Petition To Ban Margssentif

Site admins, please heed my call to ban this filthy ingrate. Cast him into the fire! Beat him senseless with the might of the Banhammer! Strike him down!!

Margssentif, who is also known as Fitnessgram in the IRC Chat (More like FitnessLAME, am I right?), where he asks stupid questions and says stupider things, is a major dickwad and I frankly cannot stand him. The audacity of this bastard is intolerable.
For too long has this asshole harassed, irritated, and generally fucked with everyone on the Site. His handsomeness and massive, bulging muscles are too vexing for me to handle.
This is why I have made this page, for the collective good of the community, to permanently banish this scumbag from the face of the earth. Hopefully I shall never be made to feel inferior by his sheer bodaciousness ever again.

Please like this article if you support the immediate ban of Margssentif (and his chiselled jawline) from this site. If you don't want him to be banned, blink twice if you are being held at gunpoint.

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Also, use the discussion page to share your worst experiences with Margssentif. That prick's immense ego needs to be taken down a size or two. I'll start:

My worst experience with Margssentif is looking in the mirror each morning and seeing how pathetic I am compared to that paragon of might.

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