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Hi, Person Without a Wikidot Account!

It seems like you’ve stumbled across my office/corner of the wiki. Welcome!

In case you can’t tell, I’m OzzyLizardOzzyLizard! I’m 100% most definitely not a bearded dragon in a trench coat. Welcome to my author page! Feel free to sit down and grab a drink or something idk.

. Fun, short SCPs
. Animal/Nature/Biology based SCPs
. Rain

. Boring/Overly complicated SCPs
. Incoherent narratives
. Wet socks

You.. What? Personnel File? In-universe documentation? I mean sure. Here you go.

Name: Cryptobiology Specialist F. Ozz

Clearance Level: 31

Current Assignment: Crypto/Xenobiological Research and Management of Site-44 Archives

Profile: According to Researcher Jordan, Ozz is a bit of an idio-

You what?! Unoriginal? I thought this was what everyone did…

What’s that? You want to see my stuff? The stuff I made? The stuff I’ve created?

Ha! Nice joke-

Wait, you actually want to.. Oh, okay then.

Stalling? No, (chuckles awkwardly).

ATTENTION: All new Site-44 staff must first visit Researcher Ozz’s office in order to gain access to the Site’s files.


Welcome to Site-44. We have… *flicking of paper* (pauses) a lot of stuff. (Very awkward coughing) ANYWAY, so what brings you here? My stuff? Haha, my friend. Good joke! (pauses) You.. You actually want to see the stuff I’ve made..?

(Distant yelling) No, Director, I’m not messing with the interns again. No, I’m.. uuuh. (Distant mumbling) Yes, sorry sir it won’t happen again. Yes..

(40 seconds of awkward staring) Huh, is that rain? I love the sound of rain. It always rains here, we are in Englan.. (Gasps and points) WHAT’S THAT OVER THERE!!?!!?!?!!

(Dramatically runs away).


Access Granted

My Stuff:
Woooah, look all of these uuuuh cool pages (0_0). Feel free to check them out if you want, I’d recommend [REDACTED] and [DATA EXPUNGED].2

Wow, great art! (Very cool, nice, epic even)3

Hey, look! You made it to the end of my Author Page! Before you go, Ozzy has something to show you.


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