Dr. Dentick's Personnel File
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Name: Dr. Pat Dentick

Security Clearance: L-2//AFT/OV

Current Position: Junior Researcher, Site-22

Duties: Spreadsheet maintenance, caffeine procurement, and sustenance delivery.


  • B.A. (Quantitative Astrology), University of Georgia,1 2004.
  • M.A. (Applied Linguistics, Puns), University of Atlantis,2 2007.
  • Ph.D. (Conventional Metaphysics), University of Hell,3 2011.

SCP Articles:

SCP-3599 - A Hard Day at Work

SCP-3442 - Innovative and Synergistic Customer-Directed Actualization

SCP-3791 - An Entirely Standard and Uneventful Anomaly

SCP-910 - Dust, Embodied

SCP-3985 - Focus of a Regulatory Dispute

SCP-3649 - Overcast and Overwhelming

SCP-4470 - Endure

SCP-001 - Pedantique's Proposal: Fishhook

SCP-4471 - Hoard

SCP-4472 - Auger


SCP-5920 - Work on What Has Been Spoiled

SCP-5344 - An Uncertain Volume of Willow Ash


Forgetting the Number of Dead Stars

Thirty Pieces of Silver, Plus Inflationary Costs

Under a Baleful Sky

Quarterly Performance Review

In the Manner of a Bad Apple

Gall, Gulls, Gallows

Thousand-Tooth Rat Trap

Salt the Slug, Sheepdog

Abject Blue Insomnia

Twenty-Step Death March To UltraHell

Staring Down the Barrel of a Sun

Heed the Hand That Feeds

Fattening Stacks, Fashioning Stones

Midnight Naught Exact

Prime Civil Dawn

Fleas, Roaches, and Gnats

Like the Moon's Drifting Carcass

Floral Arrangement Fundamentals: Chapter 26 - Calcified Hearts and Dental Oddities

Numbed Owls Feasting

Hell in a Handcasket


Seething at the Stars

Crows Call Calamitous

MIDSIGHT Orientation


Maim the Sky, Slay the Sun


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