"Petro" Derinsky's Personnel File
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"Petro" Derinsky engaged in containment planning for SCP-███.1


Name: Ivan Petrovich Derinsky

Security Clearence: Level 2

Affiliation: Department of Extra-Universal Affairs

Position: MUTA-NT Aperture Stability and Universe Habitability Technician
- Containment Specialist (retired)

Site of Operations: Site 87

Profile: Derinsky was born in Потёмкиногорск, Karelo-Finnish SSR, designated NEXUS-14 for its regular physics violations, extreme political credulity, and abnormally high rate of bureaucratic error. He received extended 5-year training in electrical and radio engineering during his mandatory military service. Derinsky was identified and recruited during an early SCP-2477 incident, spending the next ██ years as a Containment Specialist focusing in spatial and temporal anomalies.

Due to repeated exposure to anomalies under containment breach conditions or lacking safety equipment, Derinsky has been subject to dozens of temporal contractions, dilations, reversals, timeline excisions, divergences and re-convergences, and has been listed as MIA for multiple extended periods. As a result, his personal chronology and biological age are essentially impossible to determine.

Derinsky was forced to retire in 2010 in spite of excellent health due to Human Resources policy. He requested and was granted a part-time Knowledge Retention Assignment to Site 87, where he uses his familiarity with spacetime instability and 70's-era Foundation electronics to attempt to ensure that nobody undergoes catastrophic eversion when utilizing the Multi-Universal Transit Array.

Special Containment Procedures authored:

(Mostly not their mainlist titles.)

Additional Duties:
Technical Liaison to the Sloth's Pit Municipal Government

Low-Risk Personnel/E-Class Subject Pool

Site 87 RAISA Metanarrativistic Paranotary

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