Parasport Dossier: Parasport Drag Racing
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Parasport Drag Racing


Parasport drag racing is a form of motorsport wherein specially designed motor vehicles compete to cross a predetermined finish line first; unlike regular drag racing motor vehicles, however, parasport drag racing vehicles extensively utilise anomalous enhancements, thaumaturgic alterations and/or paratechnology to increase their performance far beyond any feasibly normal bounds.

Officially discovered by the Foundation in 2011, the parasport finds its (earliest known) origins in an incident at a race event in 1999. Competitor John Whyte was (retroactively) discovered to have been using paratechnological enhancements in their motorcycle during the event; during the second semi-final Top Fuel Motorbike match, John Whyte's motorcycle suffered a catastrophic anti-karmic shockwave, believed to have been caused by an unintended interaction between an active U-Space gateway used for retrocausal deployment of the braking system and Type-A ectomorphs present in the vehicle's nitromethane supply.

While John Whyte (and multiple nearby spectators) were killed in the immediate aftermath,1 the event nonetheless inspired other thaumaturgy-aware competitors to begin (or unofficially continue) augmenting their vehicles with paratechnology.

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