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Porter Rojas, She Thought Too Good For Death, Rosy, Red1


A soul that did not want to leave this world, Pozz came back to the plane of the living following a brief intermission that began when she and her lover were murdered for reasons out of their control, and now she walks forever in a new form, that of a horned, five-eyed, beautiful being, undetectable by digital equipment, notably including that of watchful eyes such as the Jailors and Bookburners.

After stumbling into the Library, she plans to spend her now-countless days in the Library learning of all the things it wishes to teach, and pledge herself to the goals of the Hand.



Doodle by Pozz of herself on a page of one of her books.23


Traits: Pozz is a woman physically characterized by her dark skin4, two curved horns atop her head, five eyes which, while functional, do not look like they should be due to the appearance of what looks like TV static in the middle of the sclera rather than pupils or irises5, and her ability to speak despite lack of a mouth, or any internal organs besides a heart and blood for that matter.

On a vaguely thematically similar note to the TV static, Pozz, as well as objects she directly interacts with or changes, are completely undetectable to any digital recording equipment.

Pozz does not require any external sustenance to live, and does not appear to age. It's conjectured that she is an immortal being in her rebirth as something greater than a human.

Although an artist and avid reader in her life as a human, Pozz has impaired vision and fine motor functions.

Nature: Pozz is not a very outgoing individual when one first meets her, but she is quick to warm up to people who give her their time and show her kindness.67

Pozz seems to act much differently than normal outside of extradimensional areas such as the Library for whatever reason. Her mood will worsen significantly, and she will be very anxious and jittery upon crossing the threshold to Earth from whatever extradimensional space she was in. The intensity of this change in mood varies from Earthly location to Earthly location, seeming to be at its most intense in areas farthest from the midwestern United States. The focal point of this effect seems to move at a slow but near-constant rate from west to east, but the exact location or nature of this point have not been discovered.

History & Associated Parties: Pozz lived as Porter Rojas in Gardnerville, Nevada. She lived to be 26, had a job, and had even moved in with her girlfriend, Alyssa, but the pair's new life together was abruptly ground to a halt when the two of them were murdered by a man that Pozz, unfortunately, does not remember the name of.

That would've been the end for Pozz, but she emerged anew.8 However, she was far from home, and she felt so lost and scared. She would try to walk back to Gardnerville, but the feeling would only get worse with every step west, and she simply tried to go towards where it felt the least miserable to be.

Eventually, this wandering would lead to her catching the attention of Jailor elements, as it was only a matter of time before eyewitness reports started piling up. However, before she was able to be apprehended for the crime of existing, lost in a world now stranger to her than ever, she was rescued by Whispers in the Rain, and brought to the Library, where she resides to this day, and works to understand the Library and the world at large as a member of the Serpent's hand.

Approach: Be kind to Pozz if you want her to listen to you, and don't prod about the circumstances of her and her girlfriend's deaths, as she is prone to simply remove herself from unfavorable situations.

Whispers in the Rain has taken it upon herself to assist Pozz in her reeducation in reading and writing, as well as some minor thaumaturgy, standard Hand protocol, and Library etiquette.

Observations & Stories

I really am thankful to the Hand and the Wanderer's Library for all of the kindness they've shown me, including and especially Whispers. She has been nothing but welcoming and helpful to me, and a wonderful friend. - Pozz

Pozz has proven to be a kindred spirit, determined to learn all that can be learned about the world, particularly the parts of it that lie beyond the Veil. She is doing well on her way to being able to read and write unhindered once again, and I believe that if it weren't for her impairment while on Earth's surface, she would make quite the covert operative for the Hand, even if not for her literal undetectability, then for her dedication, loyalty, and curiosity. - W.R.


Of course, not every bit of every story can be taken fully without a grain of salt, and Pozz's seems to be the only view of this story we have.

Even Pozz does not seem to remember who killed her. To this day, the murder of Alyssa Morgan and Porter Rojas remains unsolved with no leads that were not dropped due to a lack of evidence.

There is little conjecture to be made about what causes Pozz's strange behavior while on Earth.

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