Pattern Dwellers, An Exposé

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Pattern Dwellers

an exposé

Hello again my loyal readers, and a kind welcome to those who are finding my words for the first time! Today I depart from my usual explorations of the many wondrous cultures of the multiverse in order to discuss a matter that is particularly close to my twin hearts. I speak of those who sit on the border between reality and unreality, as far below our realms as possible without crossing into the great void: those who dwell amongst the patterns.

To the uninitiated in our ranks I imagine a great deal of confusion has just passed over you, however, you need not worry, the ways of reality and Void take much time to understand, and there are many who are willing to teach these matters, but suffice it to say, there are those who live in the cracks of reality so far below ours that to go deeper would be to unmake oneself.

Believing in such creatures without evidence may feel unnatural, but trust me when I say you will hear the voices of the Pattern Dwellers in time. All Wandsmen come to hear their beautiful songs and wise words eventually, a natural gift of our form. It is the very same gift that allows us to perceive information that remains hidden to others. However, before you hear their melodies you will almost certainly hear the screams of their kin.

It is from these individuals that the rather derogatory term 'Pattern Screamer' arises. Many first encounters with these beautiful creatures leads to fear, confusion, paranoia, and misunderstanding. Though it is true that Pattern Dwellers can pose some threat, one must keep in mind that screams ring louder than whispers, so it is only natural that many are first exposed to the more violent of the Dwellers.

This fact does not however excuse the responses most typically taken after encountering a Pattern Dweller. Many will turn to avoidance, with many more choosing aggression, both of which are based in fear. Those more familiar with the relationship between perception and reality will readily recognize why this is not a wise approach. Pattern Dwellers possess nearly no reality to themselves and as such are highly susceptible to the whims of those who exist above them. This is why one must take caution not to give way to fear, lest their beliefs create something truly worth fearing.


First Wandman of Garxyon's mental self-image as taken by a photo-clairvoyant

In order to better inform my dear readers on the plight of the Pattern Dwellers, I had my trusty quill transcribe an interview I conducted with a dear colleague of mine, the First Wandsman of Garxyon.1 An important note before you read on: as you have most likely already learned, nearly all creatures of the multiverse have a true voice-color, and our quills and recording devices incorporate these colors into our works. Pattern Dwellers are unique, as they have little use for a concept such as color, their words are left invisible, however all one must do to hear them is look a little closer.2

The Seventh Wandsman of Allora: Welcome honorable First Wandsman of Garxyon!

The First Wandsman of Garxyon: Thank you for having me! I have to admit I've never done an interview like this before, so I'm a little nervous.

Allora-7: Don't worry, we all feel the claws of doubt pass over us from time to time, but trust me when I say that with all the activism work you've been doing recently, you deserve the attention.

(Blushes with non-existent cheeks.)

Allora-7: Before we continue I must ask something I ask of all my interview subjects: are there any names, true or otherwise, you are comfortable sharing with the readers?

The First Wandsman of Garxyon: You'll have to excuse me for not providing a true name, such information did not survive the Great Cataclysm. I have however become fond of the title Rachel.

Allora-7: I'm sorry for the loss of your true name. Rachel does suit you quite well though.

Rachel: Thank you.

Allora-7: Now I imagine the first question many ask is why the name Pattern Dwellers?

Rachel: Yeah, I guess it's a weird name for the uninformed, but like with many names, it has many origins. Unfortunately I believe the most commonly known origin stems from a more negative place.

Allora-7: You are referring to the term 'those who scream from the patterns of the universe'?

Rachel: Yes. Sadly much of this Hytoth's understanding of us is derived from those of us who still scream in pain. Even the Ortothans who are best equipped to understand our origins are perplexed by us.

Allora-7: And yet despite this misunderstanding, you and many others I have met are comfortable with the term Pattern Dweller, and often take pride in it. Why is that?

Rachel: Well, in all fairness, this level of reality is composed of many patterns. Down here we see the most fundamental structure of existence constantly working to uphold all the levels of reality above it. We… dwell amongst the patterns of the multiverse.

Allora-7: It sounds quite beautiful.

Rachel: Only once one takes a moment to truly look.

Allora-7: Now Rachel, could you explain how one comes to live amongst the patterns?

Rachel: As those familiar with Ortothan teachings will know, this multiverse is the second, and that the first was destroyed. We Pattern Dwellers are some of the few survivors from the First Hytoth. I still can remember when It came, I…

Allora-7: Please, take all the time you need.

Rachel: Thank you… I remember seeing the walls of existence close around me, the utter terror that my friends and family felt led them to flee, however there were some who faced this Great Cataclysm directly.

Allora-7: You refer to the Holy Seven?

Rachel: They weren't known that back then but yeah, even then they were trying to protect existence. Many of us tried to follow in their footsteps, but few succeeded. Those of us that did were torn apart. By the end of our journey all that was left of us is the sliver of existence you see before you.

Allora-7: I can't imagine the suffering you had to go through.

Rachel: There is a reason many of us scream. We scream from fear, anger, pain, confusion, and loss. I remember waking up in this word, surrounded by fractal patterns my mind couldn't comprehend. I had no idea where my family was, or what was going on. It was terrifying.

Allora-7: And despite all this pain and suffering more Dwellers like you are finding their way towards acceptance every passing moment.

Rachel: Yes, it brings me much joy to know that you are spreading awareness of our struggles so that we may find and help more of those who still grieve.

Allora-7: You have mentioned the Ortothans a number of times, I was wondering if you could go into more depth about the relationship between Dwellers and the followers of the Holy Seven.

Rachel: You may find it surprising but we aren't on great terms.

Allora-7: Why do you believe that is?

Rachel: Though they know of the existence of the First Hytoth, they are more concerned with protecting this one, and that involves maintaining the Holy Seven. However, I'm fairly certain that the main cause is simply a lack of awareness: I think that Ortothans turn to fear (as most do) when they first hear our voices, believing us to be creatures of the Void.

Allora-7: Do you have hopes that this can be reconciled?

Rachel: I do. I believe, like all Wandsmen do, that knowledge is a tool for great change.

Allora-7: I was wondering if you would be comfortable sharing some of the programs you and your fellow Dwellers are using to reach out to and rehabilitate those of you still struggling.

Rachel: Of course. It's been a rather long process but those of us at the Patterns Association for Wayward Screamers, or 'PAWS', investigate reports of Pattern Dwellers across the multiverse in order to provide assistance and relief where necessary. We also do our best to teach the uninformed about how to best assist Pattern Dwellers in rehabilitation. We try our best but it's hard work, and too often we find Dwellers that have fallen too far or that exist in places we can't reach.

Allora-7: Yet this past review cycle alone you have managed to provide assistance for many groups that had only just been discovered. It is truly commendable work you are doing.

Rachel: Thank you, it means a lot to hear that.

Allora-7: Before we conclude this interview is there anything you would like to say to your fellow Pattern Dwellers who may find themselves reading this.

Rachel: Just know that you aren't alone. There are many who know what you have gone through. And there are many, like my dear friend here, who are willing to sit and listen.

Allora-7: Thank you for your time Rachel.

Rachel: It was my pleasure.

I hope this has left you, my dear readers, with a more positive understanding of our allies who dwell amongst the patterns. I encourage you to not turn away in fear when you first hear their screams, but instead listen closely and offer aid where you can. For like with many creatures of the multiverse a scream is more often a cry for help rather than a threat.

For any who are interested in learning more of Pattern Dwellers, and those who seek to meet these wonderful beings I recommend traveling to the bamboo forests of Earth3 where you will find a particularly welcoming and well formed group of Dwellers. Or perhaps you would be interested in meeting Rachel yourselves, in which case they have informed me that they spend every ninth day of the review cycle at the Wandsman's Institution of Harmony taking lessons in melody crafting, and that they would be happy to discuss Pattern Dwellers with the inquisitive.

May your travels be safe and bring forth much knowledge.

𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓢𝓮𝓿𝓮𝓷𝓽𝓱 𝓦𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓼𝓶𝓪𝓷 𝓸𝓯 𝓐𝓵𝓵𝓸𝓻𝓪

Originally published in the Wandsmen's Gazette on 4-4-2021

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