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Welcome to Post-Phenom Art - RULES: | Topic: Non-Euclidean Sculptures: Overdone or Underdone?
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Phenylalanine: so baisically you just need to work on your shadding
blusepth: okay
Phenylalanine: hey coolguy, welcome to postphenom. you're new here right?
CoolGuy95: Hello people. I'm new.
blusepth: ASK! ASK!
CoolGuy95: questions?
Phenylalanine: 3. HOW DID YOU FIND US?
CoolGuy95: I would say Stendhal's Nightmare.
CoolGuy95: No, and a friend of mine mentioned you guys.
blusepth: Who?
CoolGuy95: She said her username is autotrophic or something like that.
Phenylalanine: Ah, you're with autotrophia. She's cool.
Phenylalanine: Well, the initiation is complete. your free to go
blusepth: ONE OF US.
jackomundo: ONE OF US.
CoolGuy95: So you guys are Are We Cool Yet?, right?
blusepth: ah hell noes
jackomundo: nope
Phenylalanine: No
CoolGuy95: but, I thought you guys did post-phenomenological art?
jackomundo: well yes
CoolGuy95: i thought that was kind of AWCY?'s thing.
Phenylalanine: We do post-phenom art, but we're not AWCY. You can't really be AWCY. It's like, a kind of meme really.
blusepth: AWCY? is definitely not cool.
Phenylalanine: Everyone is really damn tired of AWCY jokes.
CoolGuy95: okay
jackomundo: .tell AWritingDesk
VanGogh: Acknowledged.
Phenylalanine: So we've moved away from using AWCY in just about anything. It's an old, worn out joke that no one laughs at anymore.
blusepth: Also, AWCY? kind of got used by people who used post-phenom art in a way we don't really approve of. Like Stendhal's Nightmare. What's the point of making beautiful art if people can't appreciate it without dying or going crazy?
jackomundo: ^
Phenylalanine: These days, not many people do much of that "edgy" crap. At least not in our little circle.
CoolGuy95: I really didn't know all this, I just heard a little about AWCY and I thought it was interesting. I figured it would be a good way to expand my experience in art.
Phenylalanine: Its fine
jorgumander: yea, you're new here after all. can we see some of the stuff you've done before?
CoolGuy95: Sure. let me dig some of this stuf up
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CoolGuy95: it's not post-phenom, but here it is:
Epimonsterous: ooh are we reviewing art?
jorgumander: not bad, but not good either
Phenylalanine: I kind of like it, but it feels like it needs a lot refinement.
blusepth: it needs to be in color, like psychodelic swirls and stuff
Phenylalanine: Hey Epimon, we're just taking a look at this new guy's stuff.
Epimonsterous: Eh. The shapes are a little lopsided, and your shading needs work.
CoolGuy95: Is it really that bad? I mean, I know I'm not great but…. D:
blusepth: keep practcing, its the only way to get better
jorgumander: ^
jackomundo: background landscape would help too.
CoolGuy95: thanks for the feedback guys
Phenylalanine: You take criticism pretty well, that's good.
CoolGuy95: thanks
jorgumander: so people, today I put together a quick tutorial for people new to post-phenom. just a simple animated picture.
blusepth: lemme look
jackomundo: the writing is kind of sloppy.
Phenylalanine: I can barely read it, but I think I know the process you're describing.
Phenylalanine: The one with the crystals and rat blood?
jackomundo: yes
Phenylalanine: That's a good one, tried and true. Still, you really need to improve your handwriting. Maybe use the text tool in Photoshop instead.
CoolGuy95: it sounds interesting
blusepth: jacko's tutorial is pretty hard to read, but it is a good technique for you to try out CoolGuy.
jorgumander: yea, it is pretty simple and cheap.
CoolGuy95: I think I will. I can read the tutorial well enough since my own handwriting is bad.
Phenylalanine: It would be good for you as an artist. It's always a good idea to experiment in new mediums.
CoolGuy95: I'll get started right away. I can get a mouse from the pet store down the road.
Phenylalanine: One thing before you go CoolGuy.
CoolGuy95: ?
Phenylalanine: If you see the letters "SCP" in that order anywhere, on a truck, on a building, on someone's clothes, anywhere, drop what you are doing run.
Phenylalanine: Run like you have never run before.

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