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I invented a car that runs on nightmare fuel. It’s kind of funny, actually. We invented fire to scare away the darkness, now we can use the darkness to power our lights.

It’s not like nightmare fuel is hard to find. People are afraid of a lot of things, they’re driven by it. I siphon that off, and I use it to drive an engine. It’s simple, really, though the instruments I use to gather the fuel are very sensitive and very complex, so much so that I’m the only one who can use them. But I don’t mind. I’ll fix that eventually. One thing at a time.

Distilling and concentrating the fuel comes next. A man can be driven by fear very easily, but a machine can’t fear, not really. The fuel has to be stronger, and so I distill it, break it down into its essential elements, and then concentrate it. The process takes months, and is very easy to get wrong, but I’ll fix that. One thing at a time.

But after that, it’s good to use. No nasty greenhouse gases, just some steam and screams. Turn up the music loud enough and you won’t notice anything at all.

I’ll probably get a Nobel for this.

There are still some kinks that need working out though. Sometimes the engine leaks. Sometimes things happen. They’re just little things, little incidents here and there, nothing too big, nothing too big. Nothing more than a passing shadow, a monster under the bed, a freak happening. Nothing too big.

I’ll fix it, don’t you worry, but one thing at a time.

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