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Group of Interest: Parawatch Wiki

Database ID: 1109

Area of Operations: North America, Europe, online sites

Threat Level: Green

Overview: The Parawatch Wiki is an online web forum of conspiracy theorists, paranormal enthusiasts, and amateur writers, operating with the intent of investigating and exposing anomalous phenomena. Geographically the group is disparate, its users primarily hailing from North America and Europe. No common background exists — age, careers, and other demographics vary.

The group's operations are mainly in the form of compiling stories on their forum, detailing encounters with paranormal phenomena, historical cases, and any unusual events users have experienced. While moderation has enabled a loose degree of coordination, further efforts are hindered by the sheer spread of the userbase. Any impact the site could have is limited. Several clusters of members are noted to collaborate in exploring forested regions of the United States and Canada, though they are relatively small in comparison to the full group.

Containment Approach: Minimal.

Although Parawatch is heavily invested in its investigation of the anomalous, continuous monitoring has found that the group lacks a comprehensive understanding of:

  • The Foundation's existence.
  • The Veil.
  • The nature of anomalous phenomena.

Theories posed by the group lack context on actual circumstances, leading to inaccurate beliefs that limit the potential for an information breach. This, in combination with obscurity to the general public and doubt towards the truthfulness of their stories, prevents them from being a significant threat to the Veil's stability.

As such, Parawatch is to be left active as a disinformation measure to hinder and mislead investigations into the existence of the Veil. Any leads may be misdirected by Foundation implants at their discretion. Recognition of actual circumstances will be met with the deletion of the offending content and the progressive amnesticization of the userbase.

No direct action is to be taken at this time.

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