Poison Apples
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The following fragments of the journal that SCP-2599 used to own were retrieved on February 17, 2019. If further objects that may be of interest were to be found on the razed remains of the building where SCP-2599 used to reside, please report to Dr. Wensley. Any form of reference of the file or the events it displays to SCP-2599 is strictly forbidden.1

May 25th, 2011

Today I got this year's report card. I managed to get first place again. Mom and dad congratulated me, although mom was kinda disappointed when she saw the A- in Social Studies.

June 15th, 2011

Mom arranged another tutor for me. This time it's for Social Studies. This makes four tutors now. I mean, I only received an A- this one time. I'm not that terrible at the subject, am I? I don't think mom cares either way, but still.

October 13th, 2011

Today a new kid moved to our school. I think his name was Alex or something.

November 14th, 2011

Today I went to the honors class after school. Alex was there, I think it was his first time going. Surprisingly he solved all the problems on the papers in like, 30 minutes or less. Sure, it was impressive, but I could do better if I tried.

May 23th, 2012

Today I received this year's report card. It's a complete disaster. Alex took first place in basically everything. I'm in second place. Mom completely lost it. She yelled at me for being lazy and not working hard enough. But I did work hard like I always did. But he got an almost perfect score. How could I beat that?

September 31th, 2012

Today I fell asleep during Science class. Ms.McKay was so mad at me. I suspect it's because I studied until 3 A.M. again yesterday. To be honest, I can't really concantrconcentrate that late, but would mom listen? She told me that the one best student in the school can get a pass to the Ivy Leagues. Alex probably transferred here because of that. She told me that I need to study really hard to get the pass.

November 2nd, 2012

Today I fainted in the hallway during school. God, it was so fucking embarrassing. The nurse said it was a slight case of anemia. My health doesn't seem to be that great these days.

January 14th, 2013
I feel a little weird lately. On top of the fact I consistently feel tired and sick, lately, it feels like a scared bird is living inside me. When mom tells me what to do, the bird panics and flaps around. I move and do what it says, but I'm not the one moving. As I do whatever, the bird gets bigger, gets more violent. It hurts me.

What the hell am I writing? I must be going crazy.

May 22th, 2013

Today I got this year's report card. Alex got first place again. I'm 2nd. I can't beat him. Mom was so mad. What does she expect from me? The guy is a genius. How am I supposed to compete with a genius?? She says my schedule will be more efficient so I'd study even more. I don't think my body can sustain with all that.

August 29th, 2013

Today I got back from the hospital. Dad gave me the fuckton of homework my tutors dropped by while I was knocked out for three days. I thought the whole fucking reason I got hospitalized is because of overwork. I guess common sense isn't left on this damn planet anymore.

September 12th, 2013

Today in P.E. class the weirdest thing happened. Coach Perri made me do a split, and I did an almost perfect one. My body used to be so stiff I couldn't even cross my legs easily! Later I tried to show it to Linda, but I couldn't do it.

December 1st, 2013

The bird is trying to take over my mind. It's becoming scary. If someone gives me an order, I have to follow it. The bird loses its shit and makes me to what they told me. I tried resisting, but it's no use at all.

Fuck, this is the 9th time I wrote about that stupid bird. I'd better not talk to anyone about this, or else they might send me to an asylum or somewhere just as horrible.

April 28th, 2014

Okay, here's what I figured out. If someone gives me an order, my body moves on its own to do the order. Even things that I can't possibly accomplish before. I never seem to do it perfectly for some reason, but that's not that important. I think if a friend tells me to be in first place this year, I might just make it true. Maybe then mom will finally be satisfied. I don't care how weird all of this is. I just want mom to lay off my fucking back
forget it. I'm really going to carry out the plan though.

May 10th, 2014

Today I took the final exam for the year. As soon as I started taking the exam, my body got rigid and solved the problems on its own. It was me who did the thinking, but I had no control. God, it was confusing. Just as well, because I made Lisa order me to get 1st place on the exams. And as I suspected, I did it. Well, I think there are one or two mistakes, but it doesn't really matter. She thought I was mad when I made the request, but whatever.

May 21st, 2014

Oh no. Oh god. It isn't possible. I…I think I killed Alex. As I was on the school bus, thinking about the report card I would have received after, the bus went to the pavement and slammed into Alex. I saw the bus driver pleading innocent to the police. But I know it's my fault. When the teachers made us go inside the classrooms, I saw my report card. It was marked 2nd. Alex was probably first again. But somehow Lisa telling me to be 1st made the bus killed him. This sounds crazy, and I think I AM going crazy, but I'm sure I'm the cause. Why would a bus just go straight to the pavement? I don't know what to do now.

May 22nd, 2014

I'm writing this on the street. My home is destroyed. Don't know where mom and dad are. Those guys in suits seem to be searching for me. Okay, from the start. Yesterday, as I walked down on the street, a woman I didn't recognize whispered something in my ear. I don't think it was English. But immediately after, I ran straight home, and I don't remember after. I woke up just before watching my house in ruins. The kitchen room seemed to be undamaged, for some reason. A squad of women in suits was writing in notebooks near me. One looked up in my direction, and I ran away. I don't see the point though. I killed a person, and my home is gone.
And it's all my fault.

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