POI-48392 redacted file photo

File #: POI-48392

Relation status: Unstable Civilian Asset

Description: POI-48392 is a phenotypically male human, 1.8m in height and roughly 86kg in weight. POI-48392 is by their own reports nearsighted, and wears corrective lenses at all times. POI-48392 is usually observed wearing rough street wear, the constants being a gray hooded sweat shirt and one of various bandanas. Standard Foundation background checks and records inquiries reveal documentation for several homes and workplaces, none of which are current. Name on all records is “Psylas Shadeau”; no birth or name change records for someone of that name have been recovered despite The Foundation’s best efforts.

POI-48392 has been observed to be in non-authoritative contact with several groups of interest, and is most frequently spotted among anartist enclaves (including those with connections to Are We Cool Yet). POI-48392 has a reputation among some anartists for being “unshakable”, seemingly able to withstand pieces of anart with low-level memetic or cognitohazardous effects and able to give feedback to artists concerning his experience. POI-48392 seems to have positive casual relations with the company they are found in, and yet does not seem to hold an official capacity in any. Other sightings include:

  • Exploring an abandoned factory alongside known members of the Church of the Broken God
  • Socializing at a Marshall, Carter, & Dark auction
  • In a coffee shop talking with a person fitting the description “Nobody”; they shook hands

POI-48392 has also been observed interacting with anomalous objects and areas on an irregular but continuous basis. Security review revealed POI-48392 to be present in the crowd of several public recoveries, but does not appear in subsequent amnestic administration records. Any cases or investigations in the Northeastern United States should be reviewed for POI-48392. Although it can be assumed that POI-48392 possesses sensitive information, none of this information has been leaked to any other group of interest.

Special Contact Procedures: POI-48392 is easily lured by casual conversation. Any embedded agent with level 2 or higher public engagement proficiency is encouraged to engage in dialogue with POI-48392. Any and all conversation is to be recorded and analyzed by Foundation personnel. While The Foundation has the means to detain this asset, they have proven far more valuable out among the world and have displayed no direct antagonism toward The Foundation or its goals.

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