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me in real life

Hi! Welcome to my author page! I'm incredibly happy and excited to be even making this page right now, as I would have never in a million years thought I would have ever been able to create it.

I am a huge fan of the SCP Universe, and I read a lot of it at a really young age before I even joined the wiki. I am really heavily nostalgic for those days, but it's not like they're gone forever or anything!

I absolutely love to draw. It's something that has helped me throughout many awful times. Drawing is something really awesome cause you can finally draw out all the images that appear in your head. It takes out a lot of anxiety and stress and moves it to your tablet or paper, whatever you use to draw.

I am also obsessed with horror. Horror is something that for some reason has a tighter grasp on me than any other genre in the world. I never felt as much joy as when I read or play or listen to something related to the horror genre. Why? I have no idea. The many ways you can be in danger or be afraid is so interesting to me. I'm always worried about a lot of things, so maybe that's why?

Well, we all know why we're here. Click the other tabs for more information about the stuff I've made, as well as extra bonus stuff!

What I am currently working on: Awww the scrunkly

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