"Photosynthetic"'s Personnel File
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Full Name: Dr. Chelsea "Photosynthetic" Elliott

Other Designations: E-46693

Security Clearance: Level-3 Pending Level-3

Profession: Botanist / plant specialist, both of anomalous and non-anomalous individuals

Duties: SCP object evaluation, containment, research, and maintenance, primarily of plant-based items; peer review for SCP Foundation journal Chloroplast

Location: Based at Site-19; consults worldwide

History: Dr. Elliott joined the Foundation shortly after attaining her doctorate. Two months into her tenure, she was involved in Containment Breach ███-████, in which she [DATA EXPUNGED] but escaped with minimal greening.

In Foundation employment, she has successfully developed containment procedures for numerous SCP objects, and acquired critical intelligence about many more. In recent months, she has spearheaded the push for more scientific openness within the Foundation, strongly encouraging as much research within her departments as is permitted.

On 12 February 2014, Dr. Elliott was involved in Incident E-31181-A, during which she and several colleagues encountered an uncontained and thereto unstudied anomalous object. Although she interacted with the object1 more extensively and directly than any others present, the resultant anomalous properties disappeared shortly thereafter, and she was cleared for duty upon fully recovering from her injuries.

Note: Personnel concerned with approving Dr. Elliott’s requests for close examination of SCP objects should note that she displays a worrisome degree of tactile curiosity. Unless you want to have her literally poking your Safe-class item, or sniffing at a Euclid, exercise caution. At least she has enough sense not to risk it around the really dangerous ones. — ███ █████

Note: Dr. Elliott is reminded, again, that she is not entitled to keep plant-based SCP items or derivatives thereof in any part of her workspace without due authorization, especially when the item in question is extremely toxic. No further infractions will be tolerated. —Dr. M. Vogler

It’s a perfectly normal Actaea pachypoda, not an SCP! —Dr. Elliott

Whatever it is, get it out of your office. I don’t want to find it in the break room, or in my coffee. I saw what happened to Kyle. —Dr. M. Vogler

SCP Items Catalogued:
SCP-713, Click Anywhere Computer
SCP-243, Animation
SCP-520, Knife Switch
SCP-799, Carnivorous Blanket
SCP-628, Flute Copse
SCP-711, Paradoxical Insurance Policy
SCP-1001, Ya-Te-Veo
SCP-2697, Fire Season
SCP-2108, Another Sun

SCP Items Co-Catalogued:
SCP-199, Ferns (with Mister Flames)
SCP-394, Ear Candles (with Mister Flames)
SCP-130, Post Office (with Mister Flames)
SCP-860, Blue Key (with Agent Enma Ai)
SCP-5555-J, The Chibinator (second round of test logs, with Dr. Bright)
SCP-1400, Sirens (with Dr. Anders Bjornsen)
SCP-1910, Plant-Repairing Hookah (with Vincent Redgrave)

SCP Items Reviewed:
SCP-004, The 12 Rusty Keys and the Door
SCP-548, Ice Spider
SCP-1191, Criminal Past (with LooksLikeSnow)
SCP-1170, Romantic Ghost (with Research Assistant Goldsheiner)
SCP-1032, The Prediction Clock (with MrAesthetics)

Ancillary Material:
Experiment Log 713

Further Documentation:
All Things Considered
Light-Dependent Reactions
Anomalous item: "Hot-and-cold pepper"
Binomial nomenclature section of Technical Words

Leads Under Investigation

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