Pastry based aquatic life form - P13F15H

That's the laziest code name, good god…


Dr Nanoro's artistic depiction of this monstrosity

Name: Chris

Species: Piefish

Does it taste good in gravy?: Unlikely

Description: P13F15H is a pastry based aquatic life form that just kind of turned up at Site-19 one day…like just sat on the doorstep.
Our original plan was to eat it, however it immediately began throwing up Anomalies (listed below) of a possible pastry based nature except the Alphabetti Spaghetti incidents which are definitely pasta based.
We keep P13F15H in the IT room cause no one cares about IT. There it flaps its little pastry fins at the keyboard, annoying everyone on Site 19's emergency chat. It did this so well that we promoted it to moderator:

<Piefish> abluhlbuhlbuhblhlbuhlbuhlbuhlb
<TwistedGears> well said, Piefish
<TwistedGears> I can see why they put you in charge

It also has a habit of exploding (and by by exploding we mean explod)

  • Piefish explod

We then liked hearing this nonsense so much that we promoted Piefish to our undercover Facebook operation:



IT Technician Chris Sanders has been volunteered for looking after it.

Anomaly vomit:

The first anomaly P13F15H created caused the whole site to be plunged into an alternate dimension for a day where the Foundation became cuddly and pink. It was horrible.

The second anomaly it threw up was expelled so hard that it flew all the way to England and landed in the city of Norwich. It caused a lot of structural damage to Site-19 and is a very bad Piefish for doing it.

After a long period of P13F15H doing nothing in particular, it suddenly began vomiting at an extremely high rate, nearly tearing apart the fabric of reality itself.

It then caused this shit to happen:

Alphabetti Spaghetti incidents:

The first incident happened after we let it play Fallout: New Vegas, upon which it immediately vomited Alphabetti Spaghetti and created this:

Incidents where P13F15H got access to MS Paint and then replaced critical files with its shitty drawings:

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