'Perispirit Records Personal Concert Experience' (DM437/25P16F/PSR77)

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Status Acquirable
Demand High/Medium
Value Not for sale
Availability None
Identifier Personal Concert Experience
Description Item is a vinyl LP record. When played, item transports listeners to a selected live musical performance. Item is still in experimental stages, but seems to be easily acquirable.

Suggest establishment of contact via Perispirit Records division.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.

Initial Report
Author Maximilian Driscoll Date January 24, 1970
Interest High/Medium Identifier Personal Concert Experience
The concept first came to our attention through contacts in the Three Portlands anart scene; during a review of proposals for the upcoming 1974 "Sommes-Nous Devenus Magnifiques?" convention, an anonymous member of the primary Are We Cool Yet cell in Three Portlands passed information on a rejected proposal to Perispirit Records executives on the grounds of high market potential. I have directed Perispirit employees to establish contact with one Michael Jameson, PhD. listed as the proposal's author. A former Professor of Music at Deer College in Three Portlands, Dr. Jameson submitted his proposal on 3 January and was notified of its rejection on 16 January. Proposal is attached below (External Report 01). It should be noted that the proposal was rejected for failure to adhere to established formatting guidelines, along with a lack of "individual originality"; it seems proof-of-concept was not the issue here.
File Opened Under: DM437/25P16F/PSR77
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.

External Report 01
Organisation "Are We Cool Yet?" Acquired January 17, 1970
Method of Acquisition Anonymous contact affiliated with Three Portlands Are We Cool Yet cell personally delivered document to executives of Perispirit Records division. Maximilian Driscoll, MC&D representative to Perispirit Records, subsequently reviewed and logged accordingly. Any spelling and grammatical errors were present as written in the original document.
Document (See Below)
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.

Memo 01
Sender Maximilian Driscoll Recipient Ruprecht Carter
I have met with Dr. Jameson, the man in whom our friends at Perispirit have been so interested lately. Though I'm not entirely convinced of his scientific grasp of the technology behind his creation, his technique certainly works (at least, to the point he showed me). It seems his son Robert, a former employee of Prometheus Labs, handled most of the scientific aspects of the original prototype; however, the younger Jameson has not been seen for several months, an incident about which the elder Jameson refuses to speak, though he did seem to grow emotional when I brought it up. I suggest looking into this as the opportunity arises.

These reservations aside, Dr. Jameson is certainly open to working with us, and his requests apart from the needs of his project are surprisingly limited. However, his…personal tendencies may make working with him a bit challenging. From our interview, I have concluded that Dr. Jameson is a bit of a perfectionist, and he fails to understand that his concept may be applied to a wider range of media. His dedication to this project is borderline maniacal, so we shouldn't have any problem motivating him to get us results. However, he may need some additional persuasion to put aside his personal wishes and see things our way. All things considered, what he has to offer has too much potential to ignore.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.

Memo 02
Sender Ruprecht Carter Recipient Maximilian Driscoll
I have discussed this with Marshall, and we are inclined to agree with your conclusion. I trust you to handle it from here. Such a product may finally give us the control we've been looking for over the ever-growing anomalous music market. But we'll need to get the product on the shelf quickly if we are to maximize our profits; musical tastes change quickly. Make sure Doctor Jameson understands this fact.

As for the younger Jameson, I have authorized a quiet investigation into his current whereabouts. He could be a vital asset to us, or he could be a liability if the technology were sold to a third party. I will have all information on this matter sent to you as well.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.

Memo 04
Sender Maximilian Driscoll Recipient Ruprecht Carter
My men in Perispirit have reached out to various contacts in the industry. So far, our proposals have been met with interest across the board. We have selected an initial run of eight acts, despite Dr. Jameson's apparent distaste for our choice of genres. Due to the personal interest of our established client, Mister Waters, we have chosen his band to serve as the basis of our first prototype. We have made sure to record the selected concerts of our other contacts in advance, though negotiations are still ongoing. However, based on what I've heard from Waters, Mason, and Parsons of this upcoming album of theirs, it has the potential to be a classic of its own right.

I will impress on Jameson the importance of suppressing his distaste for modern music, as well as ensuring all necessary precautions are taken to prevent our product from being misused. And, as always I will keep you abreast of this project.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.

Memo 09
Sender Maximilian Driscoll Recipient Michael Jameson
Dr. Jameson, my superiors are not pleased with your lack of results. Despite all the time and money that have gone into this project, you have only managed to create a single half-working prototype, which leaves listeners even more obsessed with finishing the concert than you! Now, I want this project to succeed just as much as you, but at this rate the music we've got recorded so far will become passe long before we can release one of your products. I admire your artistic dedication to this project, but I cannot ignore the lack of results. Nor can Mister Carter or Mister Marshall.

My superiors have informed me that you will be given three more months to produce a finished product; otherwise, the project will be cancelled and you will be dismissed.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.

Memo 10
Sender Michael Jameson Recipient Maximilian Driscoll
Mister Driscoll, I assure you that I am trying my very hardest. You would do well to remember that I did create, at one point, a working prototype, but it was rejected due to its supposed lack of "marketability". If you wish to have a production model that badly, I am certain you would find customers interested enough in Haydn's musical genius to purchase it for the exorbitant prices your company sees fit to charge. But without Robert, I do not know if I shall be able to ensure the safety of our listeners; he made it very clear to me before his incident that the fabric of time is far more delicate than it seems to us mortals. I'm sure your superiors can understand the importance of customer safety.

I apologise for my bluntness, but these past few years have worn me quite thin. I shall continue to put forth my best effort in this endeavour, even until death or insanity should take me. We are on the cusp of greatness; I cannot turn back now.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.

Incident Report 01
Author Maximilian Driscoll Date November 9, 1973
The results of the investigation into the younger Jameson finally came back, and they are far from encouraging. I had hoped that, if we could find him, we would be able to kick this project into gear. However, it seems that will not be the case.

According to our findings, Robert Jameson has been dead since 1936, when he was apparently caught in the crossfire during a shootout between two members of the Chicago Spirit in Three Portlands. Of course, this seems absurd; Robert Jameson was not even born until 1939 and his parents had only just met the previous year (they would not be married until 1937). When I saw this, I thought that the shared name was only a coincidence.

But the evidence doesn't lie. The coroner's report included a photograph and biological information, which was checked against Prometheus Labs records and testimony from Dr. Jameson himself. He was reported to have no next of kin at the time of death, and no records of him existed until a year prior to his death.

I don't know everything about the arcane, but I do know it is highly unusual for a man to die as an adult before he is even born. Given the information we currently possess, we have come to the conclusion that Jameson was the victim of a temporal incident that resulted in his being stranded in the 1930s. It's not so unbelievable; he was a member of the Prometheus Labs Temporal Projects division, and he and his father were working on a limited form of temporal recursion in their spare time. It would also explain Dr. Jameson's reluctance to broach the topic, as well as his obsession with the all-too-vague "difficulties" plaguing his project.

Either way, it is my opinion that this information should be kept from Jameson. If we can work through whatever problem may (or may not) have caused his son's death, this product will surely pay for itself within the first two weeks of release. But if he can't fix it with the resources provided, then I say we should cut our losses.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.

Notice of Resignation
Sender Michael Jameson Date January 2, 1974
The following document is transcribed as written.
To the Honorable Executives Officers of Marshall, Carter & Dark, Ltd.

Though it pains me to say, I must resign from your employ for my own good. Though the terms of our contract have not yet been breached, the failure of my final attempt to resolve the issues plaguing this project last night has sealed the fate of our cooperation. I will be unable to provide a finished product by the designated deadline of 31 January. I embarked upon this endeavour so that I could relive what I thought to be the greatest moment of my life. But it has only brought me disappointment, anxiety, and loss.

It is my hope that our separation shall be amicable; to facilitate this, I request nothing but to take what you have paid me and to be left alone. I will leave all my work to you, to do with as you will. I wish not to be involved with it any longer.

I offer you my sincerest thanks for your generosity and my sincerest apologies for my inability to fulfill your expectations. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Jameson, PhD.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.

Incident Report 03
Author Maximilian Driscoll Date January 21, 1974
Well, this weekend has been rather "lively" for Perispirit Records; it seems that, on the night of 18 January, the main office was raided by a number of possibly anomalous persons of as-yet unknown affiliation. Though the investigation is still in its early stages, we do not suspect the involvement of a major organized group; the perpetrators ignored most of what we would consider to be important in favor of records and tapes stored in the archives. However, this unfortunately includes our single working Personal Concert Experience prototype, which was left in its packaging in the archives pending a more permanent storage solution.

I will be closely involved with this investigation; that prototype, with its unresolved issues, could be dangerous in the wrong hands. We certainly don't want any temporal mishaps it might cause coming back on us. Item documentation will be updated accordingly, once we know more. Tracking an object through the Three Portlands black market will not be easy, but I think we will not be the only ones doing so. I believe our friends in the UIU could be convinced to do the hard work for us.

As for Perispirit Records, I recommend that actions be undertaken to ensure this kind of security breach is avoided in the future.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.

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