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The evidence you've shown me is troubling. I'm authorizing you to utilize my Level-5 certification in order to track down what he's up to, and make sure we don't have a repeat of last time.


Alto Clef touched the tip of his burning cigarette to the small paper missive and watched it burn in his ashtray. He laced his fingers together, stretching his arms outward, palms towards the sky, until a rather satisfying series of pops emanated from them. Shaking his hands loose, he studied his desktop terminal.

"Alright, Kain. Let's have a looksee at your schemes."


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SCP-244-ARC- Last edited- 5 hours ago
SCP-447- Last read- hours ago
SCP-500- Last read- 2 days ago
SCP-914- Last read- 2 days ago
SCP-890- Last read- 2 days ago
OLYMPIA PROJECT- Last edited- 192 days ago
SCP-076- Last read- 193 days ago
SCP-105- Last read- 193 days ago

Refresh SCIP.NET?

That dumb old dog and his haughty taughty names. 'Lazarus'. He scoffed. Ridiculous. Finding his secret project had been easier than he anticipated.

With a click, Clef opened the most recently edited file.


Project Codename: Lazarus

Project#: PRJOLM-14310193

Clearance and File#: NPF-00051473

Head Researcher: Professor K. P. Crow

Project Aims: To recommission, further upgrade, and utilize SCP-244-ARC for the purpose of allowing Professor K. P. Crow to remain beneficial to the Foundation indefinitely.

SCP Utilised:
SCP-244-ARC - as the base construct
SCP-447 - as a raw material
SCP-500 - as a raw material
SCP-914 - for the altering of raw materials
SCP-890 - for altering of materials and the finished product

Raw Materials:

  • One pill of SCP-500.
  • Five hundred liters of slime produced by SCP-447 as a biological preservative, disinfectant, and lubricant.
  • One heart-lung machine.
  • One dialysis machine.
  • 250 kg of bulletproof glass.
  • One Anderson Robotics Neural Adapter

Refining and Altering Procedures:

Heart-lung machine, dialysis machine, and bulletproof glass to be refined using SCP-914. The installation of these devices will allow for respiration and prevent cerebral/respiratory atrophy.

SCP-890 to assist with further shaping the resultant machine to integrate with SCP-244-ARC chassis. This will be necessary in order to contain the slime produced by SCP-447. Though the slime does not pose a threat in the advent of ΩK, its preservative properties will reduce the physical deterioration of the body and prevent the onset of further musculoskeletal pain.

The Anderson Robotics Neural Adapter will function as the control system of the refurbished SCP-244-ARC. A highly skilled neurosurgeon trained in the attachment of cerebral neuroreceptors to appropriate technologies will be required as well.

Additional Changes of Note:

  • Removal of previously installed weaponry - no longer necessary
  • Removal of emergency self-destruct system - no longer necessary
  • Removal of manual control system - no longer necessary
  • Removal of aerodynamic propulsion system - no longer necessary
  • Installation of four accessibility limbs - to assist with productivity
  • Installation of a gyroscopic camera with occipital support - to facilitate vision


Project Proposal approved. - March 19th, 2022
Refurbishing of SCP-244-ARC complete. - September 21st, 2023
Test Trials Begin- January 24th, 2024
Test Trials Conclude - October 20th, 2024
Surgery Scheduled for March 1st, 2025- February 19th, 2025
Surgery Delayed, requested by Professor Crow- February 28th, 2025
Surgery Scheduled for June 12th, 2025- March 18th, 2025
Surgery Delayed, requested by Professor Crow- June 11th, 2025
Surgery Scheduled for July 30th, 2025- July 12th, 2025
Professor Crow was connected to the device on July 30th, 2025. - August 1st, 2025
Calibration test passed- August 15th. 2025
Maintenance performed- October 23rd, 2025






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He stopped, the muscles in his right cheek twitching in annoyance. This stupid revamp of the old egg walker was old hat by now. He'd had it for close to a year.

"No, that's damn well not 'end of list', you stupid fucking computer. There's more he's hidden in here somewhere… Son of a bitch is too clever for this to be it."

He logged out and back in, came at it a dozen different ways, dug through Crow's partition with a fine-tooth, admin-level comb.

And there was nothing.

And he just couldn't accept that.

If it had been a bunch of mildly interesting, or hell even outright boring results, then, whatever, so be it.

But nothing?

Maybe this really did go beyond just Crow.

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E. Shaw (Level-4 Clearance)







E. Shaw

Underhanded fucks, the both of 'em.

"Goddamn it, Shaw, I didn't really think you would ever actually go this far."

And just how

fucking deep

did you two

bury this shit?

    • _

    Clef had assumed that finally getting overseer-level access would have been the end of his problems, but it turned out to be just another piece to this damn puzzle.

    The sheer scope of how far Elias had gone to hide whatever this was boggled him. Hours turned into days as he scoured the entire site's database, piecing together the new snippets of code hidden to those below site director.

      • _

      3 days. He'd wasted 3 days on this snipe hunt, and he'd caught it at last. A locked file, hidden in a location that the system didn't even realize was there.

      Now he needed only to brute force one more password.

        • _

        The computer ran, as it had run, without interruption, alternatively trying an option, then purging the system's memory of the attempt. In the silence of the room, the hum of the machine's fan washed out all other sound.

        Clef sighed. He moved to pull another cigarette from his pack, but found it empty. Crushing it swiftly in his hand, he tossed it to clatter against the wall, and fall onto the pile that had grown over the past few weeks.

        He missed when things were simple, when just shooting the bastard was the obvious and correct option.

          • _


          Project Codename: Persephone

          Project#: [NOT YET SUBMITTED]

          Clearance and File#: NPF-00051473

          Head Researcher: Professor K. P. Crow

          Project Aims: To create an entity, object, or event capable of ending human life.

          SCP Tested:

          • SCP-053 - selected for lethality prior to ΩK
          • SCP-049 - selected for lethality prior to ΩK
          • SCP-2333 - selected for ability to end human consciousness prior to ΩK
          • SCP-963 - selected for ability to end human consciousness prior to ΩK
          • SCP-2935 - selected for potential to induce a CK-class restructuring event

          Test Procedures:

          • SCP-049, SCP-053, and 1 sample of SCP-2333 are to be removed from containment and moved to the entrance of SCP-2935.

          The breach of any of your chosen anomalies won't go unnoticed. Realistically, we'll need to get all of them simultaneously. Furthermore, the entrance to 2935 is buried under several tons of concrete. I'm not sure how this is supposed to work.

          Don't talk about this in public, keep it all in here. Alto is getting real nosy lately.

          Yeah, I'll leave the finer points of the heist in your hands. If there's ever been a time to call in any favors you might have, this is it. —Kain

          • SCP-053 will be restrained and exposed to an aerosolized solution of SCP-2333.
          • SCP-963 will be placed upon the subject's skin.
          • SCP-049 will be introduced and instructed to perform its surgery, if it does not begin to do so on its own.
          • Once the operation begins, all anomalies will be moved across the threshold of SCP-2935.

          It's a longshot, but hell, reality itself seems too strange to be real. I believe that, similar to matter and information, it may be possible to reach a critical mass of, well, death. If I'm right, we should see something occur at the moment the threshold is crossed. This focusing iris I've been working on functions with thaumatic, electric, and even gas energy, so it should be able to pick up on death energy, if that even exists.

          Though, to be honest with you, I have no idea what exactly to expect. But, as we've both found ourselves firmly in the 'nowhere to go here but up' camp, this is, to my reckoning, our best bet. —Kain

          I've managed to rewire the monitoring equipment around the cave 2935 is in and hired an excavation company to dig it out. Things should be ready by next week. How is your focusing arc?
          - Elias

          Ready to go.

          Meet me at Loading Bay 35-C next Thursday before breakfast. I don't know if you're a praying man, but it can't hurt.

          This is a site-wide announcement of a Euclid-class containment breach.
          SCP-049 has been discovered absent from its cell.

          Alto Clef grabbed his hat and gun.

          "Sons of bitches."

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