P'rantortiz the Vile

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Black Queen Gnosis

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˙ƃuıʇɹodǝɹ oƃıʇɹǝʌ uǝǝnb ʞɔɐןq


P'rantortiz is a malevolent humanish-shaped „pıouɐɯnɥ„ uɐǝɯ noʎ ǝʌıǝlǝq ı Woah. Who let Bizarro in here? Can we not? This is a serious matter. entity. A high-ranking demon knight. It possesses intimate knowledge of ancient and esoteric magicks, is supremely cunning, and invariably hostile. Likes include: subjugation of the populace, torture or extermination of those who resist, debauched sex parties, and Homestuck. So like, literally the worst type of— Enough.


Unknown, aside from the presence of one or more of the Abrahamic faiths. The only sensible thing to do is ban religion, of course!


This is what we're here to determine. We know that holy water has an adverse effect on it, but it isn't exactly enough to disable the demon completely. A combination of religious enchantments and/or tactics may suffice in holding him permanently. We need to figure out what that precise combination is.

Instance: Timeline Q-001:

My home, and the reason I requested a catalogue for this prick. The majority of the population has been enslaved. The remainder has been driven underground, and are hunted by The Beast's minions. I've personally poured through the Library's archives, searching for something, anything that may put a stop to its reign of terror. Something to give my people a reason to keep fighting. ˙ʎɹɹos os ɯɐ I I'm certain we will come across something. You know, you could always come bunk with me! A bad spell turned like, 90% of my timeline into ice-cream and waffles! ƃuıʇsnƃsıp I'll pass, thanks. Wait. I thought your timeline was the one filled with indestructible kittens? Yea, that was like, four timelines ago. I need to move a lot.

Instance: Timeline Q-343:

Manipulated several world leaders via occult means into initiating a series of armed conflicts; culminating in out-and-out nuclear warfare. Billions perished in the exchange. The demon's whereabouts are unknown. ¿uoıʇɐpunoℲ ǝɥʇ Dissolved. Testimony from one of their escapees suggests that their leadership was similarly compromised. ˙uɯɐp Is this just like, 'your thing' to be edgy and mysterious, or are faces in your dimension upside-down? If it's the latter, I've got a friend in the circus I could hook you up with. She's a Khôramancer, dear. ˙pǝɹıʇǝɹ ı ˙sɐʍ* An unfortunate side-affect of toying with the Void.

Instance: Timeline H-522:

Much more low-key here. He possessed a human; a famous pornographer. Produced a series of films in which his crew ritualistically murdered his performers after the 'act'. Viewers become compelled to replicate their actions. The Foundation confiscated all physical copies, and labelled him as a Person of Interest. Currently at large. Totally called the 'sex party' thing. Gnosis. She's being rather unproductive. Do you mind? Not at all.

Black Queen Lilly has been banished (Do return when you have something meaningful to contribute.)

Instance: Timeline J-280:

˙uʍop ǝıן oʇ pǝǝu I ˙sɯɐǝɹɔs ʇnq ʇɟǝן ƃuıɥʇou ˙pɐǝp ןןɐ I've seen its treachery first-hand. Take all the time you need, Vertigo.

Instance: Timeline K-999:

GOC forces raided the stronghold of a cult based around the entity. Excellent. Slaughtered his followers to a man. I like where this is going. Unfortunately their deaths acted as the catalyst to an Alpha-Tier working. ¿ǝɔuɐpuǝɔsɐ uɐ Exactly. None can get within a mile of it without spontaneously combusting. If the subject does indeed have a weakness, it won't be found in this iteration. That is rather troublesome. How many timelines have fallen to this Beast?

Instance: Timeline L-761:

Guess who's back bitches! ¿sısouƃ Again with this? Say your piece. Right. Ahem.

Target is in the Foundation's custody. Well, that certainly is a step in the right direction, but they're not always the best at handling these things. Oh. It gets better. See, not only do they have the fucker under lock and key, but— ˙ƃuıɟɟnןq ǝɹ,noʎ I'm with her. Considering your previous behavior, we'll need something more solid than just your word. Good thing ol' Lilly's got proof! pic: cuz it totally happened! Open attachment

Lilly, I love you. The idiocy displayed here is remarkable. This is gold. ˙ʞɹoʍ ʇuǝllǝɔxǝ Now that we've got this out of the way… I've got a few hundred billion-trillion light-years filled with deliciousness just begging to be eaten. :) Sounds like a plan. I do think we all deserve the break. ¿pǝɹoʌɐlɟ-ʇuıɯ ǝɹǝɥʇ sı Count me in!

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