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Eurtec is the beating heart of the Global Occult Coalition — humanity's only resistance against the unknown. Spanning hundreds of kilometers from the highest towers of the Golden District to the lowest depths of the Undercity, a heavy shadow falls over those caught between the oppression of the Coalition's cruel Enforcers and the paracrime of the Blood District.


Prologue: A Sympathetic Thorn in the Side of the Bookburners (+39, 2 comments)
By stop1010stop1010

The masses of Eurtec have risen up against their oppressors, the Bookburners, who would have them trampled below their lofty towers.

Part 1: Halfway Lost (+59, 8 comments)
By GreyveGreyve, HexickHexick, and JakdragonXJakdragonX

No matter how many rules you lay down, you can't stop someone who lives to defy them.

Part 2: In the Dark (+34, 1 comments)
By GreyveGreyve

"You can follow us back if you want," she informed him in a tone that suggested she meant "if you want to survive."

Part 3: Within the Walls I (+45, 3 comments)
By GreyveGreyve and JakdragonXJakdragonX

"A manic laughter drowned out her last words, and this time, there was no silence."


Location Class: Free Port

Eurtec is the prime technological metropolis of the west and the leading European Free Port. Originally founded by the Servants of Silicon Nornir, following their addition to the Council of 108 in 1984, administration of Eurtec was promptly transferred to the Coalition.

Eurtec is notable for its expansive criminal underground, which primarily reside in the lower city. Lower city residents are significantly more likely to possess paranormal properties and participate in blue market commerce, and many are known to be involved with anomalous substances and unregulated technologies. Coalition Enforcers are to engage known criminals on-sight but limit interaction with other paranormal individuals as outlined in the 1984 Coalition Administration Agreement.

The section of the city 600 meters above sea level or higher is officially designated the upper city. The upper city operates as the de facto capital of the Council of 108, and houses both the regional Coalition headquarters and the modern Council Assembly building.

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