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Latest Work: SCP-5417+57

SCP-5364— Seventy Millimeter Projector


SCP-5620 — Poems of the Badalisc
"Tired of his job, I see"


SCP-5595 — Geoffrey Quincy Harrison the Third: Site-Director, Gumball Machine


SCP-5594 — Fine Dine and Good Spirits
"Now, I haven't had a good steak in years and I'm hungry. Let's eat, friends."


SCP-5787 — Bad Things Happen in Philadelphia
A Collaboration with J DuneJ Dune
"Behold! The personification of The Glorious Wit-Witout!"


SCP-5596 — A Really Shitty Cupid
Fourth Place SCP in the 2021 Cupid Contest
"You got Clammy, right? We all remember this? I'm not insane here?"


SCP-5593 — Unclogged
JamCon 2021 Entry: "Marine"
"Of course, just my luck I end up with the Italians."


SCP-5486 — Conjunction Immemorial
A Collaboration with Grigori KarpinGrigori Karpin
"The entity no longer must possess a specific person, but can instead form noospheric connections to conceptual constructs within a given culture."


SCP-5592 — You’re Really a Part of Me
" …The discovery of the deceased body of Lauren Neilson encased between Higgins' dermis and epidermis."


SCP-5417 — ‘Cize Up!: A Vikander-Kneed Technical Media Program
"What are we waiting for? Let's 'Cize Up!"


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