Personal Log Of Dr Gears
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Personal Log of Dr.Gears

[NOTE: Dates and some sensitive information removed by Central Records. Original documentation available upon approval.]

███████ ██

Woke up early, due to the sound of explosion. A new Agent entered the containment area of SCP-236, and accidentally stepped on a unit. The resulting explosion almost set off a chain reaction, but was contained successfully. Unknown if Agent survived, but doubtful. Was approached by Dr. █████ in the hall shortly after leaving my dormitory, in regards to a new subject being introduced to SCP-212. I am to supervise and document the proceedings, which will take place tomorrow. The last subject exposed did not survive, and expired in such a way as to require lockdown of the test area. It is hoped the current exposure will not repeat this outcome.

Spent most of the morning preparing documents for transfer to Central Records. We are currently updating our database to an all-digital format. Concerns have been raised due to the sheer volume of data. Anyone could accidentally gain access to sensitive documents, copy them, and cause a security breach. This possibility is remote, but with my own work taking several weeks to compile thus far, I feel it could be valid.

Lunch was eventful. Several members of Zeta-9 had returned from a mission, and proceeded to state their superiority to several other teams present in R-4 lunchroom, most notably Phi-1, who they stated “keep their pansy little asses hidden in the base, while we do all the damn Deep work!”. A sizable altercation broke out, which was separated by Agent Dorlin. After his exposure SCP-212, he has shown remarkable aptitude with his improvements, notably the “scythe-arms”. The rest of the lunch period was uneventful, with the exception of SCP-529 stealing a piece of ham from my plate. Reported it to Site Security, who told me “don’t worry about it, she does that sometimes.”

Afternoon devoted to SCP review. Meeting scheduled for tomorrow with SCP-172. Have received information that a new assistant will be assigned to me within the week, the old one having been removed from active service due to exposure to SCP-008. The assistance will be helpful, as the massive amount of compiling and updating is starting to affect my other duties.

███████ ██

Morning uneventful, despite brief lockdown due to a false alarm. Met with new lab assistant after entering office. "Iceberg" is a newly-appointed assistant, and seems somewhat eager to prove himself. Assigned several stacks of reports to be compiled and sent to Central Records to him. I dislike handing off work, but I can not do both jobs at once. Received word that the subject set to be exposed to SCP-212 has failed a drug screening, and will have to be postponed.

Met with SCP-172. “He” seemed very pleased today, and presented me with a blueprint for a non-lethal handgun. Explained that it uses a sequence of chimes and air pulses, controlled by a central mainspring and “timing drum” to emit a series of tones and vibrations, causing instant loss of balance, partial blindness, and vomiting. Requested SCP-172 to create a prototype, to which he replied “Yes comrade, consider it already done.” SCP-172 appears to be working on a new module as well. Inquired as to its function, to which SCP-172 responded: “Your Agents seem lazy, comrade. I will show them the proper way to drill and exercise.” Will inquire with Site Supervision, about whether or not this should be allowed. Remainder of meeting uneventful, SCP-172 commenting several times that he “felt tired”. Appeared to be “winding down” and returned to storage compartment after meeting conclusion.

Ate lunch in office. Iceberg appears to have made a great deal of headway in the reports. I think I’ll take him to assist with testing SCP-882. We lack documentation as to the exact time required for SCP-882 to regain animation, and the time needed to manifest the “grinding” in subjects. It appears Iceberg has yet to encounter high-security SCP. This will be a valuable learning experience for him. We will be flying to the containment site at the end of the week.

Minor security breech in the evening. SCP-076 exited containment area with extreme force, causing several injuries. Members of security were talking outside of SCP-076s containment area. SCP-076 misheard a comment, and took offense. Situation resolved, and a new blast door has been ordered. Staff has been reminded not to remain in SCP containment areas when not actively working.

███████ ██

Long flight to the containment area. On our approach, was informed that a security breech had occurred. Agents moving SCP-882 to the testing area had an accident, causing SCP-882 to leave its secured transportation tank and strike a large metal blast door. SCP-882 immediately bonded with the door, and the entire area has been locked down. Eight Agents and several members of staff were sealed in with SCP-882.

Landed in the evening, with snow starting to fall. Informed that a storm is coming, and we will be unable to leave for two weeks. Containment area was mostly unsealed, with the exception of several areas near the site of the accident. Lockdown is being maintained for the area until the full extent of the SCP-882 “infection” is contained. All areas connecting to the accident site have been disconnected from the main containment facility via explosives. It appears that several rooms and halls were “infected” before physical separation could be achieved. SCP-882 “spread” via wiring and other metallic devices. Two Agents, Dr. █████, and three D-Class personnel are still sealed in the affected areas.

Command has informed me that testing will continue as planned, with a new focus on the group dynamic when under extreme stress. Security cameras appear to be unaffected by the infection, and observation has begun. Assigned my assistant to the set-up of a central observation post with several CCTV and other monitoring devices. He has been very quiet. Several of those sealed in with SCP-882 appear very upset. SCP-882 is now only 26% covered in rust, and has started to make small, jerky movements.

███████ ██

The first 24 hours of exposure to SCP-882 have yielded a great deal of data. Auditory effects begin after 18 hours of exposure, varying by one to two hours depending on proximity to SCP-882. The closer a subject is, the quicker the effect. SCP-882 has started converting the door to which it is attached into more gears and cogs, current projections putting full conversion at 56 hours. Other metallic objects connected to the door have not yet begun to covert. SCP-882 is operating normally, no rust visible anywhere on any observable surface, and all components moving in ways consistent to their construction. As has been documented, no form of power is visible, and nothing can be detected to account for SCP-882s continued operation.

One D-Class has died. All personnel isolated with SCP-882 have started to report hearing “noises”; however D-882/1 appears to have been more drastically affected. D-882/1 was observed to have spent long periods of time staring at SCP-882, attempting several times to touch it before being stopped by Agent P█████ and Agent D██. The staffs have created a dormitory in the isolated area, comprised of the break room and two adjoining offices. Two-way communication with the isolated staff is not possible, the PA system being damaged during the isolation procedure, but those isolated have been very vocal. Many requests have been made, most pertaining to time of rescue. D-882/1 was notably more quiet then the rest of staff, and seemed to have become extremely withdrawn.

D-882/1 left the sleeping area at 4:46 a.m., walking out of the “living quarters” and into the area containing SCP-882. D-882/1 stared at SCP-882, and then put his hand into the main mass of SCP-882. Iceberg, who was observing at the time, said D-882/1 appeared to be “sleepwalking”. D-882/1 was immediately drawn into the main mass, screaming and attempting to remove himself from SCP-882. D-882/1 was completely drawn into the main mass in fourteen seconds. The other isolated staff quickly awoke and ran to SCP-882, after hearing D-882/1 screaming. Both the remaining D-Class and Dr.█████ became notably upset, D-882/2 vomiting and fainting after seeing SCP-882. Both Agents advanced on the observation cameras, asking repeatedly to be removed and showing a high degree of anger. D-882/2 and D-882/3 have also shown a strong dislike for Dr.█████.

Today has been uneventful. The storm has come in, and we are unable to leave our current research area. My assistant was visibly upset by the actions of D-882/1, and requested an early observation rotation. The wind is very strong, and some observational equipment has been compromised, but no vital systems as of yet. The containment site command has informed me that we may lose the audio feed to the isolated section in the next few days, due to damage done during separation.

The current site is still in an emergency situation, and the remaining facilities are somewhat cramped. My assistant and I have our research area, and one room for sleeping/eating. Rations are limited to Foundation Emergency Nutrition Rations until we can receive a supply drop, which may be some time. Iceberg has been withdrawn since the incident with SCP-882 and D-882/1. His performance has not been impaired, but he appears distracted at times.

███████ ██

Received an emergency supply drop today, in the middle of a break in the storm. Weather reports show that this storm will continue for several more days, and no drop will be possible after this short lull. The drop missed its mark by only a few yards, and all the supplies were still intact, but Agent ████ was visibly upset when he was told that the container had impacted with his jeep.

Unloading went quickly, and Iceberg assisted in installing much needed lab equipment. The storm began to pick up shortly before we finished unloading, and it appears a member of site staff has contracted frostbite in his hands and face. Amputation of the fingers may be needed. The additional medical and food supplies are a welcome boost, and many staff have shown a great deal of pleasure about moving off emergency rations.

Subjects in the containment area have started to show signs of auditory hallucination. This appears to manifest after 32 hours of exposure to SCP-882. Agent P█████ has committed suicide. He used his service pistol to shoot himself through the temple last night. The remaining subjects were visibly upset by this, D-882-2 appearing to go into mild shock. Food supplies appear to be running low as well, however due to emergency protocols we are unable to re-supply the subjects at this time. Agent D██ is extremely upset, and has spent several hours speaking to the cameras, mostly insults, threats, and sobbing. Agent D██ has also tried several times to destroy the cameras, but has been unsuccessful.

Dr.█████ appears to be the most affected by SCP-882 and its auditory effect. He has already placed several metal objects on SCP-882 affected areas, lessening what he calls “that horrible screeching and grinding”. These actions have angered the other subjects, who have instructed him “not to make things worse”. This appears to run counter to action, as every subject in the containment area has, at some point over the last 24 hours, added metal to SCP-882. At the current rate, all metal in the containment area will be consumed and converted by SCP-882 within 48 hours.

The storm has grown, and is now strong enough to cause some outside walls to creak and vibrate. I have expressed concern over the broadcast range of SCP-882, but local staff state that the effect is proportional to its size, and that we are still well out of range. My assistant and I currently work in an area lined with SCP-148, but the rest of staff may run the risk of exposure. I’ve asked Iceberg to monitor staff, and note any aberrant behavior.

███████ ██
Unable to make complete log entry. Broadcast range of SCP-882 drastically underrated. Several security breaches, with multiple members of site staff exposed to SCP-882. Dr.█████ appears to have gone insane. Several members of site staff and security killed by Dr.█████ and other members of staff exposed to SCP-882. Iceberg and I have barricaded ourselves in our shielded testing area. Foundation contacted, and Emergency Response Teams have been dispatched, but there is no set arrival time due to weather conditions.

Several sections of the site have been damaged, and the heating system appears to be failing. SCP-882 has been allowed to breach emergency containment. Several subjects exposed to SCP-882 are attempting to gain access to our testing area. Temperature is steadily dropping.

███████ ██

Extraction from site was made at ████ hours, approximately six days after distress beacon was issued to The Foundation in regards to the second security breach by SCP-882. Delay in response due to severe weather conditions. Currently in-route to Site ██ for debriefing.

Response team found the entire site compromised, and a majority of the staff dead due to exposure to freezing temperatures, exposure to SCP-882, or murder. Remaining staff recovered and placed in quarantine with minimal injury. SCP-882 cut back to standard containment parameters, with the resulting metal disposed of quickly. Reconstruction of containment area will commence after judicial review and inquest into both containment failure incidents.

Iceberg provided a great deal of the physical force needed to repel SCP-882 affected staff during the security break down. He has shown an aptitude for improvised hand-to-hand combat weapons, as well as hand-held explosives and incendiary devices, primarily “flash-bang” grenades and Molotov cocktails. The event appears to have altered his personality, observable in the excessive use of force against affected staff, far exceeding the amount needed in some cases. He has suffered several broken bones, frostbite in hands and feet, and may have had very mild SCP-882 exposure. He is being remanded to Medical for evaluation, then to Dr. Glass for psychological evaluation.

I have suffered minimal physical damage, limited to moderate to severe frostbite in the hands and face. I am also being remanded for medical and psychological evaluation. After being cleared by medical staff, Iceberg will begin processing the data gathered from SCP-882, while I gather information on the status of current research projects.

In light of the events of the containment breach, I plan to file a request for SCP-172 regarding a personal protection device.

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