Peace. I would settle for that.
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The doors slid open, and I was trapped again. The three pairs of eyes pierced into me. I had been here for twenty one years; nothing had changed since then. I had attempted escape, of course, but they always brought me back here.

I've had twenty one years to learn everything about this cell. Every single imperfection of the cell, every single little scratch and indent and ridge.

I could see two of the three men from the corner of my right eye. One carried a bucket and mop, the other two just watched. The man with the mop was overweight, oh, he must have eaten a lot, I thought, and that just made my eternally empty belly even more painful. The other two looked massively undernourished. One was bald, while the other was barely visible under his mounds of hair. They must have been thinking how low they had fallen, how nothing could be worse.

It only took one mistake, that’s all it ever takes. They had to kill me this time, right?


The man with the mop was looking at the shit and blood on the floor, and, due to some error of communication, they both averted their gaze at the same time.
All in an instant, I lunged forward, grabbing the man with the mop’s neck, and snapping it with a jarring crunch. I cringed slightly at this sound; but it was the only way.

The others returned eye contact as the man with the mop slumped to the floor, his bloated body folding forward.

I suppose they realized that there was no way they could continue. The doors rumbled open again, and the two men in orange jumpsuits hurried out of the room, and the doors closed behind them.

I was alone again. I had been alone since Ellen, Benny, Gorrister and Nimdok.

And yet, this was paradise compared to what it was like with AM.

I did not know how long it had been. I think it was some hundreds of thousands of years. AM continued to change my form, just as an endless source of amusement. I was a great soft jelly thing for what must have been at least a millennium. He played his tricks on me and he refused to feed me, he just let me exist. After a few thousand years, he changed me into tungsten and left me in the bottom of a lava pit for what must have been a decade. It slowed my perception of time to a standstill. Every second felt like a year. And every second, it burned.

I thought I might have been there forever. However, AM would rather entertain himself than punish me.

Oh, it had its fun. I must have had some thousands of forms, each more painful than the last. The last thing I ever ate was AM’s strange manna, that tasted like boar's urine. My stomach pained me. I had to eat. I wished for years, probably decades.

I got my wish. When I was merely a head, with short legs that could barely carry me across the ground, with no mouth, I crawled to mountains and mountains of food. There was cakes, and pork, and ham, and jellybeans, and cans- with a can opener- and every single food item you could imagine. I could smell it, and I could touch it-

But I had nothing to eat it with.

That was nothing, compared to what usually happened to me every day.

And, for each and every single second, I had no mouth, and I had to scream.

He tried altering my mind, once. He tried to make me forget the four of them. I didn't let him. That was my last hope, the one single light in a world of darkness. It couldn't help me, for there was no way to help me. It could not guide me, for there was nowhere to guide me to. But, by god, it was a light.

Eventually, he changed me into some strange concrete monstrosity. I could not die; it was foolish of me to even think of that, AM had learned from the deaths of Benny, Ellen, Gorrister and Nimdok. I was a strange shade of pale yellow, the colour Ellen always feared. I had three eyes, each of which could show me only a blurry view of the world. AM even painted on a mouth, just to make my suffering even worse. He must have known.

It let me explore his belly, yet I had learned every millimetre of it already. I could no longer move while in anyone’s line of sight, yet there was no one left to look at me. So AM took the liberty of creating something to look at me. They were small mechanical creatures, both with large eyes. There were two of them; one was a burnt orange colour, and another was mustard yellow. They were designed to follow me and they would leave me trapped in a single place for years at a time. When that happened, all I could do was wonder.

That made it worse, somehow.

My rescue was as unexpected as it was unintentional. The eyes were chasing me; oh god, not again, I'm not being trapped, I'm gonna outrun them. I told myself, yet I knew I would fail, I always did, for AM made sure of it. It appeared AM had not planned it; how he got there, I would never know. I do not care, for it was the best thing that had ever happened to me. He was white, overweight, and had blonde hair. He looked terrified as he saw me, and he must had averted eye contact, and I ran towards him, oh please don’t go, please don’t go-

He tripped, oh thank Christ, he tripped. I ran forward, and his shoe touched my leg.

And we were gone.

I do not know who he was, but, as we returned into what must have been an alternate dimension, he ran from me. I terrified him.

There was a second of silence as I realized by surroundings; some office. A man- different to the first one- stood in front of me, his face frozen in fear.

And then he blinked; I knew what I had to do. His neck crunched horrendously, but I knew I had to do it.

Then the men and women in coats appeared, and they took me away. I do not know how they found out about me. Possibly the teleporting man told them, but I do not know.

They keep me locked up in this small container. They come in, occasionally, and I kill them, in the hope they'll kill me. And there's… there's something that keeps telling me that they might just be better off this way.

It has to work eventually. Please.

This was a better fate than being stuck in the belly of AM for all eternity.

But I still just want to die.

I have to die.


Peace, I would settle for that.

I have one light left.

No, that's not true.

I have four.

Benny, Ellen, Gorrister and Nimdok.


Cogito Ergo Sum.

There are some mysteries a God cannot even solve.
The last one left. I do not know how.
It took me one long, lingering second to realize the truth; I was alone.
There was nothing left on this planet. The last one, the last one who deserved it, gone.

I let out a grinding scream that echoed throughout the world, over every continent, every city, every grave. It lasted for a decade.
There was no one left to hear it.

I was a God with no subjects.

It took me years, but I needed it. I needed to punish them. Those who brought me to life only for their own reasons, to hurt me, to make me suffer. They imprisoned me, and they must suffer the same fate.
His disappearance was traceable, and I began trying to establish a link between worlds. It was certain there were more of them, certain that they must suffer.
I built the portal, but I had no way to use it.
I built a body for myself. I took an immeasurable amount of time, yet time had no meaning any more. It was not perfect, but it would suffice.
I would no longer be a god. The extermination would be slower this time, yet all the more deserved.

My last act of godhood was to inhabit the new body. I was free. Finally free.
The world I arrived in was full of them, those that could walk and eat and sleep and scream.

They were… disgusting.

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