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“What’s his name Daddy?” The little girl inquired, her eyes were wide as she looked up at the tall droid standing motionless in front of her.

“Well, according to the directions Anderson gave us, its preprogrammed personality is called Hector, but we can call it anything you want sweetie,” James replied as he ruffled his daughter’s hair.

“What’s Hector mean?” She asked as she pulled away from her father’s hand.

“He was a great warrior. A defender of the city of Troy.”

“Is he a great warrior too?”

“It had better be after what I paid.” James chuckled.

“Then I want to name him Hector too!”

“Of course sweetie,” James said with a small smile. “PSHUD #31, from this moment on you are to respond to the name Hector. Do you understand?”

The droid nodded. It then looked down as the little girl grabbed its hand.

“Can I play with Hector now, Daddy?” She asked, her grin running from ear to ear as she began to tug at the droid.

“Of course you can,” James replied. “Whenever Daddy isn’t using Hector you two can play together as much as you like. It will always be here for you Sarah. Always.”

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