popsioak's garden. come look at shit. or stuff fertilized with it, at least.

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behold, my STUFF


Just a literal fuckin’ tree. I like trees.

Top of the morning, Popsioak here, in all my popsicly, oaky, glory.

I've got uh, articles I guess. Written by a sikh guy. So yeah. That's cool.
I write a lot, evidently.

I can give a mean sikh history lecture.

A fun little game that i really like playing, you too can do it in 4 short steps

1. Have an idea

2. Tell people about the idea

3. write the idea and ask for a fuckton of crit

5. regret your life choices after it’s posted

Self-Seeded SCPs

SCP-4184: Threnody, Requiem, Dirge Drama (Interpersonal)

SCP-4185: we outrun yourself Horror (Time Travelling)

SCP-4186: Postcards From Italy Drama

SCP-4187: Bu(r)g(er) King Horror (Body)

SCP-4215: The Inkredible Squiddy Squaddy Comedy

SCP-4285: Dank Memetics Comedy/Horror (Weird)

SCP-4735: You're alight again, my dear. - Horror (Body)

SCP-4437: Going Forward, Really, Really Fast - Comedy/Horror (Psychological)

SCP-5425: COME UNDONE. - Drama

SCP-5660: The Hole In the Pope - Comedy

SCP-720: Panopticon - Horror (Body/Religious)

SCP-3279: The Afterimage - Bittersweet Drama

SCP-4440: IT'S NERF OR (___) - Comedy

SCP-5413: Apavitr; Or, I Stared Into A Godless Hole - Horror (Atmospheric)

SCP-5662: Act III: Life and Depth - Drama (Meditative)

SCP-5689: Act V: Him, His Devil, and Confessional - Horror (Atmospheric)

SCP-5903: In Cauda Venenum (Who Are You?) Horror (Governmental/Body)


SCP-5581: To Serve Man - Comedy/Body Horror

Co-Created Conifers

SCP-4218: alexylvauniversity.edu and Administrative Leave with TechSorcerer2747TechSorcerer2747 Horror

SCP-4457: Assopods with glewmieglewmie Horror (Body)

SCP-5111: Fermi, Exterminated with WinterShadowWinterShadow Horror (Space)

SCP-5550: I, Singh, My Body Collected with Brewsterion 1017Brewsterion 1017 Drama (Interpersonal)

SCP-5250: Act I: The Lake South, The Deer North with DyslexionDyslexion Horror (Psychological)

Thistly Telling of Transcribed Tales

Lo! Behold The Tiger, Valiant is He!

You Can't Live There Forever

Last Train Home

THE BIG HUB: In Saffron Sands

Total Tally of To-Do Trees

1. live

2. write stuff

3. keep on keeping on

4. even when your hope is gone

5. move along move along

6. iunno, do stuff i guess

7. ???

8. Profit

Real Talk For A Moment

If I ever leave the wiki unannounced without any form of message or letting anyone know for over two years, or if I die, move to Antarctica, or likewise actions, I wish for my articles to be transferred to Brewsterion 1017Brewsterion 1017, and for all coauthored articles to be shifted to their respective coauthors. If Brew is not available, I request for them to be transferred to VoidLady. If not that, then Doctor FullhamDoctor Fullham. thank you :)

Popsioak has temporarily deleted their account. They will return soon. -Brew

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