Overview of MTF Psi-7 "Home Improvement"
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Mobile Task Force Psi-7 specializes in the undercover investigation, containment, and/or demolition of anomalous buildings or buildings affected by anomalies, particularly residential homes in populated areas. Primarily working with initial containment or demolition, some members are also involved in assisting with observation of longer-term containment efforts for persistent building-based anomalies. MTF Psi-7 is involved in the ongoing containment of SCP-1452 and SCP-1684.

Psi-7 was formed in 1998, after Foundation administrators recognized a need to base a task force specifically around knocking down houses. This was due to an outbreak of SCP-1452 affecting the homes of several administrators, including Dr. Gillespie. It has been assured that the creation of this task force along with the anomalous infection of an administrator's home was completely coincidental.

Since then, Psi-7 has had a distinguished career with explosive demolition. Although their methods have been deemed somewhat unorthodox, the use of explosive charges to level anomalous homesteads has proven to be 100% effective, and is believed to contribute to the unbelievably high morale found among Psi-7 agents.

Included in this report is an interview with Agent Ekblad, one of Psi-7's numerous incendiary experts.

Dr. Gillespie: So, in your own words, what about working with Psi-7 makes it a worthwhile experience? Is it the ability to serve humanity, or the pride in being able to creep in unnoticed and remove anomal-

Agent Ekblad: Probably the four or five times a week we get to blow the hell out of something. That's pretty fuckin' fun right there.

Dr. Gillespie: Beg your pardon?

Agent Ekblad: Other task forces, they're all like 'ugh my best friend got taken out by a mutant fish squirrel last week' or 'uhhh man there's a giant bird thing killing my friends.' But when people ask me about my job, all's I gotta do is go into some stationary, anomalous house, rig it up to blow sky high, and then I fuckin' get to push a button that blows it sky high. I get to use my expert training in blowing shit up to actually blow shit up!

Dr. Gillespie: … I'm not sure what to-

Agent Ekblad: *Makes jazz hand motions* KABOOM!

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