Researcher Robert Sandler
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Name: Lord Robert Sandler

Security Clearance: Level 1

Specialization: Storage oversight, Dr. Sandler currently holds the title of "Grandmaster of the Collapsing Box" due to efficiency in storage procedures.
Note: How does he manage to fit twelve cubic meters of boxes into ten cubic meters of space? No standardized testing for paranormal activity has turned up anything and even under Class C truth serums he swears that he's just "putting things where they go." Any clues as to his methods are to be immediately reported to Containment Area 23 administration. -Dr. Rutherford

Site of Operations: Containment Area 23, where he maintains the catalog of low-risk items.

SCP Files Filed:
SCP-132 - Broken Desert
SCP-210 - Flooded House
SCP-216 - My Teapot
SCP-442 - On-Time Piece
SCP-672 - Rock Coral
SCP-2041-J - Tankapult

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