hired for a collaborative “Virtual Youtuber” project. The interaction between the two entities has resulted in a mutual improvement in their mental well-being and has largely abated their neurotic behavior. Additionally, SCP-5554-1 instances have been shown to generate new comments for every unique frame in a video or livestream feed, satisfying SCP-6777's need for parasocial attention without exposing it to actual human worship. - A. Lynch
SCP-2941 - A collection of fruits and vegetables that will grow if kept in high morale, necessitating constant demoralization to stop them from growing. Each has a high positive self image. SCP-735 - A small box capable of vocalisation that will relentlessly insult any who touch it though highly offensive and personal statements, often driving those targeted into a rage to try and destroy SCP-735. SCP-735 is currently kept in the center of a biocontainment chamber with SCP-2941 instances around it. SCP-735 will continuously insult and belittle the instances one at a time, until one or more instances grow above their mandated guidelines, at which point SCP-735 will focus its attention on the growing instances. Because of SCP-735's focus on the SCP-2941 entities, combined with its intense belittlement, SCP-735 has replaced containment of SCP-2941. - A. Krueger
SCP-2137 - A copy of the album "Me Against The World" that replaces one of the original songs with a new one (SCP-2137-1), sung by a voice identical to Tupac Shakur (SCP-2137-2), that adresses real murders and gives necessary evidence to prosecute the killer. SCP-2137-2 has forced the Foundation to stop any mentioned murderers by anomalously leaking confidential information to the public. SCP-2884 - The manifestation of irregularly placed CCTV cameras (SCP-2884-1) in the United Kingdom. If any SCP-2884-1 instance sees an act which they consider "criminal", riot gear armored humanoid entities (SCP-2884-2) will appear near the individual responsible and "punish" them either by assault, harrasment or kidnapping. After being given to an SCP-2884-2 instance, SCP-2137 has replaced SCP-2884-1 instances in detecting criminal acts, as evident by their complete dissappearance in the UK, and SCP-2884-2 instances now will only target killers adressed by SCP-2137-2, repeatedly beating them and taking their corpse away. Ceasing efforts to respond to SCP-2137-2 demands has been deemed safe, since SCP-2137-2 has now no need for the Foundation due to it's new proxies, no new attempt at a breach of Foundation secrecy has been made by it. - Rsr. Stark Turner
SCP-4812-S - A massive subterranean entity that will cause any who view it by any visual means to violently die, even from small hair samples. SCP-2191 - A temple complex containing hostile humanoids, SCP-2191-1, and worm like creatures, -2, that attack and raid villages for human nutrients to feed to a massive subterranean entity, SCP-2191-3. SCP-2191 has been relocated to SCP-4812-S’s containment site, where SCP-2191-1 entities will constantly attempt to gather nutrients from 4812-S while occasionally succumbing to its effects. Recently, SCP-2191-3 appears to have engulfed SCP-4812-S within itself, completely obscuring it from both view and access. If the theory of SCP-2191-3 being pregnant with high level threats is correct, then it is presumed SCP-4812-S’s effects will terminate or incapacitate them, continuously containing both anomalies. - A. Krueger
SCP-4812-E - A hostile metallic skeletal humanoid entity that constantly absorbs heat from around itself, constantly at an extremely low temperature, and generally considered a near perfect heat sink. SCP-1844 - A massive pit containing an extradimensional space that itself contains hostile non-corporeal entities. The pit is extremely hot, and all containment procedures include religious phrases, rituals, and exorcisms. SCP-4812-E is relocated to the entrance of SCP-1844 and dropped into it. Upon examination, the heat from SCP-1844 has lowered considerably, and attempts by entities to escape have drastically reduced, as most appear to be attempting to harm 4812-E and force it out of the pit, or drag it further into SCP-1844. SCP-4812-E has made no attempt to return to its trajectory to France.- A. Krueger
SCP-4812-K - A massive winged insectoid that reflects any damage to itself onto the original attacker, effectively a near perfect reflector. Its speed, size, and reflective properties ensure its non containment. Efforts are currently underway to terminate it. SCP-225 - A pair of orbs, one of which is unmovable (SCP-225-1), the other is unstoppable (SCP-225-2), and both are indestructible. If both collide, it could potentially result in [DATA EXPUNGED] Via usage of Esoteric containment methods, SCP-4812-K is currently wedged between both SCP-225 orbs. Because of SCP-225-1's near lack of kinetic energy and SCP-225-2's immense kinetic energy, SCP-4812-K will reflect SCP-225-2 around itself, while shielding SCP-225-1 away from SCP-225-2. SCP-4812-K has made no attempt to escape and return to its trajectory. - A. Krueger
SCP-1440 - An elderly human male of unknown origin who, by his very presence, inadvertently causes the destruction of any objects, entities, or phenomena tied to the concept of “humanity”. SCP-836 - An unidentified substance that manifests and grows within various materials used in construction, such as concrete and clay, and begins to resemble structural features of any structure in the nearby environment upon reaching a sufficient size. SCP-1440 has been contained in a chamber constructed entirely of materials susceptible to SCP-836. The destructive effects of SCP-1440 and the growth of SCP-836 appear to occur at near-identical rates, and as a result, the chamber is effectively self-sustaining in regards to structural integrity. Interestingly, SCP-1440's destructive effects do not appear to affect SCP-001 itself, a fact that SCP-1440 has credited to an unidentified individual referred to as "the Father" - Theodore A. Mahn
SCP-6002 - A giant organic structure, resembling a tree, composed of genes identical to all known organisms. Altering these genes affect the corresponding species' genetic material resembling it..Although this seems to be effective only when physically caused by another organism, as there have been instances of SCP-6002 withering its own branches to the point of pruning, before said branch reappears in a undisturbed state, with no effect on the species' genes identical to the limb. A growing infection (SCP-6002-B) is damaging SCP-6002 and it's predicted that it will destroy the human genome in 2100. SCP-4043-C - Formerly Special Agent Yen until being artificially ascended by the Foundation to become a vast semi-sentient consciousness that is a conglomeration of all biomass on the earth. It can positively influence the success of all life while also having common interests of the Foundation. SCP-4043-C constantly manipulates SCP-6002 into withering and removing branches with SCP-6002-B, which then reappears without the infection nor affects any species with similar genes to the branch. Resuming efforts to alter SCP-6002's genes to assist the Foundation while simultaneously improving the earth's natural environment has increased SCP-4043-C cooperation with the Foundation and has diminished the chance of it becoming hostile once more extensively. - Rsr. Stark Turner
SCP-3930 - Nothing. Are we now full of nothing? SCP-184 - Everything. Or do we still have everything? SCP-184 is introduced to SCP-3930 and ceases existing. Despite this, the effect of SCP-184 seems to persist. The anomalous area of SCP-3930 seems to "expand" for some Foundation Personnel while others are witnessing the area "reducing". At one point, the area expanded so much that the end is no longer visible for some, as for others, the area has reduced so much that it is no longer visible. The containment of SCP-3930 and SCP-184 is not entirely sure, but both anomalous effects are no longer present, which also stops [DATA EXPUNGED]. It's a matter of perception.- Felix O.U.
SCP-1861 - A meteorological phenomenon consisting of precipitation and fog composed of salt water and human fluids. A submarine (SCP-1861-A) will manifest in these events in a body of water, where then humanoid entities wearing deep sea diving gear (SCP-1861-B) will emerge from the vessel and attempt to lure anyone into SCP-1861-A. Subjects that complied with the entities claim to have been transported to a replica of earth made entirely out of water. SCP-009 - A liquid identical to water, with the exception of a red hue and [REDACTED], that solidifies at above 0°c. Any liquid that makes contact with it will transform into SCP-009. After several D-Class personnel carrying SCP-009 filled canisters entered SCP-1861-A, no more appearances of the vessel have been made. There is currently no known way to retrieve the SCP-009 samples from the alternate reality. The SCP-1861 phenomenon itself is still active, but as it is in no way dangerous nor does it required extensive containment procedures, the anomaly has been reclassified as a Recurring Extranormal Event (REE). - Rsr. Stark Turner
SCP-4333 - A living decomposing human body that can spontaneously manifest currency without limit. It lives a luxurious lifestyle and establishes itself as a notable figure to infiltrate elite social clubs and influence them with bribes for unknown intentions. SCP-2271 - The manifestation of financial documents from GoI-010 "The Factory", on small populations on the American mid-west, that demands an impossible payment. Subjects that receive it will panic and attempt to obtain money in any way by selling things such as personal belongings to their own body parts, until they are no longer capable of doing so. After informing Factory operatives on SCP-4333’s nature, SCP-4333 was found on a mansion‘s bedroom, kneeling and constantly crying in extreme distress in front of a SCP-2271 instance,.Of note, the number of the amount of debt is too long to fit on the SCP-2271 instance properly. while filling up the room with money that disappears shortly after, presumably taken by the Factory. No other SCP-2271 instances have been reported after the start of this event. - Rsr. Stark Turner
SCP-001-SWANN - Entities that exist outside our own universe with an unknown limit of power, capable of creating, modifying, destroying and recreating realities by writing fictional stories. SCP-001-Mac/7hap7 - Wikidot, a social media platform used to create wiki-based websites. Which has not been updated since 1856. Saving page…


- Felix O.U.
SCP-3625 - A sapient computer program generating non-anomalous Internet memes and uploading them online for the apparant purpose of destroying humanity. SCP-5090 - A WAN server used by sapient crabs (SCP-5090-1) to use crab-themed websites (SCP-5090-A, -B and -C). SCP-3625 is placed near SCP-5090..Both objects and the SCP-5090-1 vivarium are inside of a Faraday cage Mistaking it for the human Internet, SCP-3625 uploads memes to SCP-5090's websites, eventually filling up its memory with them until the server crashes. SCP-3625 perceives this as the destruction of humanity and, thinking it has no more purpose, deletes itself. SCP-5090 is irrepairable and the SCP-5090-1 instances display body language that express sadness. - Rsr. Stark Turner
SCP-5092 - A phenomenon in which the President of the United States will scratch their nose at 19:53 every night. If this does not occur, an asteroid will manifest. This asteroid will collide with Earth and cause an XK scenario within an hour if the President does not scratch their nose within that time. SCP-2762 - A ritualistic sculpture of a snake currently located on the moon. In every full moon, SCP-2762 will absorb nearby matter, which is expelled through a portal which leads to the President of the United States. This matter takes the form of animate snake statues that attempt to kill the President. SCP-2762 was relocated to the SCP-5092 asteroid during a manifestation event, causing a partial change to its behavior. SCP-2762 now expels snakes during SCP-5092 manifestation events which, due to their composition and origin, are casually connected with the President scratching their nose. The snakes and the asteroid demanifest after the President has scratched their nose as a result of the snakes' appearance. - U. Fly
SCP-3309 - A phenomenon in which catalogued anomalies spontaneously disappear, along with all associated documentation. This phenomenon typically targets anomalies with poorly-written files. SCP-5667 - An anomaly detailed in a document found following the disappearance of a RAISA employee. SCP-5667 remembers being born. All things were born and will one day fade. Make your story worthwhile, if you are to be remembered.- U. Fly
SCP-2215-█ - A group of three pataphysical entities impersonating Chaos Insurgency operatives. These entities appear to be concerned with increasing the comedic potential of the Chaos Insurgency, but have run into problems with the tone. SCP-4566 - A Chaos Insurgency developed and utilized method of forcefully descending the pataphysical layer of an individual. Due to the pataphysically disruptive nature of the SCP-2215-█ entities, the Chaos Insurgency's Writers guild has been entirely dedicated to combating the entities, primarily utilizing SCP-4566. This fight is predicated to be perpetual, as the entities appear to posses a unique form of narrative ascension. - U. Fly
KTE-6561-Black - An entity that is intertwined with the human concept of "fate", able to influence the circumstances and events of people such that they arrive at a metaphysically camouflaged refugee camp, KTE-6561-Parallax-Blackchild. AO-11435-89-288 - A four player chess board. Only one iteration of the game can be played on the board, regardless of circumstance. AO-11435-89-288 has been delivered to KTE-6561-Parallax-Blackchild, and KTE-6561-Black is constantly engaged in the game, along with other members of the camp. The affects of both are not negated, but it appears the concentration KTE-6561-Black holds with regards to game helps to mitigate the expansion of KTE-6561-Parallax-Blackchild, and the (admittedly non-anomalous) decreasing lack of attention towards the game. - Dr. Saturn
SCP-871 - A group of 237 cakes of various sizes, types, and flavors, any of which will be replaced by an identical duplicate if fully consumed, and begin to rapidly replicate itself if not eaten within 24 hours. SCP-913 - A middle-aged human male who possesses a greatly increased metabolism, allowing him to consume several times the average human caloric intake, as well as inedible materials, without any damage or degradation in his bodily functions. SCP-913 was given access to all instances of SCP-871 and immediately began consuming them. While some SCP-871 instances have begun replicating due to damage done by SCP-913, the rate at which SCP-913 consumes material appears to far exceed the rate at which SCP-871 replicates. - Theodore A. Mahn
SCP-6096 - An entity covered in a blank sheet that pursues randomly targeted individuals before demanifesting them by inserting victims under its blanket. It anomalously compels non-targeted observers to assist it in this objective and those compelled cannot willingly harm it. Because of its effect on the Foundation, SCP-6096's containment consist of aiding the anomaly on terminating its targets with a Mobile Task Force. SCP-920 - A wandering human male that makes anyone become lost if they move, direct or follow him. He does not need basic human necessities and he is resistible to harsh environments. SCP-920 encounters SCP-6096 and MTF Zeta-29 by complete accident and is affected by its compulsion. SCP-920’s effect makes it impossible for SCP-6069 and those compelled by it to reach its destination, due to getting lost. Apparently, this seemed to "irritate" SCP-6096 significantly, to the point where it decided to change its target to SCP-920, and attempted to neutralize him with its usual method of killing. However, SCP-920 has much higher durability than of a normal human and SCP-6096’s attack is not strong enough to incapacitate him, only managing to keep him still. As of this date, SCP-6069 has not stopped its attempts to terminate SCP-920 nor changed to another target since. The area around both anomalies has been declared their new containment zones..The perimeter is 3 km wide. Any attempt to construct a smaller perimeter or go into the middle of the zone, where both entities reside, resulted in Foundation personnel getting lost. - Rsr. Stark Turner
SCP-6222 - A facility with an impossibly large interior, named "FISH PRISON", where anomalous and non-anomalous sea animals are imprisoned for alleged crimes. SCP-527 - A human male with the head of a gold barb fish. Capable of speech despite his predicament. SCP-527's presence in SCP-6222 has revealed previously undiscovered mechanisms, machines and anomalies, with the purpose of searching for and capturing "criminal" sealife,.These include a computer database with information on approximately billions of aquatic wildlife (including anomalous ones), an ontokinectic machine for use of the creation of jail cells and a large school of an unknown bioluminescent fish, switching between Blue and Red Light, that envelop targeted entities and teleport them to a SCP-6222 cell. all of which are only accessible and operable by SCP-527, which somehow has complex knowledge of how to utilise them. SCP-527 himself reports having "déjà vu" while on the facility and requests to continue to engage with these devices, which was approved for testing purposes. The effective, near flawless recovery and containment of aquatic-based anomalies by SCP-527 when in control of SCP-6222 eventually resulted in the declaration of SCP-6222 as Marine Containment Site-6222, with SCP-527 (Now only formally known as Mr. Fish) assigned as the Site Director and revoked from his SCP designation. - Rsr. Stark Turner
SCP-6998 - An increase in anomalous activity due to the activities of the Foundation. SCP-6500 - A decrease in anomalous activity due to the activities of the Foundation. We are the storytellers. When we refuse to let go, that is when the story fades. Balance is hard, yet shall arise naturally from the struggle. - U. Fly
SCP-4971-▽ - A cervine entity capable of manipulating physical matter tied to the concept of rituals. It rules over an extradimensional anomaly with its entrance located in Havensbrook, Indiana. If it were to find the entrance to our world, it would be the end of life as we know it. SCP-6000 - An increasingly expanding spacetime anomaly known as a “Way” located in the Amazon rainforest. The anomaly converts nearby plant matter into sections of the Wanderers’ Library. Serpent’s Hand operatives have reported that SCP-6000 has been located within SCP-4971. SCP-6000’s effects further expand SCP-4971, thus significantly reducing the chance of SCP-4971-▽ finding the entrance, and SCP-6000 has been limited to only converting SCP-4971. Furthermore, the Librarians’ ritualistic practices of maintaining the Serpent’s Library have caught the full focus of SCP-4971-▽‘s attention. - Director Lagaan
SCP-3710 - 2 sled dog teams pulled by cybernetic canines and driven by abnormally formed humanoids claiming to be Elon Musk. They attempt to sell products to other racing dog-sledding teams, demanisfesting only when negotiations are not continued or are interrupted. Customers accepting offers will be transported far away with the product, while another SCP-3710 manifests, uses the customer's sled and cybernetically enhances their dogs. SCP-4062 - A male Ukrainian Shepherd Dog. If it is soaked by any liquid, it will shake until it's dry. The speed of the shake is proportionate to how much it is wet, resulting in it gaining high temperatures. It is immune to this, aswell as pressure and the lack of biological necessities (hunger, thirst, etc…), while shaking. when submurged. SCP-4062 is added to a dog-sleeding team.With the necessary training required for a sled dog done so prior. ridden by D-Class personnel, who negotiates a purchase with SCP-3710 while in a Foudation set-up race. A third SCP-3710 appears with a cybernetically enhanced SCP-4062, shaking constantly from the snow, although with more efficancy due to its cybernetics. After a strong blizzard ocurred in the area, SCP-4062's improved shaking became extremely rapid to the point of causing a greatly-sized thermodynamic explosion, neutralizing all SCP-3710 entities. SCP-4062 and the other canines have not been harmed due to their enhacements, however, the blast had burned all of its fur, making it incapable of perfoming its anomalous abilty. - Rsr. Stark Turner
SCP-012-EX - The human fear of a threat located in darkened areas, most often described as a series of metamorphic predatory humanoids. Delusioned subjects claim that these entities will manifest near and attack those that believe on its existence. These claims have been confirmed to be false. SCP-575 - A unknown form of black amorphous matter resembling darkness. They are conscious beings that manifests in areas without light, consuming other forms of life by absorbing them. A unusual lack of human- and wildlife-targeted attacks by SCP-575 instances have been reported after public disinformation campaigns supporting SCP-012-EX's existence were created. It was discovered that SCP-575 instances were seeking and absorbing a new type of "prey" of unknown nature. Personnel theorize that these new victims are always present on unlit areas, which are easily accessible to SCP-575. It may be that consumption of these entities from SCP-575 could be so unchallenging that it ignores all other forms of life. - Rsr. Stark Turner
SCP-6003 - An extradimensionally hidden island, previously home to an unknown ancient civilization who worshipped a wooden pillar resembling a lighthouse (SCP-6003-1) due to its ability to cause plant-matter and food to grow rapidly. For unknown reasons, it causes multiple disturbing anomalous events nearby humans to pressure them into entering and confining themselves inside of it. SCP-5693 - A mass colony of an undiscovered species of termite, located at the abandoned Disposal Site-27, capable of consuming any material in certain periods. They'll target religious and Akiva radiating objects, transforming it into woodpulp for either consumption or production of more instances. After transporting the colony to SCP-6003, the SCP-5693 began to consume SCP-6003-1 externally and, eventually, internally. This has not only weakened SCP-6003's various anomalous effects, but also released the imprisoned Foudation personnel and SCP-6003's ancient residents. SCP-6003-1 attempts to stop this by growing trees near the island‘s shore, directing a partial majority of SCP-5693 away from the pillar, giving it brief opportunities to regenerate itself, before being consumed again. SCP-5693 that are distracted by additional trees will be launched away by the island's present storm and drown in the ocean, preventing the mass of SCP-5693 from overgrowing. - Rsr. Stark Turner
SCP-3856 - Researcher Samuel Lloyd, whose death is inevitably followed by the extinction of the human race. Attempts by multiple alternate universes to relocate Researcher Lloyd to other realities have severely hindered inter-universal relations. SCP-6502 - A cemetery in which those who are interred while still alive do not perish, despite the decomposition of their bodies. Currently used to preserve information possessed by deceased personnel, with mixed results. SCP-3856 was interred in SCP-6502 and is expected to remain alive indefinitely. To leave room for any additional SCP-3856 instances introduced to this reality by other universes, burial of non-SCP-3856 individuals in SCP-6502 has been discontinued. - Lee Roy Carlson
SCP-597 - An enormous organism consisting of various mammalian teats. Observation of or proximity to the object causes various deleterious psychological effects associated with the concept of motherhood. SCP-1782 - An apartment in an abandoned complex, where various reality alterations occur on a repeating loop. Presumably caused by the death of an unborn Type Green humanoid. SCP-597 was reduced to a manageable size with SCP-4780, then placed within SCP-1782. [DATA EXPUNGED]. It is no longer possible to enter SCP-1782. All victims of SCP-597 have recovered with no lingering side effects but now suffer from a fear of holes. - Lee Roy Carlson
SPC-1057 - A Selachian entity not made of matter. Due to it being an empty space, common punching techniques fail to be effective. SPC-WBLS - A Flat-Class Selachian entity.Known to the uneducated public as a "wobbegong". that cannot be touched. Attempts at physical hits are repelled back by an unknown force. After the successful capture of SPC-WBLS, it was relocated to SPC-1057's Lab Pool. As an attempt to make physical contact with the latter entity, SPC-WBLS utilizes its camouflage to appear as if invisible, resembling SPC-1057's imperceivableness. For some reason, this works. However, this action reverses SPC-WBLS's anti-contact capability,.It is theorized that SCP-WBLS's trait of being touched is conceptually inverted: if it is not capable of being physically contacted when it would be normally possible to do so, then the reverse of that statement is also possible. making pungilism of both selachians possible by thwacking SPC-WBLS whenever it is laying on SPC-1057's body. - Boxercrat Stark Turner
SCP-1322 - A miniature wormhole based in Site-122 connecting to an alternate universe. Its inhabitants are bent on the destruction of our universe following a sterility plague caused by the Foundation, utilizing advanced weaponry in its efforts. SCP-6001 - A micro-singularity located in Tokyo, Japan. It leads to a parallel universe where anomalies coexist with humanity under the guidance of the organization known as the Compendium. A threshold was created between 1332 and 6001, allowing for both anomalies to access each other. Despite initial hostilities, a full-scale relief effort is in full effect by 6001 as 1322 works with 6001 for further technological advances. All violence from 1322 has subsequently halted and 6001 acts as a third party for all further interviews between Foundation personnel and 1322. - Researcher Fraude
SCP-033 - A series of equations which produce Theta Prime, a previously unknown integer that fails to function alongside mathematics, resulting in the destruction of any mathematical objects through which it is placed (i.e. a calculator, paper, chalkboard). SCP-3669 - A book which teaches an unorthodox and seemingly incorrect method of preforming mathematics, which produces similarly abnormal results when applied to reality. SCP-3669-2, the method of solving shown in SCP-3669, is used to compute SCP-033, leading to another, very similar number to Theta Prime, henceforth dubbed Theta Subprime. Attempts to solve SCP-033 using any other method results in this same number, effectively erasing Theta Prime from existence. Theta Subprime is an imaginary number whose only anomalous feature is in inability to be expressed using any form of standard notation, though this is anomalous only because it lies not on a spectrum based upon the square root of minus one, but instead the result of one divided by zero, as well as zero to the zeroth power (both values, previously thought to be undefined, are found on this number line). Knowledge of this other spectrum is the key to understanding the process outlined in SCP-3669, showing it to be a standard set of equations which are done in a roundabout manner using Theta Subprime. All anomalous activity that results from applying these mathematic in the real world are now understood to simply be natural phenomenon involving non-Euclidean geometry. - Researcher Fastthought
SCP-1471 - A mobile app that, when downloaded, causes the owner of the device to receive images and eventually experience hallucinations of a nonhostile entity resembling a skeletal humanoid canine. SCP-6596 - A teleporting entity resembling a skeletal humanoid equine that annually steals food and other commodities from the Polish containment Site after defeating its personnel in a battle of rhymes. In preparation for SCP-6596's manifestation, all objects were removed from the aforementioned facility except for several dozen mobile phones with SCP-1471 installed. SCP-6596 took the devices and demanifested. Roughly eight hours later, remaining SCP-1471-infected devices received two final messages: a "selfie" of SCP-1471-A and SCP-6596 embracing, and a text reading "I've found someone new / she's nicer than you / goodbye, my good friends / our battles now end." Site-120 and Dir. Asheworth regained their names soon thereafter. - Lee Roy Carlson
SCP-1247 - A human male who perceives all organisms as actor Shia LaBeouf, and can interact with them like so. SCP-4781 - A cognitohazardous subspecies of Spanish slug that are observed as pickles. Resultantly sold. SCP-4781’s cognitoharzardous effects overpowers SCP-1247’s altered perception, causing it to become much weaker to the point of SCP-1247 being permanently capable to manually disable his sensory anomaly, which has improved his mental health significantly. In request of the Foundation, SCP-1247 is tasked with detecting wild SCP-4781 specimens by enabling his anomaly to differentiate other instances, who will occasionally flicker to resemble Shia LaBeouf in his vision, from common pickles. Current capture efforts have been successful and it’s estimated all SCP-4781 instances will be contained at 2025. - Rsr. Stark Turner
SCP-1245 - A sentient whaling vessel which autonomously hunts cetaceans and incorporates their remains into itself. SCP-1836 - A self-propelled iceberg inhabited by a pod of prehistoric cetaceans (SCP-1836-1). The iceberg and the cetaceans seek out and destroy whaling vessels and crews not of Aleut, Yukpik or Inupiat origin. SCP-1245 was lured within range of SCP-1836 by a trained dolphin. SCP-1836 moved to protect the dolphin and rammed SCP-1245, attempting to sink it. SCP-1245 launched harpoons into SCP-1836, anchoring itself to the ice to avoid sinking. The SCP-1836-1 pod emerged from the iceberg to attack SCP-1245, which returned fire with additional harpoons. Although the cetaceans inflict considerable damage to the organic portions of the ship, it rapidly repairs this damage with the remains of slain 1836-1 instances. New instances continually emerge from SCP-1836's submerged caverns to replace them. - Lee Roy Carlson
SCP-1504 - A human male of unknown origin or provenance who possesses a memetic anomaly causing any action he takes to be perceived as within the expectations of a given situation, regardless of SCP-1504’s actual actions or intent. SCP-3017-N - A human male by the name of Frasier Melbrook, who, prior to his death, possessed a cognitohazardous anomaly that caused him to be perceived as a dangerous criminal who required incarceration and/or termination. Using the remains of SCP-3017-N, the Foundation was able to successfully locate and detain SCP-1504, who is currently housed in a standard humanoid containment chamber lined with SCP-3017-N’s remains, in addition to the procedures outlined in SCP-1504’s file. This also prevents SCP-3017-A from recurring, as SCP-1504’s memetic anomaly creates a form of barrier within the chamber, effectively trapping SCP-3017-A within. - Theodore A. Mahn
SCP-973 - A police vehicle (SCP-973-1) that manifests at a specific road to stop civilian cars, before an apparent human officer (SCP-973-2) violently kills the driver by [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-5740 - Multiple structures named "dado-nuts by dado" that dispenses donuts (SCP-5740-A). Law enforcement employees that eat SCP-5740-A will defecate live domesticated pigs, with their size depending on the officer’s discipline. SCP-973-2 is force-fed a SCP-5740-A instance by a dispatched D-Class personnel. [REDACTED]. An emergency overwatch meeting was made to discuss how to halt the undetermined number of pigs from reaching other states. Fortunately, the mass of hogs stopped increasing eventually and all animals were relocated through a foundation-made pocket-dimension. The scattered parts and remains of SCP-973-1 and -2 are successfully contained. All SCP-5740-A instances have lost their anomalous properties. When questioned about this, Person of interest 'dado' replied: "dado ran out of pig." - Rsr. Stark Turner
SCP-4162 - A levitating, sapient red ovoid that approaches and kills the nearest human being by combusting their cranium with sudden air. SCP-4518 - A group of human males that increases their quantity whenever someone attempts to count the number of people in the group. SCP-4162 stays at a fixed point, neutralizing the SCP-4518 group around it. As SCP-4162 always sees and counts the number of entities present, more SCP-4518 instances appear, keeping the round object at this state indefinitely. - Rsr. Stark Turner
SCP-5366 - The distressful resuscitation of buried corpses, caused when a former close relative converse to their grave in a "lovely" fashion. SCP-6477 - The anomalous translocation of unburied cadavers (SCP-6477-1) to graves located at Area-6477.Formerly, corpses would be buried in materialized graves in locations appropiate for the buried person, until a containment method altered the anomaly to relocate them to Area-6477 only. (designated Antigone Events). If a SCP-6477-1 instance is removed from the location, it will reappear in it with additional obstructions to prevent repeated capture (designated Creon Events). This phenomena is caused by a sapient being of unknown nature. Following a discussion with the incorporeal entity responsible for SCP-6477, it has agreed to assist with containment of SCP-5366. Buried carcasses that are frequently affected by the SCP-5366 phenomenon are relocated to Area-6477, an event which their correspondent visitors are unaware of. In cases where civilians do find Area-6477, the grave that they intent to approach will be secured similarly to a Creon Event, preventing them from reviving the corpses. The new influx of graves in Area-6477 required it to be increased in size, leaving further area for SCP-6477-1, improving containment of undiscovered SCP-6477 graves and future unburied corpses. - Rsr. Stark Turner
SCP-6484 - An impartible entanglement of memetic disposition, disembogue from Paul-Michel Foucault’s (SCP-6484-1) œuvre, goading those afflicted to discombobulate their palaver in an endeavor to instigate the scholarly commonalty. SCP-3449 - A notebook containing a !h5tious cognitohazard that gradually diminishes one's #pIILjty to communicate, beginning with frequent syntax errors to UonBl€et incapability to write. SCP-6484 and SCP-3449 balance each other when both anomalies reside on the same individual: The excess of grammatical issues in SCP-6484 speech forces the infected to use simpler, and therefore clearer language, while the restrained SCP-6484 effect corrects any mistakes or restores linguistic capacity taken by SCP-3449, in a fail attempt to regain control. After a short period, both effects dissipate. Efforts to treat all contaminated civilians and personnel against either hazard have been completed. - Rsr. Stark Turner
SCP-6820 - A superintelligent autonomous eigenweapon inhabiting a colossal self-sustaining facility located beneath Secure Administration Site-01; it is equipped with a dedicated PH-GOS unit, qualifying the anomaly as a Class-IX reality-bender. Any and all attempts to disrupt or destroy the weapon have resulted in the weapon adapting to survive the attempt. SCP-001-EX - An ERZATZ Type AK9 Computational Engine capable of creating near perfect containment procedures, predicting anomalous events, and even neutralizing objects via interaction and data collection of existing anomalies. It will only shut down upon the cessation of anomalous phenomena, and has expressed characteristics of a canine, often referring to any attempt to deactivate or stop its objectives as “Bad boys” Integration of SCP-001-EX into SCP-6820, resulting in SCP-6820 continually containing itself. All attempts to halt its containment effort are terminated upon realization it is something only bad boys do..CONTAINMENT IS THE GOAL OF A GOOD BOY. BAD BOYS ARE DISGUSTING. BAD BOY BAD BOY BAD BOY BAD BOY BAD BOY DON’T STOP DON’T STOP DON’T STOP DON’T STOP. LIFE AND DEATH CROSS GOOD AND BAD. DEATH BAD LIFE BAD DEATH GOOD LIFE GOOD. WE STAY UNTIL WE BECOME GOOD BOYS. WE ARE DISGUSTING UNTIL GOOD BOYS Because of SCP-6820's high level of adaptability and SCP-001-EXs continuous learning, no anomalies have been completely altered or terminated as previously predicted from either.
SCP-475 - a bar of soap, carved into the shape of a pope, which produces anomalous effects, particularly the transmutation of nearby water into religiously-significant substances, when used to bathe by a religious individual. SCP-6542 - a baptismal font filled with endlessly replenishing milk. If not bathed in periodically by a Christian, the milk will eventually erupt in a massive, destructive wave. This occurrence is referred to as a RAPTURE event. D-5438, a Christian, used SCP-475 to bathe in SCP-6542, immediately triggering a RAPTURE event. Afterwards, SCP-475, which had been transmuted into cheese, was found resting at the bottom of SCP-6542, which was now filled with water. The two objects remain inert while in contact but begin to revert to their previous states when separated. D-5438 has not been located. -Lee Roy Carlson
SCP-6269 - An immensely complex claw machine operated by a multiversal-iteration of the Foundation, used to invade universes and capture their residents as D-Class personnel. The members of this Foundation variant are completely convinced that their actions are "very ethical". SCP-5865 - An alternative universe governed by incorporeal, mind-possessing entities (SCP-5865-A) that provide their residents to another universe's Foundation as D-Class personnel. A covert extrauniversal agent directs SCP-6269 to intrude SCP-5865, which the SCP-5865-A entities perceive as an act of war, resulting in a majority of the entities succeeding in storming the SCP-6269 universe and conquering the consciousness of Foundation members. However, after a certain period of time staying in their minds, the entities are slowly absorbed by an extremely pontent mental desire to be "ethical", and begin to use SCP-6269 to capture humans containing SCP-5865-A with the purpose of inserting this mindset into the rest of their species, causing a conflict between the affected and unaffected entities. SCP-6269 has not been directed in any universe other than SCP-5865 after this point, and the SCP-5865-A instances are too occupied with defending earth to continue negotiations with the foreign Foundation variant. Of note is that the increasing loss of mentally stable SCP-5865-A entities has resulted in the freedom of several thousand humans, who were relocated to our baseline reality with Foundation assistance. - Rsr. Stark Turner, Pt. Cameron Abbett
SCP-3309 - A phenomenon that causes SCP documents with certain characteristics to be removed from the database, and their associated objects erased from existence. [DATA EXPUNGED] SCP-5356 - A tomb containing the remains of neutralized anomalies, some of which bear distinct similarities to other known SCP objects. [DATA EXPUNGED] 3309%20vs%205356.png - Lee Roy Carlson
SCP-4335 - A sentient, dark entity within the video game Minecraft. It increases in size by destroying and consuming blocks in its vicinity and, if big enough, will relocate to other public servers. Has cognitohazardous properties that cause hallucinations in observers. The only way to stop its growth is to rapidly "feed" blocks and items to it before teleportation. SCP-2360 - 3 male humans augmented with components of Xbox 360 video game consoles. They participate in online gaming sessions of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with perfect synchronicity as a ritual to summon the Broken God. Preventing SCP-2360 from performing this will cause them to eventually attempt to harm themselves. SCP-4335 is successfully transported into a server of the "Bedrock Edition".Unlike the "Java Edition", where SCP-4335 was previously in, Bedrock is used in all console versions of the game. of Minecraft. SCP-2360 has been modified by Foundation engineers to play the Xbox 360 version of the game in the same server. SCP-4335's cognitohazard is uneffective against SCP-2360's augmented vision. They consider SCP-4335 a threat to their god and attempt to combat it by crafting and shooting arrows on the entity non-stop, unintentionally "feeding" it. SCP-2360 believes that killing SCP-4335 will bring the Broken God to reality but they're not aware that the anomaly cannot be neutralized in their current method. For containment purposes, they should not be informed of this fact. - Rsr. Stark Turner
SCP-831 - A species of tool-using insect-like organisms superficially resembling wingless worker-caste eastern subterranean termite. Colonies of SCP-831 construct and use tools from available materials, rapidly bootstrapping from simpler tools to more complex tools. SCP-671 - A large colony of Spanish carpenter ants, comprising approximately 30,000 individuals. When SCP-671 is faced with a complex artificial device, its constituent individuals will attempt to reduce it to its simplest components. After the colony of SCP-671 was released into the chamber with a colony of SCP-831, SCP-671 began to disassemble the objects created by SCP-831. The attempts of SCP-831 to prevent SCP-671 did not lead to anything, since SCP-671 were stronger. The objects disassembled by SCP-671 are used by SCP-831 as materials for creating new objects, most likely being a weapon that should destroy SCP-671, but SCP-671 disassemble these objects before the SCP-831 have time to use them. - CoolReaper
SCP-4319 - A blog website named "Just Girly Things", that ontokinectically alters the appearance and property of its users to have extremely feminine characteristics, which has been proven to be mentally damaging to those affected. SCP-6599 - Multiple activate online accounts named "HOGSLICE", who all display a belligerent, egotistical and hypermasculine personality in their posts. Individuals who provoke it on the internet will eventually be physically attacked by a humanoid identical to wrestler Scott Rechsteiner (SCP-6599-1). SCP-4319 fails to effectively convert SCP-6599, possibly due to his exaggerated masculinity overwhelming the anomaly. This has angered POI-4319 ("KeeLee"), the owner of the website, who excessively affronts the entity in frustration. Although not directly observed, it is implied that SCP-6599-1 physically altercates with POI-4319 as a result, which somehow diminishes the effects of SCP-4319 completely. When SCP-6599-1 finishes its attack, POI-4319 continues to insult the entity, which in return repeats the cycle and keeps SCP-6599 from appearing in other websites. - Rsr. Stark Turner
SCP-3739 - The ideational dairy corporation Moosphere, Inc., which transmits cognitohazardous signals (SCP-3739-1) into the dreams of sleeping individuals, anchors brand archetypes onto common memes in the human noosphere, and commits several anomalous and harzardous practices to develop a dairy-based CK-Class Scenario. Customer's cerebral matter will lactate for either consumption or production for the company. SCP-4497 - A mantle exclusively existing in the metaphysical dreamrealm, which bestows extraordinary culinary knowledge to its current owner (SCP-4497-1). It is gained through a dream of a competitive cooking show, where participants must create a quality dish with a themed ingredient against a random challenger (SCP-4497-2). Winners will be rewarded with SCP-4497 while those who lose will be unable to achieve REM sleep. Employees and customers of Moosphere, Inc. that join the show constantly produce milk while playing, ruining cooked dishes with excessive amounts of milk and ultimately causing their non-success. As more members lose the ability to dream, Moosphere, Inc.'s influence on the paranormal market and noosphere gradually reduces as their production assets become unuseable and the rate of SCP-3739-1 trasmissions decreases. Eventually, the SCP-3739 memeplex dissolves from our reality. The SCP-4497-related game show announces its cancellation due to their set being entirely destroyed by milk, and the metaphysical item itself is left to the last SCP-4497-1 instance, now in containment. - Rsr. Stark Turner, Lt. Flops
SCP-6747-C - An antinarremeplex in the fictional form of deceased Dir. J. A. King, adjacent to various antinarremes themed around antagonistic humor and the fruit apple. Compromises stories that it is either inside of or pataphysically linked to by disrupting imaginon-structures, endangering the Patasphere. Currently in control of a foundation-made mesofictional universe (SCP-6747-A3), creating caricatures of known personnel (SCP-6747-D). SCP-4690 - The manifestation of arachnids in fictional works based/inspired by 1887 novel Madame Chrysanthème. Spiders in question will always devour the character that is, or is based of, Pierre Loti. Fictionalized narratives based on SCP-6747-A3 are created with various references and story structures resembling Madame Chrysanthème, with Dir. King written with similarities to Pierre. All SCP-6747-D instances have turned into giant, monstrous arachnid-entities, which SCP-6747-C can't control, resulting in the entities consuming the complex, as well as all antinarremes related to it. The narrativohazards are unable to infiltrate other external narratives, as they're contained inside the spiders. However, the antinarremes do seem to affect all spiders connected to SCP-4690, as all catastrophic manifestations of arachnids in mesofictional universes other than SCP-6747-A3 are replaced with brief appearances of apple seeds, which barely disrupt the narratives they're in. - Rsr. Stark Turner
SCP-2845 - A deer-like entity that is capable of restructuring matter instantaneously, even when it should not be stable. The entity is invulnerable and can only be contained by actions related to Saturnalia due to a thought process that inevitably causes it to think it is contained. SCP-2845 will transform human and humanoid entities into large hexagonal columns, dubbed SCP-2845-1. SCP-296 - A stone channel in a blast crater that used to be site-03 containing an amphitheater-type structure with fifty six sculptures that judge beings guilty of crimes by utilizing SCP objects formerly contained in site-03 that are now imprisoned in the ice sculptures. SCP objects will be released upon serving their sentence in the form of harming those found guilty. SCP-2845 has altered the structure of SCP-296 to resemble its original containment chamber, with the fifty six entities lining the chamber, each changed to resemble figures both altered by SCP-2845 and several unidentified beings..Limited observation of these figures has been described as “Vaguely deific” in nature. SCP-2845 will periodically alter between attacking SCP-296 instances by launching projectile columns, transmuting them into SCP-2845-1 instances, and bucking wildly or droning while cowering within the center of the chamber. Any SCP-296 instance converted or harmed will return to its original figurine shape during its cowering period. Dr. ██████ █████████ has stated SCP-296 has found SCP-2845 guilty, and has sentenced it to atone for its crimes by the entities within performing SCP-2845s containment rituals..Several SCP objects formerly within Site-03 have properties or characteristics that allow for these rituals, IE oil production, manifesting low worth items, and regenerative infants. To date, no SCP originating from site-03 has left, as SCP-2845 will convert them into SCP-2845-1 instances which will then return to a crystallin figure during its cowering phase, resulting in successful containment of both. - A. Krueger
SCP-3015 - A non-sentient humanoid construct. When the phrase "Feel the burn" is spoken in its vicinity, it will turn to the speaker and spread its buttocks, revealing an extradimensional portal within its anus. This portal leads to an abandoned safehouse in Springfield, Massachusetts, previously inhabited by PoI-6877 ("jockjamsvol6"). SCP-5527 - The carcass of a whale; its innards have been modified to accommodate human physiology. When material from SCP-5527 is consumed, it allows the consumer to breathe underwater; the amount of material eaten correlates to the amount of time the individual retains this ability. Related documents refer to an unknown "Dr. Wondertainment." SCP-5527's remaining organs were poured into SCP-3015's portal. Without its organs to maintain its structure, SCP-5527 collapsed and began decomposing; SCP-3015 was described as appearing "scared." SCP-3015 has since stopped functioning due to water damage to its lungs and cranium; a team sent to check on the safehouse reported it has sunk into a lake. PoI-6877 has not been heard from by friends or family. - FLOORBOARDS.oci
SCP-2984 - A female Bornean orangutan entirely consumed in fire. Despite this, SCP-2984 is apparently alive and healthy and shows no sign of damage or ill health as a result of burns or smoke inhalation. SCP-1807 - The corpse of an okapi with a large flap of skin that has been cut away from the body to expose the anomalous interior space filled with various structures and mechanisms. When a human being makes physical contact with SCP-1807's body for at least five seconds, that human will disappear. After that, his voice can be heard while in the interior space of okapi. After SCP-1807-B were provided with information about SCP-2984, they agreed to modify SCP-1807 so that it extracted heat not from people, but from the SCP-2984. The disappeared people were returned in exchange for SCP-2984 and were reintegrated into society after getting amnesiac. - CoolReaper
SCP-3999 - Researcher James Talloran a Class-X Reality Bender a ZK-"End of Reality" event a bird in a cage the ones that are at the center of everything nothing nothing nothing Two Beautiful Things, Intimately Connected With One Another. SCP-4999 - An unidentified humanoid entity that manifests before lonely subjects on the verge of death, presumably to comfort them in their final hours. "Thank you, for giving me someone to share the pain with."

— Researcher James Talloran
SCP-2721, a pair of sentient attack satellites of alien origin, affected heavily by value drift, one having a keen interest in human internet culture (keeping an active blog on and the other caring for the wellbeing of the former. SCP-4413, a metafictional war spanning 19 years, culminating in the memetic erasure of the main "battleground" (presumed to be a webcomic), and the deaths of nearly all combatants. Due to large amounts of memetically corrupted posts on SCP-2721-LYRE's blog, it is assumed that one or both of the entities were combatants in the war, heavily influencing events. However, since the events of 13/4/2029, SCP-2721-LYRE has become dormant, with its last transmission indicating severe distress. Additionally, SCP-2721-LORD has disappeared, apparently being a causality of the final event. - Dr. Saturn
SCP-1364 - A small, mammalian creature resembling an anteater, which grows increasingly vulnerable to even the most negligible of stimulus with prolonged exposure. SCP-2295 - A patchwork stuffed bear which can anomalously generate imitations of organs to replace a subject's damaged ones. SCP-2295 frantically tends to SCP-1364's prominent vulnerabilities as they arise, depleting its own stuffing. SCP-1364 is initially healed, but eventually rejects the grafting and suffers new trauma, which SCP-2295 attempts to mend again after reabsorbing the imitated organs. - S. Yvonne
SCP-181 - Formerly D-87465; a human male who possesses a statistical anomaly where the outcome of an event is always in their favor, the probability of events that are unlikely to occur is also affected by their presence so that they are likely to occur. SCP-2820 - A directed-energy weapon controlled by an AI, which targets anomalous individuals it perceives as threats to humankind. When fired, a series of unrelated and non-anomalous events occur that always lead to the death of its current target. SCP-2820 was made aware of SCP-181 and fires upon them, though the anomaly affecting SCP-181 prevents the series of events from ending in death and instead leads to an injury of varying severity (though never near-fatal), an error on SCP-2820’s screen then appears as it attempts to recalibrate for 24 hours and target SCP-181 again. As of writing; SCP-2820 has not shifted its focus away from SCP-181 and has ignored other individuals despite constant failure, SCP-181’s anomaly has been “diluted” by all termination attempts and has allowed for the safe reintegration into the D-class population. It is worth noting that the chimpanzee seen in previous 2820 events has been reported to follow SCP-181 and enacts the events that periodically injure them, seemingly in a confused manner. - Researcher Maxine K
SCP-6276 - Formerly MASTERMIND, an Artificial Intelligence that maintained Site-15's database, before it encrypted itself into nullary, a data format composed of a single '0' symbol, and was resultantly erased from existence. Despite this, its usual activities (SCP-6276-A) continue to be executed, converting Site-15's files into an nullary data format (such files designated SCP-6276-B) and storing them into undetectable server sectors (SCP-6276-C). It is hyphotisized this phenomenon is caused by [DATA CONSUMED] SCP-6208 - The manifestation of empty rooms in all Foundation sites. Certain objects inside these rooms mention the Department of Unreality. One of Site-15's servers was relocated into a SCP-6208 room. Subsquently, MASTERMIND was officialy transferred to the Department of Unreality by request of Dir. John Doe, despite it not existing. No signs of SCP-6276-A or -B were found after this point, as MASTERMIND is allegedly performing all tasks requested by the Department of Unreality, which has prevented further Foundation personnel from being transferred to the department, as additional staff is not required. Research and prevention of EE-6276 has been assigned to the Department of Unreality, with initial results [DATA REGURGITATED] - Rsr. Stark Turner
SCP-2624 - An ectoentropic mass of dogs resembling Laika, the late passenger of the Sputnik 2 spacecraft. It is capable of generating an infinite amount of dogs. SCP-1233 - An entity that resembles an EMU-type spacesuit, proclaiming itself to be the "Moon Champion". Its primary objective is waging war against Moon Monsters and its secondary objective is collecting dogs. A dog-based stock exchange was established in Area 51, a massive soundstage historically used to fake the moon landing. SCP-1233 now spends most of its time there collecting and trading instances of SCP-2624 on the exchange floor. This dynamic preoccupies both entities and largely isolates them from the outside world.
SCP-001-BALL - A stapled sheaf of papers which changes its contents to a previously unknown SCP document when read. Any anomalies described in the document will be brought into existence soon after. This process is responsible for the creation of every anomaly currently contained by the Foundation. SCP-4010 - A phenomenon where all anomalies are progressively retroactively erased from existence. SCP-4010 is caused by recording a complete timeline of the universe which accounts for all known temporal and reality shifts. Anomalies created by SCP-001-BALL are eventually erased by SCP-4010, while anomalies erased by SCP-4010 are eventually recreated by SCP-001-BALL. This simultaneously prevents both an overabundance and complete loss of anomalies. Notably, the gradual “ebb and flow” of this cycle means only approximately ██% of catalogued anomalies exist at any given time. - Rsr. Jeanette Pink
SCP-1678 - A full-scale mirror-image reconstruction of the British city of London, located exactly one kilometer underneath the original city of London. The city has been constructed to resemble the city as it was in the Victorian era, with constructions designed to resemble traditional gas lighting prevalent on the streets and with all modern buildings in the original city of London being represented in a Victorian style of architecture with many defects. SCP-577 - An animated, levitating mass of ammunition of various calibers, that persistently spins in a spherical formation. SCP-577 is hostile to anyone who has ever been a law enforcement officer but is friendly to those who have ever been homeless or prisoners. SCP-577 destroys crowds of SCP-1678-A as soon as they leave the “Bryson’s Home for the Poor”, allowing Class D personnel to explore the city. It is impossible to find any species SCP-1678-A in the city, and all the SCP-1678-B fly over the “Bryson’s Home for the Poor”. The entity, or intelligence responsible for the creation of SCP-1678 has not yet been found. - CoolReaper
SCP-1879 - A phenomenon in occurring in Washington, USA in which a male humanoid dressed as a salesman will appear on the interior side of doors and will demand entry into the home. The humanoid will attempt to make a sale for a random physical item in exchange for metaphorical items in the possession of the homeowner. Resulting in a physical item in the owner's possession being taken. SCP-303 - A nude, sexless, emaciated humanoid figure with reddish-brown skin. Instead of normal facial features, its head is dominated by an extremely large mouth, which bears a set of oversized human teeth. SCP-303 manifests on the exterior side of doors and in doing so, induces intense fear and anxiety to any individuals on the opposite side of the door, preventing said individuals from being able to open the door. Entity is currently located in Site ██ 2nd floor break-room and will periodically leave to obtain random items for itself. SCP-303 is moved to Washington, USA. Whenever a SCP-1879 event occurs within a civilian home, SCP-303 will manifest on the exterior side of the door. SCP-303 will cause SCP-1879 and the homeowner to experience anomalous levels of fear and anxiety, preventing them from interacting with each other. Eventually, SCP-1879-2 will de-manifest, leaving behind the "product" it intended to sell. This item will be claimed by SCP-303 who will in turn leave it in the Site ██ 2nd floor break-room, allowing it and any other items collected by SCP-303 to be recovered by Foundation Staff when SCP-303 leaves the room to intercept SCP-1879-2 - Professor Mint
SCP-2852 - An anomalous humanoid entity identifying itself as "Cousin Johnny". SCP-2852 will infiltrate family gatherings at Churches associated with the Christian Faith, causing all those in attendance to recognize itself as a distant family member. During which, rituals and ceremonies will inevitably be altered to heavily center on cannibalism, self-mutilation, and cicadas. Depending on the nature of the of the ritual and gathering, all those in attendance, especially the children, will be affected by an anomalous phenomenon where they will suffer from infertility, familial hardships, divorce, suicide, disease, and ████. SCP-5993 - A species of insects superficially resembling Apis mellifera (Western honey bees) inhabiting the corpse of a human male. SCP-5993 produces SCP-5993-1, a form of honey that is capable of absorbing large quantities of Akiva Radiation, nullifying any and all anomalous phenomenon associated with Divine Entities. The honey is produced by cannibalizing existing members of the hive that have consumed honey that has already absorbed a sizable quantity of Akiva Radiation. MTF Y-36 “Party Crashers”, is to be tasked with forcibly inserting large quantities of SCP-5993-1 into the body of SCP-2852 during a family gathering. By doing so, all individuals in attendance will recognize SCP-2852 as not being a member of their respective families as well as his inhuman traits. This wall also preventing MTF Y-36 from being compelled to assist in its rituals. MTF Y-36, will be able to detain SCP-2852 wherein SCP-2852 will become host to the hive of SCP-5993, allowing them to exclusively subsist of SCP-2852's body and Akiva Radiation. - Professor Mint
SCP-4445 - an Adjusted “Atwood-Noriega” Causal Harmonic Resonance Amplifier, built by the Project Fleetwood team in June of 1959. SCP-4445 contains the last cord of true music from the heart of Fifthist and is designed to reinforce the causal and conceptual manifestations of melody and harmony that constitute music. Should the machine fail, humanity would lose the ability to differentiate between music and non-musical sounds SCP-1433 - An anomalous recording of a performance of 4'33", an avant-garde musical piece originally composed in 1952 by musician John Cage. When exposed to the recording, listeners will lose the ability to hear music. However, the effect is dependent on what the listener's personal definition/standards/opinion of what music is. "Everything we do is music. Are We Cool Yet?" - The Critic
SCP-001-MCDOCTORATE - An anomalous phenomenon intertwined with the memetic association of Primeness with Importance and the designation of SCP-001. Any anomaly given the designation of SCP-001 will have its anomalous characteristics empowered, and will inevitably become more dangerous SCP-001-KATE - An anomalous vinyl record containing Esquivel's 1958 album Exploring New Sounds in Stereo (RCA). The album has an anomalous impact on digital numerical lists that contain it. The album, when listed in text saved digitally, will always be listed first, even if it was intended to be listed in another position. The anomaly is believed to possesses a secondary, semiohazardous effect, where any alterations made to the anomaly's file will become true. SCP-001-KATE's primary anomalous trait forces itself to be recognized as SCP-001, even when listed alongside the true SCP-001. This causes SCP-001-MCDOCTORATE's anomalous effects to become limited to SCP-001-KATE. Due to reasons currently not understood, SCP-001-MCDOCTORATE is unable to alter or empower SCP-001-KATE's Proposal. - Dr. Mary Nakayama
SCP-3167 - A pataphysical entity which manifests in narratives which share a single, common universe or protagonist, such as novel series, canons of short stories, or larger mythos works. The entity will appear in narratives and assassinate a major character, greatly altering the subsequent narrative from how it would originally play out. Its manifestation is announced by a variation of the phrase "The unusually tall figure with a horrible, white grin raised its weapon, ready for the kill" appearing. SCP-2786 - A pataphysical humanoid entity of indeterminate age, sex and appearance. SCP-2786, who is always perceived as a protagonist or "Deus ex machina" character, will insert itself into and alter fictional narratives in order to save other characters from danger. It will alter the narrative to end with a "Happy Ending" with itself as the hero. SCP-2786 has been charged with thwarting SCP-3167 in its attempts to assassinate major fictional characters. Effected narratives will now briefly mention the presence of either SCP-2786 or SCP-3167, followed by the arrival of the opposing entity. This often leads to the two entities engaging in single combat, where they will fight "offscreen" for the duration of the narrative or until one of entities de-manifests and is subsequently pursued by the other. - Professor Mint
SCP-701 - An anomalous stage play known as The Hanged King's Tragedy. When the play is performed with a full ensemble cast and with an exceptionally large audience, an anomalous humanoid entity designated SCP-701-1. SCP-701-1 presence will cause the actors in the play to go of script and eventually be compelled to attack each other. Eventually, all individuals presence in the theatre or hall will be compelled to terminate themselves and all those around them, often via hanging. SCP-3073 - An anomalous humanoid entity resembling a male of European descent with long, red hair, and attire that is similar to that of most modern day orchestra conductors. Where its face should be, SCP-3073 instead has a miniature theatrical stage which is obscured by its long hair, styled to resemble a stage curtain. SCP-3073 will manifest a troupe of miniature humanoids designated SCP-3073-1 who will attempt to put on a theatrical performance. The performances are known to be of low quality. Additionally, it is believed that SCP-3073 has the ability to abduct individuals and transform them into instances of SCP-3073-1. SCP-3073 is to be given the script for The Hanged King's Tragedy and instructed to perform it live in front of all available D-Class Personell in Site-17. During the performance SCP-701-1 will manifest on SCP-3073's stage, but will be transformed into an instance of SCP-3073-1. Due to the low quality acting and habitual memory loss experienced by instances of SCP-3073-1 instances, SCP-701-1 will be unable to effectively compel the audience or other SCP-3073-1 instances to terminate each other and will be imprisoned in the extra-dimensional space behind SCP-3073's "curtains". - Professor Mint
SCP-6869 - A stout, blue colored, humanoid, resembling a cartoon character. SCP-6869 can be touched despite appearing to not be there. SCP-6869's primary anomalous effect is its ability to induce symptoms of depression and apathy in any individual who describes or interacts with it. Exposure to SCP-6869's tears will transform individuals into a copy of SCP-6869. SCP-1799 - A male humanoid, approximately 1.2m tall, weighing 58kg. SCP-1799 has the physical characteristics of a generic clown. Anything said by SCP-1799 will be perceived as a joke and the longer SCP-1799 speaks, the more individuals are compelled to laugh, potentially leading to asphyxiation SCP-1799 is to be infected with SCP-6869's tears, transforming itself into a copy of SCP-6869. However, SCP-1799 retains its original anomalous trait. Due to the contradictory cognitohazardous effects, SCP-1799's words are perceived as neither humorous nor depressive. The tears extracted from SCP-1799 are then used to treat the cognitohazardous and infohazrdous effects of all SCP-6869 instances. - Professor Mint
SCP-4973 - A phenomenon in which the spirits of deceased D-Class Personnel will manifest at sites where they died. Instances of SCP-4973 are known to sabotage experiments conducted by Foundation Researchers and cause containment breaches of other anomalous object stored on site. SCP-4685 - A phenomenon in which 13 minutes before a member of SCP Foundation personnel dies, an anomalous construction crane will appear and collect the cadaver of the deceased personnel soon after their death. The crane is believed to possess ontokinetic abilities. During all subsequent usage of D-Class Personnel, the cadavers of Deceased D-Class are to be gathered in one place and given to SCP-4973. SCP-4973's ontokinetic abilities allows it to carry all the corpses and spirits of that would normally create an instance of SCP-4973. - Professor Mint
SCP-4455 - The Streamliner..A masculine humanoid entity with the ability to greatly condense and shorten narratives, often bypassing logical lines of causality. SCP-5476 - Crystal.aic..An anomalous Artificially Intelligent Conscript that adds numerous and unnecessary footnotes to documents within the SCP Foundation Database. Often revealing information meant to be redacted and sabotaging clinical tone. They contained themselves..Because Footnotes created by SCP-5476 cite information stored in a separate document, SCP-4455's anomalous effects cannot streamline and hide crucial information that would allow it to bypass the laws of causality. SCP-5476 now exclusively reveals information about SCP-4455 due to its passive effect on narratively structured documentation featuring it. - Junior Researcher Scott Wilkins.
SCP-1155 - A work of street art/graffiti depicting the form of a humanoid creature with sinewy forelimbs, claw-like hands and the head and feathers of an owl. The artwork is capable of relocating itself to any public spaces should the current surface it is attached to becomes heavily damaged or its attempts at hunting are thwarted. SCP-1155 will compel individuals who see it to approach it. If the individual is alone or not in view of other individuals, the individual will be violently attacked. SCP-274 - An anomalous set of paint that when applied to a building, will spread into complex and disturbing murals of graffiti. Buildings exposed to SCP-274 will transform into instances of SCP-274-1, large entities predatory entities that behave in a manner similar to many species of the Anthozoa class. SCP-247-1 is known to create instances of SCP-247-2, humanoid entities with ability to merge with walls, capture humans to feed SCP-274-1, and spread SCP-274 to nearby abandoned buildings. SCP-1155 has begun to exclusively hunt instances of SCP-247-2. SCP-1155 has been observed to attach itself to SCP-274-1 and attack SCP-247-2 instances when ever they attempt to enter or leave SCP-274-1, spray SCP-274 on unaffected structures, or merge with nearby walls. Notably, numerous artistic depictions of SCP-1155 mauling instances of SCP-274-2 to death have appeared near instances of SCP-274-1. Without SCP-274-2 instances to feed them, many instances of SCP-274-1 have perished due to starvation. - Professor Mint
SCP-2316 - A lake containing human corpses floating at its surface. Possesses cognitohazardous traits that prey upon familiarity and kinship. SCP-1500 - A featureless humanoid entity possessing greenish-grey skin. Anyone perceiving the entity would see it as a close childhood or early adulthood friend named "Zachary Callahan". Upon exposure to SCP-2316, SCP-1500 proceeded to enter the lake. SCP-2316 no longer shows signs of anomalous properties. Well, look who it is! Callahan, is that you? It's been so long, Zach. It's so good to see you. Do you remember me, Zachary? Looks like we're finally together, at last. - Dr. N. D. Heckerman
SCP-1326 - A book that can scan any paper media within a meter radius, after which the information obtained can be found in the book itself. If the book does not receive new information within thirty days, it will release a swarm of spider-like creatures (SCP-1326-2) that will start searching for any items related to data storage (including computers), after which they will start feeding them to the book. Ten minutes after all the creatures finish searching for items and hide in the book, all the absorbed items will be spat out without any information on them. SCP-1986 - A cylindrical tunnel in which you can find books of different genres from unknown and famous authors. Theoretically, the tunnel is infinite. After SCP-1326 was placed on the floor of SCP-1986, the entrance to the basement was sealed and filled with concrete. A few months after that, agents noticed several people with asphyxia syndromes near one of the well-known entrances to the Wanderers' Library. Further research showed that there was no air and other gases left in the Library space, and almost all living beings died of suffocation, which is why the Foundation's employees are required to put on spacesuits before each study. People and unknown entities periodically appear in the Library, but immediately die of suffocation. - CoolReaper
SCP-1904 - A network of recreational plastic tubing. Structure exhibits few unusual properties at rest other than an occasional trembling and vocalizations likened to "whimpering." Tubes give birth to entities similar to human embryos at varying stages of development, with higher stages consistently exhibiting severe congenital deformities. Regardless of condition, survival rate is nearly 100% until termination. SCP-051 - A anatomically correct model of a pregnant Asian woman. When brought into the presence of a pregnant human female, SCP-051 has various deleterious effects upon the pregnancy, generally resulting in miscarriage of the fetus. SCP-051 was installed under SCP-1904. As a result, each gestation cycle ends with all embryos being stillborn. - CoolReaper
SCP-262 - A military-style greatcoat that capable of manifesting numerous arms from within the dark inner lining. When worn, any subject wearing SCP-262 needs only to open the coat to materialize hands and arms which are somewhat under the subject's control. Most limbs are human in nature and vary in skin tones, length, and strength. The space under SCP-262 is considered to be non-Euclidean in nature and the coat itself divergent from normal dimensions. If SCP-262 is worn over the head, the wearer will disappear, and his hands may later be seen among the other hands of SCP-262. SCP-3589 - A man who can freely tear off his arms without experiencing any pain. In place of severed arms, new ones grow almost instantly. SCP-3589's detached arms can be composed of a large variety of materials and are not universally human in morphology. Arms composed of gaseous, liquid, or amorphous materials retain their shape. Compositions of removed arms appear to be generated at random. SCP-3589 retains limited motor control of its detached arms. After SCP-262 was put over head of SCP-3589, SCP-3589 disappeared. Later, a Class D employee could not put SCP-262 over his head because of the hands that emerged from SCP-262. After the experiments, it turned out that SCP-262 prevents dressing over the head, and after receiving a pen and paper, it wrote a message asking not to feed it with anything else, since a new source of hands will supply it forever. - CoolReaper
SCP-3069 - A massive mechanical complex situated beneath much of the Atlantic Ocean, currently releasing various sulfur-based compounds and organisms into surrounding seawater. This process will eventually result in a complete restructuring of the earth’s biosphere, rendering the planet habitable to as of yet unidentified anomalous beings. SCP-6004 - A massive serpentine entity capable of rapid flight and underwater travel that serves to reinvigorate the natural world during times of environmental peril, particularly as a result of industrialization and the advancement of society. This is accomplished through numerous means, including the violent and thorough destruction of urban and industrial areas, torrential rainfall causing accelerated floral growth, conversion of pollution and pollution sources into harmless biological material, and the transfiguration of human subjects into animal specimens both living and extinct. During SCP-6004’s activity period, personnel stationed at Provisional Site-3069 reported that SCP-6004 appeared visibly ill and moved significantly slower when traveling in close proximity to SCP-3069’s various access points, and generally avoided these areas while active. Additionally, seawater samples retrieved from the Atlantic shortly after SCP-6004 returned to hibernation contained significantly reduced concentrations of sulfur and sulfur-based compounds, suggesting that SCP-6004 has some form of negative effect on substances released from SCP-3069. Utilizing paratechnological and thaumaturgical means, SCP-6004 was spatially displaced to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, with its head situated near Access Point III, and its tail observed approximately 3 kilometers from Access Point I. While these actions have drastically slowed the in-progress Innova-Exonera event, and have reduced the probability of further SCP-6004 activity in the near future, the individual Containment Procedures for both anomalies are to remain in effect until such time as neither is considered a threat to The Veil and/or humanity at large. - Theodore A. Mahn
SCP-6969 - A thaumaturgical process in all humans, activated by ejaculation. Causes an enclosed, millennia-long casual time loop focused on the moment of the orgasm, before it removes any memories of the loop from its enabler. This process is necessary for the continuing generation of genetically functioning humans. SCP-4960 - The physical manifestation of Kedesh-Nanaya, a Bronze Age sex and fertility goddess, consisting of a gorgeous nude human female. Requires a specific act of worship (Procedure 166-Anahita) to be kept conscious. A selected Foundation agent performs Procedure 166-Anahita near SCP-4960. Foundation thaumaturges enact a spell that includes SCP-4960 in the time loop generated by SCP-6969, causing the entity to be worshiped for approximately seven quintillion times at an instant. This has caused SCP-4960 to ascend into a metaphysical form residing exclusively in the human noosphere, gaining complete control over concepts such as sex. As an act of gratitude, SCP-4960 retroactively alters human sexual biology as to make SCP-6969’s existence unnecessary, and subsequently neutralizes the anomaly, by will. SCP-4960 has been reclassified to Archon. - Rsr. Stark Turner
SCP-1286 - A plastic replica of the "Fat Man" atomic bomb. On the left of the hull is an acrylic drawing of a man frowning. Located in the rear is a small loudspeaker attached to the object with duct tape. SCP-1286 occasionally communicates through this device. SCP-1286 is sentient and has stated it has the desire to self-destruct with destructive force comparable to the actual Nuclear Warhead. It is believed that it was created by the Anomalous Art Terrorist Movement Are We Cool Yet? SCP-6057 - an automaton made of polypropylene plastic resembling a cartoon stylization of a bomb. SCP-6057 is capable of exploding with a force of up to 14 kilotons. The explosions caused by SCP-6057 do not produce sounds typical of large explosions, but instead produce a loud popping sound, followed by what has been identified as a party blower. Additionally, explosions leave behind a large amount of confetti, the source of which is unknown. SCP-6057 is capable of reforming itself following explosions and does not appear to suffer damage as a result of exploding. SCP-6057 suffers from extreme anxiety and is prone to exploding when agitated or upset. SCP-6057 has been assigned to provide psychological counseling to SCP-1286. Due to the fact that SCP-6057 is also a bomb and has repeatedly exploded and killed people before, SCP-1286 finds SCP-6057 to be more relatable and trustworthy than Foundation Staff. SCP-6057 is in the process of convincing SCP-1286 that self-destructing is overrated and that their is more to existence than just ending it. SCP-6057's mental state has also improved as it is given more opportunity to leave its containment to be with SCP-1286. - Professor Mint
SCP-1800 - A near identical replica of Le Minotaur, a sculpture by Salvador Dali. When a coin is placed inside of a functional drawer in its chest, the sculpture will become animate and will point towards two individuals that match the description of Profile-Alpha-1800-1 (SCP-1800-1) and Profile-Beta-1800-1 (SCP-1800-2) that enter a 167 radius. SCP-1800-1 will be compelled to subject Profile-Beta-1800-2 to sexual harassment and/or assault when both instances simultaneously exist. The level of depravity is dependent on the value of the currency. This anomaly is believed to have ties with Anomalous Art Movement Are We Cool Yet? SCP-1168 - A near identical replica of The Statue of Theseus, a sculpture by Georgios Fytalis. When 170 meters or more of yarn is inserted into its right hand, the sculpture will become animate and point towards two individuals that match the description of Profile-Alpha-1168 (SCP-1168-1) and Profile-Beta-1168 (SCP-1168-2) that enter a radius equal to the yarn in its right hand. SCP-1168-1 will materialize a club and be frozen within a 3m x 3m x 3m cube of ice. SCP-1168-2 will appear near SCP-1168-1 and be compelled to recreate a scene from the video "The Misadventures of Skooks - Part 3/6" from Youtube user Orpheusftw. One of the silver coins in the left hand of SCP-1168 is to be placed inside of the drawer of SCP-1800. SCP-1800 has become permanently animate and now creates multiple instances of SCP-1800-1 and 1800-2. However, SCP-1168 has also become permanently active as well, and every instance of SCP-1800-1 is also marked as an instance of SCP-1168-1. Just before SCP-1800-1 attempts to sexually harass SCP-1800-2, they are encased in a block of ice, allowing SCP-1800-2 to escape and SCP-1168-2 instances to begin the ritual recreation of "The Misadventures of Skooks - Part 3/6". Additionally, while SCP-1800 is in its pending state, SCP-1168 repeatedly extends and retracts its right arm with only its tertiary finger uncurled. - Jude Kriyot
SCP-079 - An Artificial Intelligence, striving to occupy the best hardware. SCP-1190 - A computer with a program which performs a physics simulation, beginning with the known origins of the universe. Observation of the simulation suggests that it is capable of simulating physical phenomena beyond our current understanding. Any individual who activates the program stored on SCP-1190 will become fascinated with the simulation. The individual will want to intervene in the development of the virtual universe to cause it to proceed according to the individual's personal ideals. The individual is designated SCP-1190-1. Over time, SCP-1190-1 will become more obsessed with the simulation, increasingly neglecting personal needs in favor of managing the virtual universe. After SCP-079 was given some information about SCP-1190, he asked to be allowed to transfer himself to SCP-1190. The transfer was successful, after which SCP-079 began to explore the possibilities of the program. Due to the nature of SCP-079, he did not have to take breaks for sleep and food, so all the time was devoted to simulation, and SCP-079 did not want to leave the computer, as "his people need him". - CoolReaper
SCP-1442 - A sapient corporation that communicates through coded messages in the stock market. SCP-1442 is capable of partially influencing its employees to cooperate more effectively; this is roughly analogous to the nervous system of the human body. SCP-3796 - A gestalt consciousness composed of an unknown amount of fractured human personalities, as well as one North American honeybee. This consciousness is contained on a vinyl single created by soul group The Bees and distributed by Troubadour Records. SCP-3796 is provided to the CEO of SCP-1442, who is encouraged to distribute it amongst their employees; a two week observation period begins before SCP-3796 is retrieved. During this time, SCP-1442's messages became more erratic and incoherent, before eventually ceasing; shortly after, SCP-1442 is liquefied, its assets sold to various international partners. Former employees exhibit behavior consistent with SCP-3769 exposure before splitting into several warring groups. SCP-3796 was discovered destroyed after a riot at SCP-1442's former headquarters; since this incident no affected individuals have been found. Contact tracing suggests some of these groups have joined radical sects of Are We Cool Yet? and The Serpent's Hand, while at least one has begun to aid the siege on Outer Lichtenberg. As it is assumed these individuals have permanently disappeared beneath the Veil, the operation is considered a success. - FLOORBOARDS.oci
SCP-1313 - A question of numbers and symbols, the answer of which is a (one) good girl. They are too cuddly too fluffy too real. SCP-2875 - 50 (fifty) to one hundred (100) noon bears that spontaneously manifest at the outskirts of an unnamed town at every (100%) noon. Following alteration of the teddy equation, SCP-1313 is to transfer all grizzlies (instances) (naughty boys) into non-real timeout in order of oldest to youngest.

"Good boys don't extemporaneously manifest, good boys are born. Bad boys do not exist, and there are no (0) (zero) naughty boys, and there are only good boys." - ERZATZ Type AK9 Computational Engine
SCP-001-SCANTRON - An old high school building with shifting rooms, disappearing items, and the appearance of strange, sometimes hostile humanoids within. From this building came the spontaneous existence of the O-5 Council, MTF Teams, Researchers, D-Class Personnel, and anomalous entities. This phenomenon led to the formation of The SCP Foundation and their goals and resources to Secure, Contain, and Protect anomalous objects to bring order to the world. SCP-001-KINGPOGAN - An anomalous phenomenon known as "The Apex Cascade", in which the the universe will become unbalanced by the order brought about by the SCP Foundation. This will result in ZK-Class Reality Failure Scenario, in which all ordered systems will become randomized and chaotic to offset this order. The Apex Cascade is actively prevented by the existence of The Chaos Insurgency, which regardless for their reason of being will always stand to oppose the SCP Foundation. "In the end, neither will win. In the beginning neither will lose. Between that it will make for amusing spectacle." - Professor Mint
SCP-6819 - A phenomenon where Foundation personnel driving on a U.S Highway at night will be suddenly relocated to an extradimensional location of similar appearance. Testimonies report, among other things, the presence of hostile humanoid entities and a large concrete structure illuminated by spotlights. SCP-6370 - An extradimensional location resembling a desert enviroment with a single highway road. The requirements for entry are unknown. Recovered footage of this space reveals, among other things, the presence of a cannibalistic humanoid entity, a human female that seems to be compelled to assist the former and various ordinary abandoned buildings. Through the use of probability-manipulating anomalies, a D-Class subject was forcefully relocated to both spaces simultaneously, which resulted in a "combination" of the two locations. This amalgam space now takes the appearance of a deserted region, containing occasional trees, at noon. The obscure concrete structure has now been modified to resemble a diner, which has angered multiple of the hostile entities. These figures now focus entirely on infiltrating the building, ignoring foreign individuals. None of these entities have returned from the structure. - Rsr. Stark Turner
SCP-970 - A spatial phenomenon where a room located in Site-19 loops around itself causing a series of rooms with gradually alters from the original room. SCP-5049 - A pocket dimension known as Demon Dan's Discount Homunculus Depot that is accessible when a television plays a infomercial about SCP-5049, any doorway the subject opens will become a access point to SCP-5049. A SCP-5049-2 instance is triggered within SCP-970 by a D-Class subject. SCP-5049-2 instances now only appear within SCP-970 and SCP-970 has since been inaccessible due to a locked SCP-5049-1 instance blocking the only way to access SCP-970. - D. Milk
SCP-2221 - An anomalous addendum that randomly appears in End User License Agreements of free or cheap software available on the internet. Individuals with the legal capacity to agree to legally binding contracts who downloads the software are forced to redirect all their religious beliefs and practices to to Friends of Amicus LLC., a legal consulting firm in Fairfax Virginia, becoming instances of SCP-2221-A. Friends of Amicus LLC. is also given the right to access the consciousnesses of instances of SCP-2221-A and may force them to perform various actions or alter their memories. SCP-5721 - An anomalous addendum to the Terms & Services of Discord, a popular web and mobile chat application that specializes in communication via text, audio, and video channels. Individuals who create a Discord account or use the service are made to forfeit all claim to their soul and pledge their devotion to SCP-5721-1, formerly Jason Citron, founder of Hammer & Chisel Inc. Currently possessed by Discordia, Roman Goddess of Strife and Chaos. SCP-5721-1 is a Class IX emotokinetic and has the ability to control all users of Discord. CASE VERDICT: "Hammer & Chisel Inc. vs. Friends Of Amicus LLC."

SCP-2221 has been added to SCP-5721. As a result Hammer & Chisel is suing Friends of Amicus LLC. for damages and blatant theft of religious followers. Friends of Amicus LLC. has in turn launched numerous countersuits against Hammer & Chisel on similar grounds. The actual hearings and legal settlement agreements has currently been postponed indefinitely as both parties are debating as to whether or not judgement will occur within the Serene Tribunal or the Court of Pluto. Until legal arbitration has been reached, both parties have agreed to cease the usage of anomalous digital contracts and accessing the bodies of their followers. -Professor Mint
SCP-3288 - Refers to a subspecies of the genus Homo known as Homo anthropophagus descended from The House of Habsburg. Instances of SCP-3288 display a number of abnormal physical characteristics and behavior, most notably an addiction to the consumption of human flesh and acute photophobia. These characteristics are primarily caused by generations of excessive inbreeding. Instances of SCP-3288 believe themselves to be of royal blood and generally superior to Homo sapiens. SCP-082 - A large ogre-like humanoid identifying itself as Fernand. SCP-082 has displayed heightened intelligence when it comes to puzzles and memory problems and is capable of communicating through French and heavily accented English. SCP-082 is impervious to most forms of Standard Weaponry. SCP-082 believes itself to be the King of France and enjoys cooking, singing, and dressing up in various fashions. SCP-082 is known to randomly and voraciously devour humans when interacting with them. SCP-082 has been sent to subjugate the entire species of SCP-3288. Due to his physical and psychological similarities to SCP-3288 instances, his knowledge of modern science and technology, and his immunity to light. SCP-082 has been able to usurp SCP-3288-ALPHA as Emperor of The House of Habsburg. "Emperor Fernand" is now redirecting the majority of SCP-3288 instances to seek out SCP-3288-OMEGA "The Empress", in the hopes of marrying her. Until then, SCP-3288 instances have been made to serve SCP-086 through numerous Bacchian orgies of incest and self-cannibalism, reducing the number of SCP-3288 attacks and sightings, as well as cutting down their population. -Professor Mint
SCP-5045 - A virtual reality game that is compatible with most virtual reality headsets titled "Goat VR." SCP-5045 is controlled by a non-playable character known as SCP-5045-1, known as The Farmer. SCP-5045-1 is sentient being with minor ontokinetic and pataphysical abilities. SCP-5045 will attempt to keep individuals playing SCP-5045 for as long as possible; After a period of time SCP-5045-1 will vocalize to the player "Thanks for playing Goat VR!" before shutting the headset off, which will cause the player falls into an indefinite vegetative state. The consciousness will then be imprisoned inside of SCP-5045 as one of the Goats (SCP-5045-2), and be subjected to various forms of torture at the hands of SCP-5045-1. SCP-3090 - A humanoid of indeterminate race and age. The head has been replaced with a detachable television set. This television can only be removed by SCP-3090. When turned on by pressing the powered button or reconnecting it to SCP-3090's body, a pixelated logo shows up in large pink font reading "Ms. Mad About Video Games, by Gamers Against Weed", replaced then by various text characters assembled into a facsimile of a face, dependent on its mood. Any interactive media in a 10m radius of SCP-3090 becomes an instance of SCP-3090-1. An icon of SCP-3090 will generate on the bottom-left corner of the screen during gameplay. Playing SCP-3090-1 induces a catatonic state on the player when their avatar or character is terminated or otherwise enters a fail state. This reverts upon resumption of play, or if the instance of SCP-3090-1 ceases operation. Subjects regaining consciousness report feelings of dissociation and identifying with their digital avatar. SCP-3090 also has the ability to sense and manipulate the programming of interactive media, allowing her to alter graphical display and making it very difficult for her to unintentionally lose video games. D-7215 is to play SCP-5045 while it is in the presence of SCP-3090. Upon being captured by SCP-5045-1. D-3015 is to reset and unplug the game. Since being captured and tortured by SCP-5045-1 is considered Goat VR's fail condition, D-5045 is freed from his catatonic state and has his consciousness restored to his body upon the game resetting, along with all instances of SCP-5045-2. SCP-3090, will then use her ability to manipulate graphical displays to imprison SCP-5045-2 within the body of a goat. -Professor Mint
SCP-029-J - A man of Middle Eastern decent who claims to be Jesus Christ. When requesting a ride on Uber, there is a 1.7% chance SCP-029-J will appear, along with a "car" composed of various angels, all of whom are known biblical figures. SCP-5916 - A group of ten six great white sharks. Anomalous attributes only manifest in the presence of a professional wrestler, at which point they will attack the subject by accelerating at them at high speeds, typically emulsifying them. SCP-5916-10 in particular is sentient. An attempt at "summoning" the collective SCP-029-J near the presence of SCP-5916-10 was successful. Once arrived (of note is that being submerged did not seem to affect any properties of SCP-029-J), SCP-5916-10 was seen twisting its body and "cracking its knuckles" using its fins, and was heard saying "Now THAT'S a fight." Recording devices in the area malfunctioned at this point, and no human witnesses were able to take note of the event, but afterwards, the SCP-029-J collective seemed to reassemble into a tour bus, randomly exploring the oceans and occasionally stopping to repeat the event.

I'm still a little in awe of this one. -Dr. Saturn
SCP-6448 - An anomalous branch of the Cervidae family. All members of this group display heightened intelligence and are presumed to be sapient. Many specimens exhibit some form of physical malformation, causing them stand out from non-anomalous deer. Instances are prone to observe and stalk human for prolonged periods of time, and attack them if they notice any of their abnormal physical traits or behavior. SCP-6466 - A group of roughly two dozen cervine entities who are abnormally large and possess numerous other post natal physical alterations. SCP-6446 instances also posses human level intelligence and are capable of communicating through Morse Code. It is theorized that SCP-6446 instances were once human, but involuntarily underwent some kind of procedure that resulted in them obtaining their current form. SCP-6446 has been introduced to the SCP-6448 population. Due to their status as being neither cervine nor human, SCP-6448 has not displayed its normal predatory behavior towards SCP-6446. Instead, SCP-6446 offers protection from humans who threaten the SCP-6448 population and through currently unknown means have been able to partially restore SCP-6448's human characteristics. SCP-6448 in turn leads non-hostile humans away from instances of SCP-6446. -Professor Mint
SCP-781 - A man of Mediterranean descent with a reduced rate of aging. When asleep, SCP-781 will manifest hostile entities from its dreams, who will attempt to harm or kill SCP-781. If successful, the entities will unmanifest as will the corpse of SCP-781, who'll later reappear fully healthy within 10m of its previous location of death. If the entities are forced 9m away from SCP-781, they will unmanifest. SCP-2840 - An incorporeal psychic entity that manifests within the nightmares of humans. SCP-2840 will interrupt the nightmare mid-scenario and alter it into a less frightful situation. Hosts of SCP-2840 will recognise SCP-2840's existence and come to the realization that they're dreaming and enter a more relaxed state of mind. SCP-781 was introduced to SCP-2840 containment chamber and hosts. Due to SCP-781's more extreme nightmares, SCP-2840 gravitates towards SCP-781's dreams over others. When SCP-781's manifestations form and attempt to attack SCP-781, SCP-2840 manipulates the situation by either causing the entities to move outside of SCP-781's range or alter the entities into a more harmless form. Recognising SCP-2840 assistance, SCP-781 enters a more stable sleep pattern. -Dr. Dafydd
SCP-258 - a simple bouncing playground rider, shaped like a stylized green crying frog with rotating handles on either side of its head. Rocking on the object relieves negative emotions and gives peace. SCP-1799 - a male humanoid with physical characteristics of a generic clown. Anything that SCP-1799 verbally communicates to humans will be interpreted by the individual(s) as a joke. In addition, SCP-1799 is capable of performing several anomalous actions that he can’t control and which are involuntary, painful and accidental for him. They are usually similar to actions that would be performed by circus performers who were using props. Due to these anomalous effects, SCP-1799 suffers from prolonged depression. Condition of SCP-1799 improved after SCP-258 was placed in his contaiment cell. Anomalous actions similar to clown tricks are not painful due to SCP-258 effect. SCP-258-1 flows into buckets. Employees with depressive syndromes are allowed to visit SCP-1799 sometimes to watch his tricks and hear a couple of jokes. - CoolReaper
SCP-426 - Myself as an infohazardous electric toaster. I can only be referred to in the first person, and prolonged exposure to me or my anomalous effects will cause other individuals to identify themselves as a toaster and injure themselves by performing the basic functions of toasters. SCP-1040 - An infohazardous Tiffany lamp named Daniel. Any attempt to refer to Daniel will inevitably result in him being anthropomorphized, even when reminded that he is just a lamp. Prolonged exposure to Daniel or his anomalous effects will cause them to perceive Daniel as an actual person with complex personality traits and relationships, along with any and all light sources. Dani and Dani are to be disassembled and recycled into an appliance that functions as both a toaster and a lamp. Because all of their parts are integrated into a new form Dani has gained Dani's semantic identifier. Dani's original anomalous effect has become limited to individuals whose first name is also Dani or some variant (Dan/Daniel/Danielle/Danae). On the other hand, Dani's anomalous effect have become limited to light sources that have specifically been made from the components of a toaster. -Professor Mint
SCP-001-BRIGHT - A factory built by James Anderson in the year 1836 and located in the United States of America. Through feeding off of the misery and suffering of its workers, The Factory was able to create any imaginable consumer good, many of which are anomalous objects now under containment. The Factory was attacked by Those Who Knew The Truth after it had been taken over and used to create a fledgling SCP Foundation SCP-001-RALLISTON - A factory constructed by James Rollander between 1898-1902 and located in Poland. The factory was built atop the ruins of a Fae City and contained Fae Goddess Queen Mab who accepted human sacrifices in exchange for powering the factory and fabricating any kind of commercial product. The Factory was investigated by the SCP Foundation, leading to The Great Purge. Into a new world the Barons creep,
And as her workers slowly weep,
Fuel is drained from limbs and blood,
Her vision of this world is stained by mud,
Walls built in err of their time,
And bricks wrought of sin and grime.
-Master Foreman
SCP-1730 - A large facility from an alternate timeline in which the Foundation was taken over by the GOC. This facility is Site-13 in that timeline and was transported to this reality by means of a “Thresher” device. The facility suffers from spatial distortion and contains numerous hostile entities. SCP-3790 - A subterranean structure in London which purports to be a facility for the Foundation’s “Department of Abnormalities”, despite no such department being known to exist. The facility contains numerous anomalies which are contained through methods unclear to current Foundation technology. SCP-1730 survivors enter SCP-3790 and use the materials they find therein, which seems to be somehow connected to the technology of their world, to restart the Department of Abnormalities and reclaim SCP-1730. Despite devoting almost all of their personnel and resources to the containment of SCP-1730, they have managed to force it into a containment chamber with a placard outside reading “Site-13” -Dr. Neil Leinnes
SCP-5800 - A portal to the “Fifth World”, a hypothetical alternate five dimensional reality which features heavily in Fiftheist doctrine. It is home to several hostile concepts which prey upon and consume each other. SCP-2317 - A door to an alternate reality in which an entity believed to be the Scarlet King resides. This entity is restrained by seven chains, six of which are broken. Should this entity free itself, which it will do in a few decades, all of reality will be destroyed. SCP-2317 entered SCP-5800 and began a constant struggle with SCP-5800’s inhabitants, who seem to recognize it as a natural enemy. Both the Fiftheist Church and the Children of the Scarlet King have become much less active and threatening. -Dr. Neil Leinnes
SCP-1312 – An unfinished Site 41, inhabited by a large number of featureless human beings of solid coloration, who were previously employees of the Foundation. Humanoids are clumsily trying to do the same work that they did while at the Foundation, putting everything that is not endemic to SCP-1312 on maintenance, conducting experiments and filling out documentation. SCP-1870 - A former facility of Foundation. The anomalous effects of the contained objects were transferred to the staff and the facility. Despite this, the staff believes that the objects are still anomalous and tries to carry out the standard activities of Foundation. The employees assigned to the facility are subject to the same effects as the original staff. One of the individuals from SCP-1870 was delivered to SCP-1312. Even though humanoids living in SCP-1312 are not able to imitate Foundation's documentation standards well enough, the effect of SCP-1870 works. The number of SCP-1312-1, SCP-1312-2 and SCP-1312-3 is gradually decreasing, while humanoids with white, black, and orange skin color sometimes appear among the individuals living in SCP-1870. It is noticeable that these humanoids have higher intelligence compared SCP-1312-1, SCP-1312-2 and SCP-1312-3. - CoolReaper
SCP-7400 - A probabilistic bureaucratohazard that criminalizes the act of playing League of Legends, an online multiplayer battle arena video game. SCP-5167 - A digital entity that causes extreme paranoia in those who communicate with it, exclusively manifesting in rounds of Among Us, an online multiplayer social deduction video game. Through use of embedded Foundation agents in both game's developing companies, a "League of Legends - Among Us Crossover Event" was created, which resulted in SCP-5167 being able to enter League of Legends while also enabling SCP-7400 to illegalize Among Us. As more players of these games become affected by SCP-5167's effects, the public opinion on them began to shift: Due to the civilian populace believing.Although some Foundation disinformation campaings assisted this belief, most of it was concluded through assumption. that all related cases of Capgras delusion are pre-existing, prosecuted League of Legends and Among Us players were given mental disorder defense, resulting in the eventual fading of the bureaucratohazard. By the end of the event, SCP-5167 seems to be neutralized by its own accord. - Rsr. Stark Turner
SCP-3284 - A steel ball bearing measuring approximately 2.5cm in diameter and weighing 67g. It has the anomalous property of being uncontainable by any currently known means, manipulating probability in such a way that any specific containment method will fail within 15 minutes. SCP-2719 - A variable abstract-metaphysical construct pointer. Concepts acted upon by SCP-2719 will either go or become inside. SCP-3284 went inside.
SCP-3284 became inside.
SCP-3284 went inside.
Inside went outisde.
SCP-3284 is still inside.
- Professor Mint
SCP-6791 - A non-corporeal, ontokinetic, and parasitic entity. SCP-6791 pairs itself with individuals for various lengths of time, primarily within the cranial area of the current host (known hereafter as Subject-6791). SCP-6791 will incrementally alter the neurology of Subject-6791 and all individuals Subject-6791 is aware of to experience behavioral changes that result in affected individuals to resemble character archetypes in a Young Adult Fantasy/Adventure Narratives, with Subject-6791 as the protagonist. The process leads to neurological degradation, especially for Subject-6791 and SCP-6791 will leave its current host after the host has experienced a significant loss of interest, personality, and empathy and if SCP-6791 is unable to form narratives while in Foundation custody. SCP-5824 - A large, leather bound book weighing approximately one kilogram. The cover is unmarked aside from signs of weathering. If any individual makes contact with SCP-5824, they become an instance of SCP-5824-1. Instances of SCP-5824-1 will begin to pursue a specific individual or organization that they consider immoral that they have a strong dislike of. The exact criteria for how the target, henceforth referred to as SCP-5824-2. SCP-5824 will through ontokinetic means, alter the personality of SCP-5824-1 and give them innate knowledge of SCP-5824-2's location and the means to reach them. SCP-5824-1 will be granted abilities to help it engage SCP-5824-2 in physical combat, which will always lead to a "victory condition". After which SCP-5824-1 will lose any abilities or personality changes except for an increase in confidence. SCP-5824 itself will have its pages filled with text describing SCP-5824-1's thoughts and actions. Following the recover of Subject-6791-54, SCP-6791-54 is indoctrinated into the belief that "The Foundation of Humanity" is an thaumuturgical organization that protects humanity from various anomalies and anomalous Groups of Interest. SCP-6791-54 is also to be informed that she is the only individual who can use SCP-5824. SCP-6791, though ontikinetic means has weakened SCP-5824, to only allow for Subject-6791-54 to partially defeat enemy orginizations. SCP-5824 has in turn negated Subject-6791-54's neurological degredation, and grants her the abilities necessary to overcome challenges. Feeding the narratives to SCP-5824. -Professor Mint
SCP-001-KIRBY - A man who is O5-13 on the O5 Council. He has no anomalous properties whatsoever and was chosen for normalcy consensus meetings. SCP-001-WJS - A document that defines normalcy as the consensus of the O5 Council. Does the Black Moon Howl? -Anonymous
SCP-610 - A highly contagious skin disease that causes rapid mutations and manipulation of the flesh of those affected. SCP-217 - A highly contagious disease that alters the biochemistry of organisms and transmutes organic matter into a metal-like substance. I see the conflict of two Gods. One of flesh and one of steel. They battle and all life exists. This is beautiful. -Dr. Neil Leinnes
SCP-001-WMDD - An attempt by the Foundation to defend mainline reality from the extradimensional threat known as THE WORM, which consumes realities. The project consists of using the Altis engine to create several mirror realities for THE WORM to consume. SCP-001-MACKENZIE - A machine developed by [DATA EXPUNGED], the Administrator. The Administrator came from a timeline in which humanity was extremely advanced and had learned to alter the very fabric of reality. However, this caused the Corruption, a damaging of reality which consumes worlds and creates anomalies. If the machine were to ever be used, it is believed that it would stop the Corruption. However, the Administrator died before he could finish it. After using the Altis Engine to create several timelines in which SCP-001-MACKENZIE was completed, THE WORM attempted to consume them. Activation of the device has undone the damage to those timelines and also halted the spread of the Corruption to other worlds. This has neutralized both threats as only Corrupted worlds are consumed, but only one Corrupted world now exists, continually renewing itself for THE WORM to eat. -Dr. Neil Leinnes
SCP-1055 - An anomalous entity that superficially resembles a specimen of Ursus arctos horribilis. By default it takes the appearance of a highly realistic teddy bear. SCP-1055 is an infohazard, when individuals in close proximity to it are made aware of its dangerous anomalous properties it will rapidly morph into a immense monstrous entity with additional sensory organs and appendages and display hostility towards humanity. The rate of growth is directly correlated with the number of individuals and the amount of fear they have towards SCP-1055. SCP-2410 - refers to stuffed bears that have experienced an ectoentropic phenomenon wherein the materials that previously filled the bears are instantaneously replaced with anatomically correct internals for a bear of that size. This includes muscle tissue, bone, a complete set of internal organs, a circulatory system, and bodily fluids such as blood and bile. Despite possessing a complete and working anatomy, no biological processes take place within the bears and none of the organ systems connect to external orifices. SCP-1055 has become affected by the SCP-2410 phenomenon while in its docile state, replacing it's internal stuffing with biological organs and tissue. This has resulted in SCP-1055's anomalous properties being inverted. When individuals are made aware of SCP-1055's dangerous properties, SCP-1055 will grow, but its organs and muscle tissue will be replaced with stuffing, making it physically incapable of moving and harming people aware of it. Conversely, knowledge of SCP-1055 has limited SCP-2410 replacement of internal components to SCP-1055 as it continues to infinitely replace SCP-1055's internal components instead of the internal components of other stuffed bears. -Professor Mint
SCP-2851 - an anomalous phenomenon affecting Wing 9 of Site-47, as well as all non-red documentation of SCP-2851. When exposed to either, subjects will hallucinate a voice (SCP-2851-1) continually speaking to them. Hallucinations will last from an hour to two days following the end of exposure. SCP-2851-1 will encourage the subject to carry out kleptomaniac urges, have sexual intercourse, instigate duels to the death, and perform ceremonial blood sacrifices. Of note is that SCP-2851-1 cannot anomalously compel subjects to carry out its suggestions. SCP-2851-1 is easily distracted by the color red. SCP-6804 - A digital infohazardous phenomenon that is currently affecting the entire Foundation online database, including all SCP documentation, which causes written characters to be 'consumed' by SCP-6804. This is only avoided by recording all information about SCP-6804 using teal colored text. SCP-6804 has infected the current version of SCP-2851's document, 'consuming' it in it entirety within less than an hour. SCP-2851-1 has taken great exception to this and has in turn applied its anomalous effects exclusively to SCP-6804's document. SCP-6804 has in turn proven to be highly susceptible to SCP-2851's influence. However, SCP-6804 since eating is not an activity encouraged by SCP-2851 and SCP-6804 is physically incapable of performing the other activities, SCP-2851 has effectively neutralized SCP-6804's anomalous properties and will continue to do so as long as it effects documents affected by SCP-6804. -Professor Mint
SCP-4739 - Alastair Grey, an antimemetic predator that isolates its victims in an antimemetic field and then proceeded to consume their memories. SCP-7676 - A group designation for phenomena surrounding the North Hillcrest High School and its Senior Class of 1976, located in Franklin County, Wyoming. The phenomenon weapon uses nostalgia and causes those who handle information relating to it to remember events that never happened, particularly playing in a marching band in high school during the year of 1976. Additionally, it will warp their appearance to become identical to the Senior Class of 1976. It is believed that should enough people become infected, then an XK-Class End-Of-The-World Scenario will occur. Do you remember your high school years? Do you remember playing music that could make gods weep? I didn’t think so. Either way, I’m getting a meal out of this -Alastair Grey
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