Penny for Your Thoughts?
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4:00 AM 1/11/2018



you awake


Why are you up this early

1 i had an english paper due today

2 youre up this early

Do you need me to help?

nah just finished it

im just bored now

I'm rn doing something so texings gonna be hard

you could always call


Just give me a second

8:41 AM 1/11/2018


How do you live through Mr. Grave's class

easy i didn't take it

Thanks for the advice John

what can i say

don’t choose your classes with a coin flip

I mean

It was only an elective

And plus you know it's my lucky penny

oh yeah

it sure has provided you tons of luck

seriously you use it every yeaer and end up picking the most boring elective possible

Like you could do a better job πŸ™„

i could

but that’s giving away my excellent services for free πŸ˜›


I think I’d rather stick to my boring classes than pay you

surrrreee they won't all be mind bogglingly boring

there might be one where you're allowed to have fun

in the form of a three hour calc problem

Hey at least most of my teachers let me listen to music

ahhh so thats the problem i see, i see


you need to listen to some acually good music

and then you'll not be so bored

Oh shut it

Mat Mason's good

You just don't want to admit you like something that I do




i cant belive it

ive acually managed to make you curse


Oh shut it

i didnt know you had it in you

Well I did

oh dear

what if youre gonna go on a rebel streak

and stay out a minute past your bed time

I don't even have a bed time this year

suuuuurrrreeee you dont πŸ˜‰

You're an ass John

What else would I be 😘


Get away

You probably have cooties

psshh naahh


but between the two of us you probably have cooties

Oh ffs John shut up

I couldn't even have cooties

cause i've never been kissed before

well guess i gotta be the one to give ya cooties πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜


did I scare you off


Graves was just handing out more homework

suuuure he was

He really was

i think youre just afraid of getting cooties

Well I guess I'll have to show you


cant wait to see absolutly nothing

It is real

just like your fear of cooties 😜

Dear God, you're not going to let this go



Oh god

I'll see you at lunch

With my homework

and i'll be there with my cooties

11:34 AM 1/11/2018

The mirrors in front of Allen's face kept mocking him with his reflection. He was pale, weak, and tired, and he had been for several days. He wasn't a child anymore, so why was he acting like it? Shouldn't he be able to just go up and tell the person he likes that he likes them? Or is he just going to treat this like every other grade school crush he's ever had?

Tears were prickling at the corners of his eyes and a hollow feeling was creeping through his chest. He couldn't go through this every day; Hell, he could barely even stand it now. He just wanted to go up to him and tell him the truth. He justed wanted to say to him what he really thought.

A soft buzz went off in his back pocket.

hey where are you

these freshies keep trying to take your seat


I forgot my combo


jesus dude this is your fourth year here

just make a note on your phone like everyone else does

I keep on forgetting

dude am i gonna have to force you to make a note on your phone?

No I'm fine

I'll be there soon

you better hurry up or else im gonna have to lay across both of our chairs just to keep these wild beasts away.

Nervous laughter crawled up from his chest. Dear God, why couldn't he just do it? Why? His stomach bubbled with fear and his mind ran through all the reasons why not. He could be rejected by him. He could become the next laughing stock for liking his friend. He could be kicked clean out of his friend group. He could become the next person that falls for everyone around him. He could be -

A soft buzz went off in his pockets causing his line of thought to break.

Okay, what's up dude?

you usually don't take this long to get your combo from her

is she pissed off at you?

No, its a lock issue

Just give me a second

"Screw it," he hissed as he crammed his phone down into his pocket and fumbled for something else.

He pulled out his penny. He had been trying to do this for weeks without it; For weeks he wanted to stand on his own, and for weeks he couldn't.

So onto his thumb the penny went, and he took a deep breath.

"Heads I tell them, tails I don't."

And then, he flipped the coin.

11:50 AM 1/11/2018

maybe i should should known the combo to your locker

so you if you forget it I can just open it for ya

"Yeah you wish, John," A voice said from above. Sure enough, standing before him was Allen, in his full forgetting-his-locker-combo-for-the-fifteenth-time glory. A sly smirk played across John's face as he motioned for him to take a seat.

"So, want to take up my offer?"

"Psh, no, you'd probably steal my food."

"And I don't already?"

"Yeah, but at least it's not all of it," Allen quipped before pulling out a box of assorted Halloween candies.

"Yeah. Guess you're right," John muttered before the corner of his mouth twitched up into a grin, "So, where's your homework?"

"I… I left it in my locker."

"Oh really? Guess you'll have to show me later."

"I plan on it," Allen said while pointing a fork toward John, earning only an eye roll from him.

The duo fell into silence as they ate their food. After twenty minutes of eating, and gossip, Allen stood up and asked John a question.

"John, can you come with me?"

11:28 PM 3/11/2018

youre shitting me right?


oh my god

you really flipped that damn coin

before asking me out

I mean it was more like five times

and each time you got heads

yep each time

you're a giant dork dude

but seriously though

you have to stop letting luck rule your life

It isn't "ruling" my life

you flip that penny

whenever there is any big discition you have to make in your life.

and you listen to it


it might as well be ruling your life

Im fine dude

are you


im just worried about you

picking boring classes for your entire life

and missing out on a chance to get cooties from the perfect guy

it's unfortunate that im not dating him


but seriously though dude

I can help you if you need me to

I'm fine

if you say so

12:25 PM 4/11/2019

Hey are you here yet?


huh, oh yeah

sorry dude

i forgot my locker combo

You're an ass

"You're not wrong." said a voice interrupting a storming of buzzing texts. Allen whipped up his head only to see John looking at him.

"Oh god, stop that was only one time-" Allen said before being interrupted by John.

"One time?" John asked with a smirk playing across his face.

"It was only true one time," Allen muttered.

"And the rest of the times…"

"I was having troubles in the bathroom."

At that, John smirked and a childish gleam entered his eyes.

"Let me guess did you get in a fight with a terrible sewage monster?"


"Did you have to fight a wild flock of toilet hawks?"

"What even are those?"

"I dunno, something I made up."

"You're such a dork," Allen muttered while shaking his head.

"I think we both are."

"Yeah, we are." At that, Allen smirked and motioned for John to follow him to the ticket stand.

2:40 PM 4/11/2019

Cool water splattered against Allen's back as he stared up into the sky. Patches of dark clouds were slowly breaking away, allowing him to see the baby blue sky that was underneath. He felt his shoulders slacken before looking down at the penny in his hand. He turned it through his fingers a couple of times and let loose a sigh.

"What's with the long face dude?" John asked as he handed Allen a cone, "I know the movie was shit, but that's no reason to be a sad sack. Just do what a normal person does and rant about it online for 12 hours while strangers read your mental break down about a shitty remake no one cares about."

Allen chuckled and shook his head.

"No, it's not about that. It's just that, goddamnit, you were right."

"About what? Like me saying that Alligator 3: Revenge of the Caiman was gonna a terrible movie or…?"

"The penny. You were right about it." Allen muttered, just barely loud enough for John to hear.

"Oh. Well, what's bothering you right now?"

"Well, just my decision making, in general."

"What decision are you having troubling making now?"

A quiet murmur slipped past Allen's lips and John leaned in slightly.

"I can't hear you when you're that quiet."

"I mean just, god. It's kinda embarrassing now that I think about it."

"What, you want me to give you a kiss?" John teased a small smile playing on his face. Allen's head tucked into his chest ever so slightly and John let loose a small chuckle.

"Hey getting cooties from your boyfriend is nothing to be embarrassed by."

Allen only tucked his head deeper into his chest before muttering, a muffled 'shut up'.

"Nah, I'd rather have you do that."

Allen whipped up his head and rolled his eyes at the cliche remark.

"Psh, really? You don't have anything else? I'm ashamed."

"Yeah so am I. But you know what they say, even masters fail at their craft."

"Like hell you're a master at anything."

"I have been told I am a master of kissing." John teased while leaning in, "but alas, you'd have to kiss me and find out."

After John's last statement, Allen felt his heart drop. His skin heated up and he just realized how close they actually were. His heart picked up its speed and his brain switched into hyperdrive. It was scattering inside of his skull thinking about his options that he couldn't make. His hands kept fiddling with the penny hoping that somehow it would show hi-

John set his hand on Allen's, breaking his line of thought.

"Are you okay?"

John watched him with concerned eyes.


Allen watched his eyes as the childish twinkle slowly left replaced by a soft concern.

"Did I make you uncomfortable?"

"No, I'm fine," Allen said, "just was a bit nervous."

"Alright, you had me scared for a second."

"Aww, barely even a week of dating and you're already going soft?"

"Ha, no, I've probably been going soft for longer."

Silence fell over them as they watched the park. Pigeons would bother eating couples, the bees would buzz around bushes, and the butterflies danced around flower beds. Children squealed in joy as they played with one another and the parents laughed as they watched their funny movements.

After a time of watching, Allen settled his hand on top of John's. A hum came from John as he intertwined their fingers.

A soft blush came across Allen's face as he watched the ground



"I think, I'm gonna make a decision.” Allen’s head slightly lifted and turned to John with a smile across his face.

"Without that penny?"


"And what decision would that be?"

"Well, I think I'm gonna kiss a cootie-infected, self-proclaimed kissing master." Allen said in his best sassy tone, although it ended in more of a squeak as he made eye contact with John.

"Really?" John asked as he turned to Allen.

"Ye-yeah," Allen whispered as he tipped his head up towards John. Slowly he moved towards him closing the gap between them. For a second he stayed there, savoring his first kiss before pulling away. After a second John's face turned to mock horror.

"Oh no!” John said in a shrill tone as he brought his hand up to his forehead.


"Well, you now have cooties!" John exclaimed before they both burst out into laughter.

"God, we're children, aren't we?"

"Yeah, we are."

After a few minutes their laughter turned to silence.

"So, now that you know you can make a decision on your own, what are you gonna do with that penny?"

Allen's eyes glanced at John before looking at the fountain behind them.

"I don't know, there's not a lot it can really do."

"Eh, there's somethings," John said glancing off in the distance.

"Like what?"

"Well if you get enough you could make a paperweight, you could put it in one of those take-a-penny things, or my personal favorite, you could throw it in a fountain and get a wish.”

"Are you serious?"


"You believe in fountain wishes more than my lucky penny?"

"I mean, my fountain wishes don't pick boring classes."

"… I guess that’s a fair point." Allen turned to face the fountain, and the water splashed at his face. He sighed before looking down at the glistening water, taking note of all of the drowned coins underneath its surface. He trembled as he placed the coin on his thumb, ready to flip it for the final time. He took in several more deep breaths before a soft jingle from behind his back tore his eyes away.

A small smile passed over his face as John approached quarter in hand.

"I know it's no lucky penny, but it's the closest I got."

Allen smiled as he positioned his coin on the top of his thumb.

"Are you ready to make a wish?"

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