Penguin's Igloo

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Item #: SCP-4563 Object Class: Thaumiel Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-4563's vast knowledge in the field of Psychotherapy, the Foundation recognizes SCP-4563 as Foundation personnel, and...
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Top down view of object. Item #: SCP-4509 Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: The only remaining extant copy is currently contained in Site-23 anomalous library. Access is restricted...
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Orchestra Del Masque
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The stage was where she lived. Sure, she might exist outside, but on the stage, she came alive. When the candle light dimmed, when the audience grew quiet, she truly shone. It was just her, the...
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The Only Sound Within the Room is the Falling of Each Tear
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They say that opposites attract. That must be true because Flo is as pretty as a carnation back east and I'd lose a beauty contest with a desert cockroach. Flo could seduce a bandit into handing over...
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And The Cab Passed At Nine
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The name's Charles Stanford, and this is how I ended up tied round of this ancient pseudo-diety of an oak. My tale starts a few states east of here, in the grand city of Chicago. Half of the pork,...
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Penguin's Igloo
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Written by: penguin6, gerrymanderbassist. {$note}
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All images were created by Bandit Ursine CEO Bebop. Thank you Bandit! The containment procedures were written by Penguin6, check out her author page too. ▸ More by this Author ◂ ...
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