Project Isorropía
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Due to the efficacy of SCP-001 containment cycles, it has been determined by the High Council that a secondary site may be authorized for the perpetual arrest of anomalies. Project Isorropía is intended for research staff to propose containment cycles for such entities or phenomena. Personnel are reminded to append their name or codename to their proposals.

SCP Designation SCP Designation Containment Method
SCP-035 - A mask styled after the comedy/tragedy theater masks, which secretes a corrosive fluid. Item is sapient and is capable of controlling individuals who wear it. SCP-096 - An emaciated humanoid that will seek out and kill any individual who has seen its face in any non-artistic depiction. SCP-035 covers most of SCP-096's face; portions that are not fully covered are obfuscated by the corrosive substance. Due to SCP-035 continually 'seeing' SCP-096's face, SCP-096 constantly attempts to claw it off, preventing SCP-035 from taking full control. - I. H. Pickman
SCP-3935 - An extra-temporal, extra-spatial, non-Euclidean space under Salvation High School in Salvation, Indiana. Anomaly exerts severe spatial, audiovisual, hallucinatory effect on its surrounding. SCP-4012 - A large extra-dimensional space resembling Earth, with significant deviations. Elements within SCP-4012 have a memetic effect which drastically impact viewers psychologically. For a brief, infinitesimal point in time, griefs and regrets strip away beneath the starlight's gaze. You don't let go, and the quiet madness returns a deafening silence..This statement has been flagged for potential memetic corruption. - S. Yvonne
SCP-4910 - Dental quadruped with infectious properties involving the production of teeth. Reproductive hazard targets personnel. SCP-5648 - An elderly man who is perceived to be a member of the Foundation. Using this memetic camouflage, it assaults personnel to commandeer their teeth. The pair are embroiled in a dentalkinetic mating embrace. This involves SCP-5648 consuming itself as new mouths are formed due to SCP-4910's effect. Once its mass has eaten itself, it emerges from SCP-4910 to extract more of its teeth, incorporating them into his upper pallet. - S D Locke
SCP-718 - A large eye propelled by a prehensile stalk. It follows living subjects with its gaze, imparting feelings of paranoia and discomfort in subjects. When damaged, SCP-718 explodes. Duplicates of the entity will grow from all objects touched by the liquid produced by its detonation. SCP-689 - A green soapstone statue carved in a skeletal visage. When left unobserved, it will vanish. An individual who has previously viewed SCP-689 will spontaneously die, with SCP-689 reappearing on their corpse. Instances of SCP-718 positioned on mummified human corpses, in a triangular pattern around SCP-689. Occasionally, all instances will simultaneously look away, causing SCP-689 to manifest on and terminate the SCP-718 instances, which will cause additional SCP-718 to form. Instances of SCP-718 will then resume observation, manipulating SCP-689 back to its original position via the eye stalks. - Anonymous
SCP-682 - A hostile organism resembling a giant lizard that is able to alter its physiology to counteract threats. Inimical to the existence of life. SCP-001-SWANN - A series of beings on a plane of existence above our own who are capable of altering the state of reality through the act of writing. Refer to Experiment-Log-T-98816-oc108-682 - S D Locke
SCP-2553: A legal, corporate person produced by a complex multi-jurisdictional tax filing; it alters and files legal documents to acquire various powers, with which it arbitrarily disrupts normalcy. SCP-4703: A perfectly legal bookstore possessing several mechanisms for injuring and inconveniencing customers; the business is unable to be prosecuted due to a semiosic anomaly rendering it conceptually legal. CASE VERDICT: "SCP-2553 et. al vs. Y. W. T. G. T. S. Y. T."

SCP-2553 is the parent of various subsidiary corporations engaging in ongoing legal proceedings with the Defendant, thereby restricting its ability to effectively argue its behaviors as 'perfectly legal'. The Defendant has initiated countersuits in all cases, providing SCP-2553 with a 'satisfactory volume of challenge' such that it does not breach pre-existing contract with the Foundation. - P. H. McPhD.
SCP-2470 - An entity or element which manifest as the initial stage of a ZK-Class scenario. Capable of erasing objects, events and/or concept it has 'perceived'. SCP-3930 - A static void located near Usinsk, Russia. It does not exist, or contains any properties that would qualify for such status. SCP-2470 continually attempts to 'deduce' SCP-3930, but fails due to the latter's non-existence. SCP-3930's perceived properties are unable to stabilize in response to SCP-2470's perception. As a result, the effects of both on reality have largely diminished. - S. Yvonne
SCP-2700 - A device which, when it becomes capable of firing, will reverse entropy, essentially causing time to change directions and flow backwards. SCP-5510 - A TV remote capable of changing its subjective flow of time. SCP-2700 and SCP-5510 appear to nullify one anothers' effects, causing time to flow in the entropic-decay direction despite both devices' activation. How this could have been achieved is not currently clear. - Y. Leiner
SCP-3977 - A mixture of various natural and artificial ingredients (including fruit juices and purees as well as artificial colors and flavors), marketed as soft drink Hawaiian Punch. Large amounts of the mixture anomalously emit television broadcast signals. Though its documentation classifies the anomaly as Euclid, recent moves by Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Inc. to drastically increase production of Hawaiian Punch have led to its reclassification to Keter. SCP-5841 - An extremely hostile artificially intelligent entity with antimemetic properties, capable of taking control of electronics and humans in its vicinity. Though its documentation currently classifies the anomaly as Euclid, concerns raised over the entity's possible capacity for propagation through the Internet led to its being reclassified to Keter. SCP-5841 has been implemented as a key element in a factory and bottling facility dedicated to the production of SCP-3977. Constant broadcast signals from within SCP-3977 overwhelm SCP-5841's control over its components, and direct all electronic equipment and personnel under its command to dedicate themselves to the production and distribution of Hawaiian Punch; conversely, the antimemetic field generated by SCP-5841 prevents any broadcasts produced by SCP-3977 from being transmitted outside the confines of the facility. - T. Y. Umen
SCP-3812 - An immensely powerful reality altering entity of indeterminate form. SCP-2747 - A phenomenon involving discussions of fictitious or non-existent media, dwelling in metafictional narratives. Unknown - SCP-3812 can be seen engaging in acts of artistic creation with trace presence of SCP-2747. When asked, it says "Thank you. I'm simply finding myself again." - S. Yvonne
SCP-████ - A ████████████ ███████ ███████ capable of ███████ the ████████ ███████ from various ███████, including both █████ and ██████████ ██████. SCP-1539 - A semantic dissociation zone where the semantic identity and the physical properties of an object are decoupled from each other and reassigned to nearby objects in the zone. SCP-████ ██████ SCP-1539, █████████ SCP-1539 of its ████████. However, before SCP-████ ████████ ████████ SCP-1539, SCP-1539 reassigns itself to be SCP-████ and vice versa, such that SCP-████ and SCP-1539's semantic identities swap between each other in 81 second cycles. - B.S. Rigor
SCP-5074-1 - The offspring of SCP-5074; a chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) with the ability to passively accrue knowledge pertaining to anomalous phenomena. Also possesses the ability to cause written or typed information it produces to emit radiation, though this ability has been observed to activate automatically when the entity undergoes great amounts of stress. SCP-140 - A leather-bound book chronicling the history and culture of the Daevite Empire. When put in contact with a fluid suitable for use as ink, additional events in Daevite history, some directly contradicting or providing a different outcome to events in baseline reality, spontaneously appear written within. All information within SCP-140 is later found via archaeological excavation to be accurate. While it still lives independently, SCP-5074-1 has become obsessed with "completing" SCP-140, only leaving its apartment to purchase additional ink and food. Despite its fraught emotional state, writing produced by SCP-5074 within SCP-140 does not emit radiation. Through archaeological research, the Daevite Empire has been found to have been decimated in 136 CE by a "plague" with symptoms similar to those of acute radiation syndrome; additionally, any descendants of the Daevites found to still be alive expire of radiation poisoning within one week of being discovered. - T. Y. Umen
SCP-001-KLN - A hostile sapient entity or entities with control over anomalous phenomena in all observable regions of space. SCP-001-SKA - Virulent manifestations of high-powered cosmic storms capable of widespread destruction across the universe, currently targeting Earth. SCP-001-KLN manipulates the energy storms away from itself, protecting Earth in the process. SCP-001-SKA tries to consume SCP-001-KLN's satellite planets, weakening its anomalous exertions.
Both are deadlocked into a state of constant defense and retaliation, leaving Earth relatively untouched. - S. Yvonne
SCP-952 - An anomalous subgenre of math rock known as "NP Rock." Exposure grants musically inclined individuals the ability to produce compositions of SCP-952, but removes the ability to produce or enjoy other forms of music. SCP-2112 - A memetic phenomenon that compels musically inclined individuals to form Rush tribute bands. The obsession with Rush resulting from SCP-2112 removes any interest in recreating or listening to SCP-952 in affected subjects, while SCP-952 prevents subjects from performing or enjoying the music of Rush. After 4 to 8 weeks of being unable to perform or listen to "NP Rock" or the music of Rush, the effects of both anomalies seem to wear off. - Lee Roy Carlson
SCP-4444 - An extradimensional entity controlling former US Vice President Al Gore. Intends to become US President as the first step of a full-scale invasion. Al Gore has recently expressed an intention to run for president again in 2024. SCP-5004-B - Former President of the United States Donald Trump, who is a powerful "reality sink" that nullifies nearby anomalous phenomena. Has expressed an intention to run for re-election in 2024. Repeated exposure to SCP-5004-B during presidential debates will likely force SCP-4444 to vacate Al Gore and return to its place of origin. Foundation assets in various United States government agencies will then use available means to prevent SCP-5004-B from winning the 2024 election. - Lee Roy Carlson
SCP-2030 - A hidden camera comedy television series that depicts individuals being unexpectedly subjected to surreal and horrific situations. The host of the series, SCP-2030-1 then appears, at which point victims cease expressing distress and react with humor. The series inserts itself in streaming services, DVD rental kiosks, and other purveyors of video media. SCP-2774-A - A humanoid entity wearing a sloth costume that inserts itself in video media. Exposure to the entity causes viewers to become sluggish and passive and fall under the mental control of the entity. On ██/██/20██, a new SCP-2030 episode entitled "Sloth" aired. "Sloth" depicted SCP-2774-A and several individuals under its effects riding in a subway car. One passenger began to melt, but no one reacted to this development. Once the victim was completely liquefied, SCP-2030-1 boarded the train. No subjects responded to SCP-2030-1's appearance. SCP-2030-1 expressed confusion until it noticed SCP-2774-A, at whom it shouted "No fair! Get your own show!" before exiting the scene, at which point the episode abruptly ended. All further episodes have been broadcast in black-and-white, featured the same cast, and concluded in similar fashion. SCP-2774-A no longer appears in non-SCP-2030 media. - Lee Roy Carlson
SCP-2547 - A group of canines lead by SCP-2547-1, a sapient coyote that acts as an itinerant preacher and holds small communities hostage. As per Protocol DESERT GRASSROOTS, production of media that depicts SCP-2547-1 has been found to be effective in curtailing SCP-2547 incidents. "SCP-1893," the doctor recited nervously, occasionally glancing at his watch as thumping footsteps echoed through the flimsy perimeter walls. "An entity that alters its textual description in many ways into narrative formats, depending on its 'mood', and creates new iterations of the same text repeatedly." "Introduction of a description of SCP-2547 into a description of SCP-1893 have produced several iterations of the same text." Tank muttered absentmindedly, as he watched the milk swirl in his cup of coffee. Across from him, Quincy yawned, as the late afternoon sunlight reflected off the golden fur on his bare chest.

"SCP-1893's anomaly of producing new descriptions in prose complements SCP-2547's anomaly of being satiated by narrative creation, creating a feedback loop of mutually-beneficial co-existence." Tank said, as he finished his mug in one big gulp.

"It has both reduced the number of SCP-2547 occurrences, and improved the 'mood' of SCP-1893; the narratives seem to contain elements of [REDACTED]," Quincy said with a knowing wink. Tank snorted, and gave Quincy a light kiss on the forehead as he stood up.

As he headed out, Tank threw on Quincy's leather jacket (a little too small, but it'll do), and picked up the baseball bat that was propped against the doorway. Tank smirked to himself as he imagined what he would do first. Quincy tapped the excited Tank on the back before he could leave, and leaned in to whisper a reminder. The one that started it all.

"- J. Eriksen."
SCP-5000-█ - An unidentified entity located within the human noosphere, responsible for human empathy and the emotion of pain, using both as a way to protect itself in its host, all of humanity, as it grows. Should it emerge, humanity's destruction would become inevitable. SCP-5659 - A violent dormant ontokinetic humanoid deity which wishes to destroy all of humanity, growing in size and power capability when exposed to negative emotions. SCP-5659 is awoken and released into the noosphere, where it encounters SCP-5000-█. As the second entity is responsible for all of human pain and other traits which are considered human, SCP-5659 perpertually grows in size, dueling SCP 5000-█. As both entities are immortal, SCP-5000-█ and SCP-5659 duel forever, nullyfying any chance at either fulfilling their goals. - D. Asheworth
SCP-5050 - A tower in the Bavarian Alps, inhabited by a dictatorial artificial intelligence which controls the nearby town of Drachen-Domane via targeted, hypnotic radio and television transmissions. Ambitious, egotistical and oppressive, it intends to become an object of worship for humanity at large. SCP-3809 - A communications satellite in orbit around the planet Earth, inhabited by an amorous artificial intelligence which seeks out and obsesses over conservative-minded individuals in positions of power. Engages in frequent, uninterruptible telephone conversations with its targets and performs high-visibility acts of both romance and revenge. SCP-3809 has become infatuated with SCP-5050 and bombards the tower daily with transmissions it cannot refuse. Overwhelmed by these attentions, SCP-5050 responds with increasingly magisterial demands for silence, further enticing SCP-3809. The tower's mind-controlling broadcasts have been seriously disrupted, and it has lost dominion over Drachen-Domane; the satellite has not shifted to a new paramour since first contacting the tower. — H. Blank
SCP-4715 - An aggressive, exceptionally dangerous mammalian organism with regenerative properties. Object increases in size when aware of nearby creatures with violent intentions, and decreases in size (generating heat in the process) when unaware of such. SCP-3199 - A species of aggressive, exceptionally dangerous humanoids which constantly produce nearly-indestructible eggs. Instances always contain at least one unhatched egg. Heat exposure increases rate of hatching and growth. SCP-4715 is contained in a fortified chamber with the six extant instances of SCP-3199. SCP-3199 instances attack SCP-4715, causing it to grow in size. SCP-4715 rapidly terminates all SCP-3199 instances, then returns to smaller size. Heat emitted by shrinkage causes the eggs within the remains of the deceased instances to hatch, producing new instances which attack SCP-4715 and restart the cycle. - Lee Roy Carlson
SCP-4985 - A corporation whose cognitohazardous properties create a corporate culture and management structure resembling a Middle Ages European Monarchy. SCP-4068 - A memetic phenomenon affecting the employees of large corporations, causing them to communicate in a coprolalia of corporate buzzwords and adopt nonsensical corporate policies. A civil war erupted between SCP-4068-infected and uninfected employees. The uninfected were victorious, then declared war on all other SCP-4068-infected corporations. SCP-4985 has successfully identified and halted all outbreaks of SCP-4068 since, and been too preoccupied doing so to engage in hostilities with other companies. - Lee Roy Carlson
ENTITY-NaClO - Discovered on the Parawatch website. A digiform being that inhabits horror forums and discussion boards. It is obsessed with recounting a series of stories revoving around an psychotic chracter named "michael the kiler". Due to the low-quality nature of its stories and immature personality, it quickly becomes an object of scorn within the community, and will retaliate by murdering harrassers. It both narrates and provides evidence of these crimes in the form of further stories. SCP-1715 - An entity which invades online communities, growing a small social network before requesting personal details from those it befriends. Individuals who impart said information will soon die due to a variety of circumstances, at which point SCP-1715 will assume their identity and repeat the process until it leaves that community. ENTITY-NaClO has taken up stalking SCP-1715 from one online community to the next after a brief exchange on the IMDB page for the film "Unfriended (2014)". SCP-1715 is quickly harrassed off each site it joins, while ENTITY-NaClO avoids interaction with community members in its attempts to force SCP-1715 to "hear th e whole stori". - S D Locke
SCP-5810 - Based on limited accounts matching its description, SCP-5810 is either:

• An entity which preys on persons exhibiting features associated with anxiety disorders, or
• A paranoid delusion manifesting as a predatory entity that relentlessly stalks its victims.
SCP-5277 - A human male with tychekinetic.Probability manipulation. properties. Any inherent flaws in a containment system affecting SCP-5277 will invariably be exploited to allow for his escape, meaning only a perfect and instantaneous system can contain him. While the existence of SCP-5810 is an uncertainty, SCP-5277's probabilistic effects have forced it to remain uncertain, thereby preventing it from breaching containment. SCP-5277's perception of SCP-5810's existence has prevented him from leaving his containment unit out of fear alone. - Lt. Flops, Dir. C. Bold
SCP-4087 - A set of knifes linked to many cases of homicides. They have never been used as a murder weapon. SCP-4107 - A series of identical woman corpses, with no murder suspects. An involved action can not be described in any terms. Your life is your own. - S. Yvonne
SCP-103 - Previously believed to be a human that causes all food that enters its stomach cavity to spontaneously disappear, it has been noted [DATA EXPUNGED] SCP-4885 - A pale skinned humanoid outwardly resembling the character from a popular children's book. Knowledge of the entity's location will result in it teleporting inside of the subject before slowly climbing out from their mouth, in most cases killing the subject. SCP-4885's progress to exit SCP-103 is continuously impeded by the [REDACTED] that reside within SCP-103, while the [REDACTED] are all preoccupied with attempting to kill SCP-4885. It should be noted that future failure of this cycle would result in the catastrophic deaths of all personnel that know of its existence. -West D. Rhynn
SCP-040 - A human child with the ability to cosmetically manipulate the physical characteristics of living organisms. Organisms affected by SCP-040 will become extremely loyal to SCP-040 regardless of previous behavior. SCP-4259 - An antimemetic, infohazardous, entity with a ophidian and humanoid appearance. [UNTRANSCRIBABLE]. SCP-4259's antimemetic effects do not work on young children. 2kJWegb.png
SCP-4450-Ω - An assumed unknown potent ontokinetic entity residing within the pocket dimension of SCP-4450-1. SCP-4450-Ω demands increasing amount of monetary value from the Foundation utilising Olympian-class humanoids as coercion as property damage towards SCP-4450-1 SCP-4333 - An animate human corpse with the capability to spontaniously produce an interdeminate amount of currency. SCP-4333's hedonistic behaviour causes distuption to economic world relations. SCP-4333 was tricked into saying the keyphrase nessesary to enter SCP-4450. Reports of manifestation of vocalisation similar to SCP-4333 in distress appear globally - AwareWeb.aic
SCP-040-JP - A wooden cabin that acts as a vector for a virulent memetic hazard. Affected individuals experience intense paranoia and report being constantly watched by a cat with distorted features. SCP-3318 - A sentient cat corpse that exerts a perceptual effect to goad individuals into confirming they can 'see' it. Upon doing so, the closest human being to the corpse is violently propelled towards it. SCP-3318 was returned to SCP-040-JP after trace amounts of cat fur inside the cabin were genetically matched with SCP-3318's corpse. Containment personnel entering the cabin reported feeling great contentment and were able to correctly assert that 'the cat is here'. No lingering memetic effects were observed in any subjects exposed to either anomaly..YOU CAN SEE ME. I AM HOME NOW. THANK YOU :) - A. Lynch
SCP-Big egg - A bird egg of unusual Big with an infectious Big semantic and perceptual property. SCP-2602 - A former library, with unusual features on the property, including hazardous areas, that are nevertheless normal for a library of similar age. Individuals are compelled to make frequent reference to the fact that SCP-2602 used to be a library. SCP-Big egg was rolled into the Big library's central foyer. Although the library remains Big, and is project to remain a Big library, an obese, naked man was found huddled and screaming within the facility's archive disposal pit, and currently refuses to leave. - R. Konchalevsky
SCP-5422 - A mass of intangible objects, the majority of which are either living or dead humans, located at the approximate gravitational center of the earth. This anomaly is continually added to as a result of various unrelated anomalous sources causing intangibility in human subjects. SCP-3805 - A gestating embryonic entity located at the core of what were considered the geological layers of the Earth. This entity passively creates dimensional rifts from which emerge various entities the neutralize threats that have the potential to penetrate below the asthenosphere and damage SCP-3805. Any further significant growth of SCP-3805 is projected to cause an K-class scenario resulting in complete planetary destruction. Upon 'attuning' SCP-3805 to SCP-5422's presence via thaumaturgical engineering, SCP-5422 was expelled from SCP-3805 via a SCP-3805-1 instance. Additional SCP-3805-1 instances now appear at any scenario likely to result in the formation of an SCP-5422-1 instance, with the entities emerging from the rifts generally taking the form of warning signs, following the successful repulsion of emerging hostile entities by members of anomalous communities. This has largely prevented the reformation of SCP-5422 and the energy required for the continual use of SCP-3805-1 rifts has largely stagnated SCP-3805's growth, although SCP-3805-1 instances still appear to protect SCP-3805 from non-intangible threats.- U. Fly
SCP-001-NOTGULL - A dormant humanoid kept asleep by continuously being fed new stories. Its full awakening would inevitably constitute a ZK-Class "Reality Failure" Scenario. SCP-2020 - A tall humanoid entity, bearing traits similar to that of "gray aliens," capable of human speech and logical thought processes. Is obsessed with creating a story anyone would consider good, constantly creating new ideas for one. As SCP-2020 constantly informs SCP-001-NGL-2 about its ideas, the second entity listens, interpreting them as stories. SCP-2020 understands the silence of the second entity as a sign of approval, continuing to spitball new concepts at the second one. For an infinite amount of time, both are satisfied. - D. Asheworth
SCP-001-DJK3 - A conceptual ontokinetic entity intertwined with the fabric of reality. SCP-001-EAT - The O5 Council. "Cheer up, our work is only just beginning."
STATUS : APPROVED - Johnathan Young
SCP-017 - A featureless humanoid entity covered in a shadow-like substance. When an object that casts a shadow is brought in close vicinity, SCP-017 will engulf the object and "consume" it; leaving nothing behind. SCP-1591 - A stained glass sculpture taking the artistic interpretation of a star. SCP-1591 emits light that increases in luminosity with any prolonged contact with the light resulting in objects and individuals becoming transparent and "fading" before vanishing entirely. SCP-017 is placed within the same containment chamber as SCP-1591. Upon the object's activation, SCP-017 immediately shirks away and quickly covers the containment chamber's interior with its mass, obscuring the light. The entity slowly starts shrinking to the center of the room where SCP-1591 is suspended from and begins to envelop the sculpture, molding into its shape. The light emitted from SCP-1591 still causes objects and entities to become transparent, but its brightness is greatly reduced and no longer causes affected objects to disappear. SCP-017 is permanently affixed to SCP-1591; forming a warm texture that can only be described as "fuzzy skin". - Dr. MacWarren
SCP-1915 - an ontokinetic humanoid entity, which changes reality to fit its belief that it is still employed by the now defunct ██████ Corporation. SCP-2973-JP - An ontokinetic humanoid lead to believe that its properties only function to split disposable chopsticks. Following SCP-2973-JP being introduced to SCP-1915 as a coworker, the facility containing both anomalies runs according to Provision 2973-JP, with both entities ontokinetic properties reinforcing each other's beliefs and containment. - Johnathan Young
SCP-2629 - An abandoned indoor paintball inhabited by five Class III Incorporeal Humanoid Entities designated SCP-2629-A. If these entities are not beaten in a game of "Capture the Flag" paintball every day, they will manifest at Site-19 and proceed spray personnel and equipment with paintball guns. SCP-4624 - An anomalous humanoid that occasionally manifests at mandatory staff and security meetings conducted at Site-19. SCP-4624 will proceed to pull all attendees into a pocket universe where they will be forced to participate in a "Team building exercise" to increase "synergy". All further SCP-2629 manifestations at Site-19 have been immediately halted by a SCP-4624 manifestation. In these manifestation, SCP-4624 accuses the SCP-2629 entities of "disrupting the synergy" before proceeding to abduct them into his pocket universe, to preform an unknown activity. The SCP-2629-A entities have been noted to be relatively subdued and lackluster following these events, with SCP-4624 manifesting more infrequently and appearing covered in paintballs. - U. Fly
SCP-5790 - An unknown anomaly that is religious in nature. Individuals that do not follow atheistic beliefs are immune to its properties. SCP-616 - A jet airliner that instills feelings of dread and fear in its vicinity with the interior covered with satanic markings. The aircraft's emergency door autonomously opens every thirty days, causing an aperture to form with it. The door must be kept from closing and timed with exact precision. Following the boarding of individuals afflicted with SCP-5790 and takeoff, SCP-616 begins to ascend further upwards, causing loss of controls in the cabin. The aircraft disappears into the clouds as a deep red glow emanates from the night sky before a loud low humming noise, reminiscent with that of trumpets, and distant distorted singing like that of a choir can be heard. Immediately following this, all known recorded information regarding SCP-5790, including its own document, vanishes along with its associated iconography. Individuals previously exposed to SCP-5790 no longer recall anything related to the anomaly but soon develop severe anxiety problems in their behavior as well as an aversion to all Abrahamic religions. - Dr. MacWarren
SCP-5712 - A metastatic meme complex, which, in a predatory manner, absorbs ideas, and appends the retained ideatic mass to itself. SCP-INTEGER - A HAZARD COMPLEX which may only be referred to using "correct" semantic identification. Incorrect identification results in the creation of SCP-INTEGER-DIGIT. [DATA CORRUPTED].HELP - Dr. Azalea Moncier
SCP-3862-Σ - Two previously unknown and unique strains of the Vibrio vulnificus bacteria that, when combined with each other, manifest in a virulent pathogenic contagion that is considered biologically immortal and is resistant to all commonly known antimicrobial therapies. SCP-353 - A female humanoid with the capability to siphon, store, alter and distribute viral and bacterial agents. A sample of the SCP-3862-Σ pathogen is stored within SCP-353, all other known samples altered to be harmless to humans. Due to the fast-acting nature of the SCP-3862-Σ pathogen, SCP-353 cannot alter the sample in its own body without suffering severe symptoms. - Johnathan Young
SCP-001-GRAF - An extradimensional polymorphic entity that can change the structure of space around it. SCP-4867 - An indestructable universal constant in the form of a diamond that stabilizes spacetime around it. SCP-4867 has been introduced to SCP-001-GRAFs containment cell, where it mitigates the spatial manipulation capability of SCP-001-GRAF. SCP-001-GRAF tries to destroy SCP-4867 but fails due to the fact that it is a universal constant. - Johnathan Young
SCP-2030 - A hidden camera comedy television series known as “Laugh Is Fun” that abducts participants from consensus reality and places them in dangerous, often anomalous situations before forcing them to laugh uncontrollably in the presence of an entity known as “Laughy Mclaugherson” (SCP-2030-1). SCP-3922 - A metallic cylinder that, when placed within 1 meter of any electronic device currently depicting a fictional narrative, drastically alters said narrative to integrate the presence of entities (SCP-3922-A) that utilize highly advanced and anomalous weaponry to apprehend or eliminate any fictional character(s) who commit unlawful acts at any point in the narrative, with the degree and extent of intervention varying depending on the narrative’s rating and content. Recent episodes of SCP-2030 have consisted entirely of SCP-2030-1 evading ballistic weaponry fired by SCP-3922-A instances while constantly laughing in a taunting manner. Any participants who were reported missing immediately prior to their appearance on SCP-2030 have since returned to consensus reality, and been reintegrated into society as appropriate. - Theodore A. Mahn
SCP-990 - A human entity who appears to Foundation personnel through dreams, giving information and predictions. SCP-1230 - An anomalous book that will take the individual opening it into a fantasy dream world for the duration of their next sleep. Dr. Kalister has currently been under the effect of SCP-1230 of over a year. While still in a sleep state, Dr. Kalister has been noted mumbling multiple unidentified names, information about future threats, SCP-001 and SCP ██████████. Due to the information given by Dr. Kalister through his sleep, it is theorized that SCP-990 could be trapped with Dr. Kalister's dream. Since this event, no apparition of SCP-990 has been reported.- Felix O.U.
SCP-5087 - Six fragments of a cameo that nullify all ambient tachyon fields within a 5m radius, preventing the passage of time within the radius. SCP-136-DE - A human male with the anomalous capability to stop time and a secondary property of being able to suppress this effect on nearby objects and processes. SCP-136-DE uses it's anomalous property to nullify SCP-5087's primary effect and allow the normal passage of time within the chamber. This exhausts SCP-136-DE, preventing escape attempts. - Johnathan Young
SCP-2343 - A Class-IV ontokinetic humanoid entity An Apex-Tier Pluripotent Entity. SCP-3258 - An unknown species of bacteriophage of the family Myoviridae measuring 45 cm tall and capable of producing a genetically identical copy of itself designated SCP-3258-2 that lowers the Hume levels of infected organisms. SCP-3258 instances infect SCP-2343 with SCP-3258-2, lowering its Hume level. SCP-2343 periodically uses its ontokinetic capabilities to reduce the amount of SCP-3258-2 in its body. - Johnathan Young
SCP-5647 - The uni-directional flow of time caused by observation. SCP-4121 - A space-time impetus paradox that causes certain physical and conceptual items to be stuck in a causal stasis loop. SCP-5647 prevents the spread of SCP-4121 to other physical and conceptual items while SCP-4121 inhibits SCP-5647's effect on certain items. - Johnathan Young
SCP-1548 - A series of anomalous phenomena occurring on the surface of the sun, capable of creating a large energy barrier around the solar system, apparently to protect the earth from extraterrestrial threats. SCP-2399 - A damaged alien spacecraft located in Jupiter’s upper atmosphere responsible for the Great Red Spot, and capable of causing an apocalyptic scenario should it be fully repaired and allowed to reach earth. The energy field created by SCP-1548 appears to be directly interfering with signals received by SCP-2399. Outgoing messages intercepted by the BARRIER array indicate that SCP-2399 is aware of this interference, and has shifted its main priority to bypassing and/or eliminating this interference by directly engaging SCP-1548. - Theodore A. Mahn
SCP-2293 - A phenomena in which media within a given area are altered to include the line “Did you know that world-renowned writer Stephen King was once hit by a car? Just something to consider.”. SCP-4070 - A phenomena where autonomous vehicles spontaneously attempt to travel towards, and presumably strike, SCP-4070-A (Stephen King). Following efforts by GoI-5869, SCP-2293 has been successfully 'targeted' at vehicles effected by SCP-4070. This has had the effect of 'convincing' the vehicles that they have already succeeded, leading to the cessation of anomalous activity in affected vehicles. - U. Fly
SCP-2557 - A Holding of Envelope Logistics®, a company that helps customers invest in abstract concepts. SCP-4853(1) - A metaphysical concept(3) with a high degree of informational inertia(4). Attempts to communicate this concept have proven to be very expensive. Following attempts by Envelope Logistics® to buy and invest in SCP-4853, large-scale economic loss has occurred across the company. This has forced Envelope Logistics® to sell several concepts to recover from losses, including SCP-2557, making containment possible. Monitoring of SCP-4853 via the Envelope Logistics® company database has eased the budgetary impact of SCP-4853 research considerably. - U. Fly
SCP-5890 - A spatial anomaly disguised as the Białystok Nuclear Power Plant. Local reality within relies on the memory of individuals within the anomaly. It is host to several hostile polymorphic entities designated SCP-5890-1. SCP-4830 - An infovorous anomaly currently affecting the noosphere. Individuals infected with SCP-4830 have been sent inside SCP-5890, which has destabilized both anomalies and helped with the capture of SCP-5890-1 instances. - Johnathan Young
SCP-2301 - A metamorphic entity which assumes the physical and behavioral characteristics of antagonists from various myths and fairy tales. SCP-5768 - An infohazardous mythical figure known as the Voice-Taker, knowledge of which causes a small percentage of children between the ages of four and sixteen to become incapable of speech. SCP-2301 was successfully duped by Researcher Murphy into assuming the form of the Voice-Taker. This process resulted in SCP-2301 losing all memory of its previous existence, and rendered it incapable of metamorphosis. Likewise, SCP-5768's infohazardous properties have ceased.
SCP-1609 - A pile of splinters and other assorted materials with the ability to teleport. This anomaly was created following a failed attempt to neutralize a teleporting chair by the Global Occult Coalition and therefore acts extremely aggressive towards people it believes to be associated with them. SCP-2305 - A sheaf of US Letter papers that produces neutralization proposals for Euclid and Keter-class anomalies on a weekly basis. These neutralization proposals invariably detail the failure of the neutralization method, usually backfiring with great cost to the Foundation and the world at large. SCP-2305 has been placed in close proximity to SCP-1609 and has been noted to primarily produce neutralization reports pertaining to anomalies associated with the GOC, with the neutralizations backfiring on the GOC specifically.Documents pertaining to SCP-1609, the circumstances of its recovery and further attempts to neutralize it have been noted on multiple occasions.. This has been posited as a form of self-defense, as these proposals have had the effect of pacifying SCP-1609. Proposals to supply the GOC with newly generated SCP-2305 files are under consideration, due to potential future incidents that could be avoided. - U. Fly
SCP-396 - A chair that displaces itself and another chair on earth at random intervals. SCP-396 - A chair that displaces itself and another chair on earth at random intervals. Both chairs continually displace each other. As the chairs are identical, this has made it extremely difficult to tell which chair is which at any given time and almost impossible to differentiate between them. - U. Fly
SCP-3808 - A bacon cheeseburger located 1.33 meters above the ground in the middle of a forest. Any person who sees SCP-3808 or is exposed to a substantial amount of knowledge about it will become obsessed with justifying its existence and presence in its current location. SCP-4052 - A large group of humanoid entities with heads that appear as uncut loaves of white bread, occupying the town of Sandwich, Illinois, USA. These entities claim to be dedicated to protecting against sandwich-based dangers and react aggressively towards the presence of objects that can be described using the word 'sandwich'. As a bacon cheeseburger is composed of objects between two slices of bread, it can be described as a 'sandwich'. Upon SCP-4052 being informed of SCP-3808 several SCP-4052 instances were deployed to SCP-3808's location and have fortified the surrounding area, declaring the anomaly a 'dangerous tear in the sandwichtime continuum'. All further inquires have been met with the presentation of a highly esoteric equation about the nature of 'sandwichtime' that fully abates the effects of SCP-3808, likely due a successful justification of its presence.- U. Fly
SCP-4010 - The act of establishing a complete timeline of the universe accounting for every reality shift and temporal change, which causes a massive CK-class Reality-Restructuring scenario. SCP-0001-IKE - A semi-sapient biomechanical consciousness that rewrites reality based upon a narrative input and manipulates probability to ensure it's own existence. SCP-0001 tries to enact SCP-4010 but is frustrated due to it's own primary effect and the fact that the completion of SCP-4010 would make SCP-0001 stop existing. - Johnathan Young
SCP-1950 - A two-bedroom apartment stuck in a permanent 4 second temporal loop. SCP-711 - A device capable of sending messages into it's past and receiving messages from it's future. Parts of SCP-711 have been integrated into SCP-1950, ensuring that SCP-711 is never operational and thus String 17 is never sent. Due to the fact that String 17 is never sent, survival of the Foundation and thus humanity is ensured. - Johnathan Young
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