Production Model Changes and Procedures
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Project Codename: Olympia

Project#: PRJOLM-000134

Clearance and File#: NPF-00051473

Changes to Olympia Prime (Production Model Template):

Security, Control and Containment Procedures:

  • A small audio device is to be implanted within the inner ear cochlear canals into all subjects. Implant is to be recharged via kinetic energy generated by the subject. Implant is to play SCP-061 non-stop. Subjects are then to be "programmed" via complex verbal commands until a workable AI has been established.
  • While in service, subjects are to be outfitted at all times with:
    • One (1) helmet, fitted with variable multipurpose goggles, and shielding against electromagnetic pulse, and a comm uplink for command and control purposes. Helmet is also internally fitted with a small electromagnetic explosive, as an instant kill device in case the subject is compromised.
    • A full body suit that allows for maximum movement ability, and constructed of variable heat retention polymers. Also available in camouflage varieties.
    • A variety of projectile and close combat weapons as situation warrants.

Production Procedures:
Subjects are to be cloned directly from Olympia Prime using SCP-222, then modified and implanted with the cochlear audio device. Programming can then take place.

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