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TO: Oklahoma City, OK

FROM: Washington D.C


Please come to Washington as soon as it can be arranged. Something has come up, and we're in need of people with your skills to assist. This is a matter of grave importance, and I expect you to keep a tight lip about it until we can arrange to meet. We shall be providing for expenses.

President Roosevelt

TO: Washington D.C

FROM: Oklahoma City, OK

I cannot express the confusion and shock I experienced upon receiving your most recent telegram. I've only just begun to acquaint myself with my new post, and I am now expected to put these matters aside and report to you? If this is related to the business with the you-know-what, I cannot say that I would be prepared to help. You were impressed, yes, but it was an extremely woeful experience for me.

I am sorry Theodore.

John J. Pershing

Assistant Chief of Staff, Southwest Army Division

TO: Oklahoma City, OK

FROM: Washington D.C

We've learned from our mistakes, John. This is a situation which requires a great level of experience, and your ability to cooperate and work with native peoples would be invaluable, if we are disregarding experience in other matters. With all due respect John, what we need is a fighting general! There are too many limp-wrist men in command, and if I told them what I must tell you they'd ask me to relieve them of command on the spot.

President Roosevelt

TO: Washington D.C

FROM: Oklahoma City, OK

My ability to work with native peoples? I do not wish to be given a foreign post in Panama or the Pacific. If you are going to be positioning troops there, other commanders would be more able to the task then I. I'm sure that bigger stick diplomacy has left many capable units in the Panamanian area.

John J. Pershing

Assistant Chief of Staff, Southwest Army Division

TO: Oklahoma City

FROM: Washington D.C

It isn't a matter of managing military positions in the area, but moving them through. There's a bigger stick over there, and it isn't going to stay where it is forever. I must again repeat my request that you come to Washington and see me. The matter has reached a point where we cannot turn back, and it is a time where the real men show their true colors.

John, please. We are in dire straits here.

President Roosevelt

John, I couldn't tell you what we were dealing with before. I can now. There's something in the sea, or under it. Something absolutely massive. It's a thing no body of men before us has ever had to struggle against. We cannot decline the call to help stop it, and preparations need to be made for the day we will do battle.

The canal is one of those. An engineering feat, made in cooperation between us, several prominent European organizations, and some of our own. The French were the first to attempt it, and they failed. We have to carry the torch, John. Nobody is coming to save us, so we must defend ourselves. We owe the American people no less than everything we can do.

In Attendance: The President, Assistant Chief of Staff John Pershing-Southwest Army Division, Agent Harmond, Agent Brent

Summary: The President, with assistance from Agents Hammond and Brent, briefed Pershing on the purpose of the Panama Canal acquisition. Documents relating to 1900-01-069 are provided, in order to better instruct Pershing on its scope. Notes were made of arming the Panamanians, and routes for sea vessels to reach The Item.

The President suggested the creation of a task force to jointly observe The Item with the ASCI. The proposal was denied, on the grounds of lack of need for additional observers.

The President proposed aerial reconnaissance of The Item. Proposal was debated, then accepted.

Following this, Pershing and agents discussed ways to move ASCI and U.S Army personnel to the object through the canal. These notations are currently in the process of archival.

Briefing adjourned after approx. 5 hours and 22 minutes.

This documentation is to be used as supplementary, for personnel, and not a replacement for the full containment doctrine.

Item: 1900-01-069

Classification Type: Aquatic/Organic

Discovery Date: Classified

Threat Level: Known Extreme Threat

ASCI Protocols for Containment: All available resources are to be put into the construction of faster and less expensive methods of reaching Item 1900-01-069. Currently, military bases on the edge of South America, as well as positions in the islands created by it are sufficient to keep watch. The Russian Army is to be monitored for any signs of withdrawing from the area, in order to facilitate the obtainment of it. We do not know at this time what the Russians are aware of in regards to Item 1900-01-069.

Research Summary

A large underwater mass, supporting several islands and resting against the continents. At least 10,000 leagues under the surface, it appears to have a sort of hard, rock-like but smoother appearance. Other then its massive size, we have no knowledge of its intellect or what purpose it serves.


…believed to be located near the archipelago known as the █████ █████████ Islands, which have historically been uninhabited, though claimed by ███████ in 17██…


… Navy will occasionally patrol the █████ █████████ Islands, and will attack on-sight.

Supplementary Information

A possible sound emitted by The Item was detected on ██/██/19██ by the Aren Expeditionary Force during an investigation of paranormal activity around the █████ █████████ archipelago. These reports have not been substantiated…

… Congratulations on the promotion to O-1. Higher then Washington himself, if I heard correctly. We're pleased to have you serving with us over the years, and hope that after all this is finally over, we can move towards a brighter day. Your early contributions to the Arc project have not been forgotten…

Addendum [0-210:] Several organisms have been found in the waters aro[REDACTED]gence testing has been inconclusive. The emergence events appear to be linked to the sounds produced by SCP-169, however no confirmed link has been found as of ██/██/19██. Personnel are to report any unusual aquatic life to their direct supervisor.

It's not as much about the outside. It's who you have inside that counts.

… our research has repeatedly indicated that the ASCI Project "Arc" is not a reliable source to follow up on for future investigations. The ARC-169 Expeditionary force led by Pershing in 19██ was indeed impressive, but the results are not conclusive. No reproduction of the events experienced by the Expeditionary Force has occurred to date, and no organisms have "emerged" from SCP-169 during our time researching it. We recommend the archival of all relevant data to allow our researchers a greater focus on current affairs. As useful as some of the information picked up from the ASCI turned out to be, not everything is gold.

Researcher Adrian Irons

Dialog transcribed on ██/██/19██

"I told'ya, we're not gonna make a deal like that. Two hundred thousand or nuthin'."

"Look… we can't do that. We still have to pay for the crew, repairs, and fuel. Breaking the bank with the base purchase wont work. Best I can do is a hundred fifty."

"A hundr'n fifty? Do I look like a fool? This ship is worth at least tw'hundred thousand, and that ain'even countin' the crew yer gettin'. Two hundred fifty."

"Can you do a hundred seventy-five?"

(sound of spitting) "No. But y'know what I can do?"

(Sound of the captain leaving.)

"Wait! Alright. You win. Two hundred fifty thousand."

"I knew y'would come around eventually."

Agent Boyd would be reprimanded for her excessive expense in acquiring SCPS Ketos Megas, and assigned to additional work with SCP-169. The captain was issued Class-C amnestics, and the excessive funds were recovered without incident.

Transcript of Incident 169-21: Incident occurred on ██/██/19██.

<01:09> SCPS Jonah reports in as scheduled, during regular patrol activities. No note of any unusual activity is reported at this time.
<01:29> Radio reports from SCPS Jonah indicate that its equipment is picking up signals similar to those found in Addendum [0-20].
<01:45> Contact with SCPS Jonah lost.
<03:08> SCPS Jonah returns to port, showing signs of hull damage.
<03:12> Mobile Task Force Gamma-6 boards SCPS Jonah
<03:45> Mobile Task Force Gamma-6  exits the SCPS Jonah, carrying several unknown cadavers.
<03:50> Headcount shows that several members of the ships crew have been injured, with one missing.
<04:09> Crew members report that as the ship passed the █████ █████████ archipelago, several organisms emerged from under the water and assaulted the ship. During this time, several security tapes show the creatures emerging from or nearby SCP-169.
<04:33> Cadavers transported to Research Area █████ ███.
<05:00> SCPS Guardian leaves port to investigate area.
<06:03> SCPS Guardian returns to port, reporting no unusual activity.

Over the next several weeks, multiple members of Area personnel reported seeing creatures near SCP-169's mass. Analysis of the cadavers showed they resembled no species found on earth. One instance appeared to have surgical scars running down its back. The significance of this event is currently under research.

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